~Super Powerful Banishing Spell

Hello, my loves!

 Hope we’re all doing great. I would like to take a moment to thank each and every single one of you for everything, the reblogs, likes, following. I love you all. Thank you for all your positive comments, and feedback. I appreciate it massively. Today I am coming to you with yet another spell. A great deal of you have been messaging me asking for a powerful banishing spell so here it is. I’ve used this spell quite a few times in my life with absolute success. If you want to keep an enemy away from you, this spell is for you. This spell will not harm or bind the person. It will only keep them away from you. The spell is simple. It’s a simple folk magick spell that’s quite popular in my country. Please, before casting this spell make sure you have tried all possible ways to keep them away from you and then cast this spell. In any case, let’s get started. The ingredients again are easy to come by. Let us get started right away.

Moon Phase: Waning Phase
Ingredients you will need:

A picture (of the person you want to keep away from you).
A cauldron or an incense holder
Yarrow, lemon, thyme, acacia, vervain
A pouch or a small box
A piece of paper and a pen
7 candles
Blessed water (You can make this when the Moon is Full, bless it with your intention and leave it outside so that the Moon can purify your water with its energies, do this for 3 nights. Let it stay there before the sun rises, then take it back inside and put it in a dark cupboard).


Set up your altar or find a surface to work on. Could be a small table, or you could even do it on the floor. Everyone has a floor. Or so I was told lol. Alright, now take the person’s picture or something that represents them (ideally something that belongs to them or something they have touched at least once) and place it on the very centre of your surface (/your altar). Sit down and light 7 white candles around this picture or item. Light some incense, anything to cleanse your energy field and body. Remember, we do not want to harm the person, we only want to make them stay away from us. So, ground and centre yourself right now for a few minutes. Take a few minutes to do that but do not rush the process. Release your negative emotions like frustration and ground yourself. Take a few minutes to relax yourself. After you do this, grab the person’s picture or item and whisper to the item.

Recite the following spell with EMOTION and your intention. 

“Mine makria mu, ksehase me, den me gnorizis, den me aggizis, den me kseris, den me emathes pote su”
“Fyge apo konta mu, pote ksana den tha mu milisis. Pote ksana den tha me enohlisis. Pote ksana den tha me misisis.“
O Kyklos mas teleiose, o kyklos mas ehi klisi, opos anoikse, etsi kai kleinei.
Meine makria mu, ksehase me, den me gnorizis, den me aggizis, den me kseris, den me emathes pote su.“

Transcription now:

MEE-neh mah-cree-AH moo, KSEH-hah-SEH me, THEN meh gnoh-REE-zees, THEN meh ag-EE-zees, THEN me Eh-mah-thes po-TEH soo.
FEE-yeh a-POH coh-DAH moo, poh-TEH xa-NAH THEN tha moo mee-LEE-sees. Poh-TEH xa-NAH THEN tha meh e-noh-LEE-sees. Po-TEH xa-NAH then tha meh mee-SEE-sees.
O KEE-clos mas teh-LEE-oh-seh, o KEE-clos mas EH-hee KLEE- seeh, OH-pos AH-nee-xeh, Eht-see keh KLEE-nee.
MEE-neh mah-cree-AH moo, KSEH-hah-SEH me, THEN meh gnoh-REE-zees, THEN meh ag-EE-zees, THEN me Eh-mah-thes po-TΕΗ soo.

Now Visualize this person vividly. Visualize what they look like, what they sound like, and release all your anger towards them. Forgive the person. Truly release your rage. Truly release your anger. Truly make peace with it and let it go. Let it all go away. Now throw some yarrow, lemon, thyme, acacia, vervain on to the incense (/charcoal disk). Visualize this person moving away from you, further and further they’re going. Vividly visualize this very image of them moving away from you. They no longer are a part of your life. Your relationship with them is now over. No hard feelings anymore. No pain, no regrets, no sadness, no anger, no guilt. Release all of your emotions and direct them to the blazing flames. The cord has now been cut.

By the time you’re done with the spell, you should be feeling a lot better, relieved, at peace, balanced. What a relief that is! Now, take the person’s image, and place it into a small box or container. And recite the following words three times:

Pleon eimai eleutheros. Exeis fygei apo ti zoi mu.


PLEH-ohn EE-meh eh-LEHF-the-rohs. EH-hees FEE-yee ah-POH TEE zoh-EE moo.

Ground yourself once again carefully. Blow the fire and the spell is over. It’s done. The person will stay away from you from now on. They no longer are a part of your life. The cord has been cut. It’s over. Once you are done with the spell, grab the box / container with the person’s picture in it and throw it in to a river, lake, ocean, or bury it into the ground.

Wish them well. This is very important. If you really want the spell to work, you must release all your negative emotions towards this very person, everything they’ve done to you, all your pain, all your suffering, it’s now over. All of it. Release and let it be. Wish the person well and say:




Powerful spell. Simple yet incredibly effective. It’s never failed me. 

Blessed be, all of you. I love you all. 
May Good Things only come your way. 

anonymous asked:

Exw bleksei ta boutia mou me enan prwhn kai exw metaniwsei pou tou ferthika asxhma kai twra mou leei antio kai egw den thelw ti na kanw.. kserw den arkoun ta logia ma den thelw na ton afhsw na fygei etsi apla

Ολοι οι ανθρωποι ετσι απλα φευγουν,τοσο γρηγορα οσο ερχονται στη ζωη μας. Οι σκηνες με το ζευγαρι να καταληγει μαζι επειτα απο εμποδια και τα happy-endings ειναι μονο στις ταινιες. Αστον να φυγει,ετσι απλα.

anonymous asked:

oxi lew ama tous ekanes mono esu !! den tha to skeftosouna na fygeis k na pas kapou kalutera? Ksereis ta lefta, th fhmh , thn anagnwrish...

Έχουμε χτίσει πολύ ωραία φάση για να την αφήσω. Στο κάτω κάτω μέσα σε έξι μήνες έχουμε καταφέρει παρα πολλά όλοι μαζί που θεωρώ ότι η περισσότερη φήμη και αναγνωρισιμότητα θα έρθει στην πορεία