Tom Wilson's Death Wish

Thanks to EPIX’s Road to the Winter Classic I had the chance to be introduced and fall in love with this dweeb….

Meet Tom Wilson, a forward for the Washington Capitals. Wearing number 43, he was a first round draft pick (16th overall) during the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. EPIX may have introduced us but clips from the Caps Monumental Network, the blogs of fyeahtomwilson and michaellatta-tomwilson, and his fairly active social media help me stay up-to-date with him.

Being the young player that he is (he is barely 5months older than me, #partylikeits1994), Wilson has become known for his need to fight. Whether its because he likes to fight or he feels the need to prove himself as a hockey player, Wilson fights… a lot.

Tonight during Rivalry Night with the Pens, it seems dearest Tom had a death wish. From my previous post you can see he got into it with Blake Comeau during the 1st and it didn’t end well for him. However, it has come to my attention that he tried to pick a fight with the one and only Evgeni Malkin during pre-game warmups. 

Here we see naive Tom nudge and awaken the Russian Bear while Flower looks on. ARE YOU TRYING TO GET YOURSELF KILLED? WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU PROVOKE THE RUSSIAN BEAR?!

Tom Wilson, I adore you. I respect you as a player. This is perhaps the dumbest thing you could have ever done. 

Don’t fuck with the Russian Bear. 

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