(huge thanks to @veranah for the banner. The pun was her idea. It’s my favourite bit)

I’ve finally given in and made my first follow forever. It’s a bit of a mess, sorry.

I wanted to do something a bit different and sorted the blogs by fandom instead of alphabet - that way anyone that sees this, if they’re looking for a couple more blogs to follow for certain stuff, they know where to look. Unfortunately that did make it longer, sorry about that. If you would prefer you weren’t on this list for any reason, or think I should have put you in a different category, please let me know! I’ll be happy to do something about it.

P.S while I’m plugging blogs, check out my Marvel sideblog @tonystarkismyson


@celestial-cat-prince, @clotpolesonly, @dementorsatemysoup, @even-and-auds, @ficcyshit, @free-gavin, @magnemite-not-make-it, @moon-loser, @mywitfailsme, @panagiota-k, @thatnellykid@veranah, @walueggi, @wonderlandleighleigh

More Awesome Mutuals

@cherry-blossom-smile, @daemon-edge, @dailygayly, @fewfoundglory, @fsocietyys, @fvckhaus, @gemmafriend, @hawkgalpal, @haywoood, @jesseejones, @just-riggs, @mayonnaisetoffees, @pancakejake, @right-thoughts-right-words, @technicolouredmonochrome, @thatoboekid, @theironlegion, @voldebean, @zarkanaa, @zombie-bacon

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, Merlin

@insidethe99, @tall-butt, @allaboutnewgirl, @brolinskeep, @colinmorgasms, @gueenquinevere, @gwainesworld

HTGAWM, Gotham, Hannibal

@htgawm-gifs, @incorrecthtgawmquotes, @omgotham, @gothamedits, @gothamchronicle, @feedmetherude

Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, Digimon

@aye-nalu, @miss-fairy-tale, @rboz, @feelmetal-alchemist, @team-mustang, @brave-new-digital-world, @digi-egg, @digimentals, @digimonadventuretri, @holyangemon, @theoriginaldigidestined

iZombie, Darren Shan, Charmed

@dailyzombie@livtheizombie, @incorrectcdfquotes, @thevampatease, @foreverhalliwell

Star Wars

@damnskywalkers, @fystormpilot, @hxnleia, @obiwanjedi, @somekindofspacegod, @storm–pilot, @rafikecoyote


@8063rd, @allied-hero, @crabapple-cove, @hawkeye-piercintyre, @major-charlie, @nurse-kellye, @sometimesyouhearthebullet

Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter etc.

@a-daks, @ah-creepgar, @eightgreatestmistakes, @falling-towards-the-sky, @fuckingpubert, @fyeahredvsblue, @gavinfreeedgar, @gavvav, @metaphoricalkitchensink, @mlchaeijones, @radvsblue, @shadelzz, @simmonsisms, @synnesai, @xvav


@fuckyeahmarvey, @harvey-bangs-mike, @hegoesigo, @pearsonspecterlitt, @specter-und-ross, @youaregoingtobefine


@amaratony, @ask-the-stark, @brandnewfashion, @brockrumlow, @brucebannur, @copperbadge, @dailysuperhusbands, @dailyxmarvel, @knightinironarmor, @nthonystark, @onemuseleft, @pensversusswords, @rumikofujikawa, @sineala, @sokovia, @stark-nerd, @starspangledsprocket, @theapplepielifestyle, @tinmantonystark, @unsentpromises


@arrwens, @awaiting-tveit, @chrpines, @damedameron, @deadhpool, @ghoulied, @kerahlynch, @mcbendavoy, @mermaidmp3, @morgrana, @rob0419, @scarletwittch, @wadewilsion, @whothebuckisfucky

So yeah basically if you were tagged in this I love seeing your url show up on my dash, I enjoy your content, I hope you keep doing you. Ya’ll are awesome.