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I'm so glad I found this blog! AHHH! I've been in love with this show since the pilot, I can't get enough of it. Thank you for dedicating your time to blog about it<3

Aww! I’m so glad you found us (I say us and I’m currently the only mod, but I mean everyone who follows and submits and such…)! You’re so very welcome! I’m glad so many people love the show as much I (we all) do.

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what are 15 blogs you'll never unfollow?

15?? Gezzz!  Well, in no particular order:

I got the Storybrooke Shirt!

I got it in a super large size for a few reasons, on of them is I have hipster plans to cut out a large section of the back and replace it with a yellowy/gold lace, or cut open the neck and shoulder area so it’s a bit 80’s.

I thought you guys might enjoy knowing how ridiculous I am.

See you all tomorrow for the new episode!!


Do you guys want fanfic recs here?

Just thinking of making this blog a little more awesome, and while we wait for season 3 (shudder) I’m trying to figure out do you guys want, like, hiatus activity suggestions (stuff to do and watch while we suffer), or more content? (more press vids, articles, and ABC based content),  or more fan stuff (including fanfic) or just more gifs and free music?