Some favorite snap shots of mine from FYF 2012.

1.) Sleigh Bells
2.) Twin Shadow
3.) Desaparecidos
4.) Cursive
5.) James Blake
6.) Dinosaur Jr. crowd
7.) Megan Andres, Kevin Figerora, and John Esquivel
8.) Photobooth fun with Colby and John.

I’m glad I was able to catch about 90% of every band that I wanted to see. All of the bands were on point and tight for the most part. Saturdays highlights were definitely: Fucked Up, James Blake, and M83. Sunday had to be Desaparecidos, David Cross, and Cursive. This was the second time I watched M83 and James Blake and both performances were incredibly stronger than before. Couldn’t help but have a moment during Blakes set. (It was also pretty tight to find out that someone was running around the festival wearing a Fierce Creatures shirt.) I’m grateful to have spent it with friends and my wonderful boyfriend who took me as a post-birthday present. I’m thankful for people like the amazing Henebury family who took us, set us up with an amazing hotel room and were so down to join in and run around with us for the entire festival. Happy to have great moments like this in my life while surrounded by such phenomenal people! This labor day weekend was a trip to remember.