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— SEPTEMBER 1st & 2nd —

The above poster and below shirt is just one example of the limited edition artists prints and merch that will be available only at the Festival.  100 of these Travis Millard prints will be available along with a hand full of the same design on shirts.  Get em while they last.

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—- SEPTEMBER 1st & 2nd —-

The above design is another example of the limited edition merch that will be available only at the Festival.  This design is by the renowned Chris Shary!

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Also 100 of these Jay Howell prints will be available along with a hand full of the same design on shirts.  Get em while they last. very Exciting.
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“$500 - thats a lot of Top Ramen.” - …Said some girl in college

“I’m entering just for the fame and recognition.” - the guy from the progressive automobile commercials (that wants to be remembered for more than just the guy from the progressive commercials)

“What’s a mixtape?!” - from the grumpy guy at the bus stop

“My mix is ill, i think im going to win…AGAIN!!” - Obama

There is something very special about making and receiving a mix tape. It takes enough effort to prove that it’s something you care about, and it carries the personality and the emotions of the person who made it in a way that a .ZIP file or Spotify playlist never will. You remember how this works—trying to fit all your favorite songs together in a way so they add up to a story all their own, and learning to use words and music by other people to say something you can’t quite say by yourself. Technology has made it easy to share music now, but sharing a mixtape is another thing entirely.

So this contest is simple. We want you to make us a mix tape. Pretend that we at FYF are your high school crush and that you are trying to win us over. The only thing we ask is that you are honest with the songs that you pick. Don’t try to impress us or give us what you think we want to hear. (That doesn’t work on crushes either!)

Show us what you really love. We want to know your guilty pleasures and the songs you sing out loud when you’re alone. We want to hear the songs you’ll never get tired of and the songs that you are gonna be in love with for the rest of your life. This mixtape won’t just be a bunch of songs in a pile—it’ll be you.


• Must be on an actual cassette tape!
• Must be at least 45 minutes. Do your best not to go over 90 minutes.
• Be creative with the design! Draw on it, sticker on it, paint on it—whatever!
• May contain anything you desire! No limits. Music if any kind, of course, but spoken word or instrumentals or soundtrack music and comedy is fine, too!
• Must come with a track list
• It does not need to be made on a brand new blank tape. Feel free to
• Tapes must be postmarked by Thursday, Aug. 16.

Mail tapes to:

FYF Fest 
PO BOX 1558
Torrance, CA 90505

• The winners will be picked by the FYF crew based on originality, selection, awesomeness and overall charm.
• Winners will be announced on Monday, August 20.
• The GRAND PRIZE winner will receive five (5) VIP tickets to FYF Fest 2012 and $500 spending cash. But that’s not all! They will also go on KXLU 88.9 FM to play their mix tape on the air and talk about it. This will be a lot of fun! And we will play the grand prize mixtape between bands on the main stage at FYF Fest.
• Three RUNNER UPs will each receive four (4) Weekend Passes to FYF Fest!

Any questions please email info@fyffest.com

In case you wondered what fans of Cursive or Titus Andronicus look like

look no further.  here is a slideshow of some of the crowd.  you know that guy that called in sick to see this show, this is how he got fired.  The girl that said she didn't want to hang out that night cause she had to wash her hair, she is in here with another guy.  lastly you know that one dude that is at every cursive show you go to, he is in here too.