• worstkindofsimmer - Her Woodbury legacy has the most beautiful Sims & screenshots! She is also a fantastic builder & decorator.
  • lemonjellysimdesigns - She always reblogs - and posts her own! - prime choice interior design. Plus she creates AWESOME custom content; I have plenty of her prints in my game! I <3 LemonJelly!
  • littlecatsims - Her posts are always a joy on my dash. Wonderful Sims & updates on what she’s up to in her game, whether it’s playing the entertaining Brooks legacy or working on a creation.
  • fyeahsimsmakingmylifewonderful - I love the photosets and fun, punchy interior design! So inspiring and fresh. :)
  • elixiree - GORGEOUS Sims and screenshots. She takes & edits some of the best scenery shots I’ve ever seen. She makes screenshots into a work of art.
  • ohmysims - She has recently started playing the fantastic Hitch legacy again, which can only be a good thing! But she also had a reeeally neat project called Astroville, which I loved seeing pictures of. I love the uniqueness of the Sims she creates.
  • loveandsims - I seriously love the Greysons. Each Sim in this legacy is hard not to love. They really all contain so much character and it’s so entertaining reading about them. :)
  • canvasballoons - First of all, I love her new URL. :D Second, her screenshots are always so much fun to read. She also takes quite stunning scenery shots and I just love the sense of humour that shows through in her captioning.
  • kimfamilylegacy - Her Sims are so pretty AND so fun! I love her captions one hundred percent of the time - and her friendliness, too. :)