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-LokixSif Modern Kid AU-

Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of?

“Loki! Where are we going?” The girl demanded as she hopped over a fallen log. The boy in front of her glanced back, a frown on his mouth at her impatience.

He wove under a thicket. “Shush, it’s just up ahead!” Sif followed, pulling the twigs from her bright hair with a smile. She always loved playing in the woods on the Odinsons’ estate, and she, Loki, and Thor spent almost every summer afternoon in its shade. The tomboy could not count how many times they had gone on adventures or climbed to the canopies of the tall trees that made up the forest. 

Although she loved roughhousing with the elder brother, she also greatly enjoyed her softer friendship with Loki. While Thor burst with exuberance, Loki radiated a quiet energy, which could be something more refreshing than most would think.

She looked behind her briefly, and quirked an eyebrow. The trio had always been careful to stay in sight of the manor. Sif wondered just how deep into the sea of trees they had wandered. “…I can’t even see your house anymore. How much further into the woods are we going? If you fall and break your face, there’ll be no one here to help you, you know.”

“You’ll be here,” he shot back with a chuckle. Sif smiled. She had always liked the sound. It was different than his brother’s - Thor laughed hard and laughed often. With Loki, Sif felt a small sense of triumph whenever his soft laugh escaped his lips.

“Maybe. Maybe I’ll just laugh.”

Another smothered sound of excitement. “And my parents say I’m the mischievous one.” He skipped over an exposed root.

“You are. I heard that you put glue on Thor’s chair last night before dinner. They had to cut his pants off!” She pushed a branch away from her face.

“Weeeeeell, Mother is always complaining that he never sits still long enough to have a decent meal.” A large grin replaced the small smile on his face. The boy sniggered softly. “You see, Sif, I was just helping him enjoy some family time.”

“I also heard that you were grounded after that. You’re not supposed to leave the house until Monday when school starts up again.”

“And yet, here I am.” The grin became a self-assured smirk, and he paused beneath one of the largest oaks Sif had ever seen. “And here we are.”

Sif stared at the bark. “What’s so special about this tree?”

Loki walked behind her with a sigh. “It’s not the tree that’s so special, Sif… it’s what is in the tree.” He took her head and tilted it up towards the branches.

It took her a moment to acclimate to the sunlight filtering through the leaves, but she saw his surprise after a moment. “Is that…?”


An old tree house sat nestled between the trunks of the surrounding oaks almost completely camouflaged by the leafy canopies. It was decently sized, and, as far as Sif could tell from the ground, free of rot.

“How do we get up to it?” The blonde murmured in awe. Loki released her and grabbed one of the knotholes in the giant oak’s trunk.

“Oh please, I know you must be half squirrel. I’ve seen you scurry up these trees like one many times before.”

Sif ignored his veiled compliment as she began scaling the trunk. “Does… anyone else know about this?” She managed to puff out as she hauled herself over a branch. She felt her shirt snag and tear on the bark, but she could not bring herself to really care that much.

Loki had already reached the door, pushing it open to climb inside. “Nope! It’s ours. It can be our secret place.” He reached down a pale hand, and she took it, pulling herself up through the trapdoor and into the structure. “Look - I’ve already started adding a personal touch to it!” He laid on the floor, hands folded on his stomach. Sif followed his line of sight and snorted at what she found.

“Loki, is there anyplace that you will not hide your books?” He shook his head as a negative, and she let loose an excited laugh. She flopped down next to him, and her gaze fell through the open window. She knew without standing that if she looked out of it, she would be able to not only spot Loki’s and Thor’s house, but probably her own as well. A small smile slipped onto her lips. “So… our secret place, huh?”

“Yes. So don’t tell Thor… he’ll ruin it.”

“Alright. Somewhere only we know.”

“Somewhere only we know,” Loki agreed, and they shook on it.

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I honestly can’t believe that this blog has grown so big in just three years! I am so unbelievably thankful to everyone who has contributed fanwork to this wonderful ship, as well as everyone who has supported these artists, writers, and video makers. This ship is genuinely the nicest bunch around, and I am so proud to represent y'all on this blog!

Here’s to another three years! (And hopefully many more!)


-LokixSif College AU-

Let’s leave this life behind, forgetting all they say.
The time we have, is time well borrowed.
Stay out all night; forget tomorrow.

“Thor, honestly, I’ve an exam tomorrow in my Mythology class and I really don’t have time for this-”

“Nonsense! No brother of mine is going to stay cooped up in his flat while everyone else has fun!” The blond clapped his brother on the back, causing him to lurch forward a few inches. Loki rolled his eyes and straightened his jacket.

His rambunctious older brother thought that he was spending too much time turning pages and not enough time turning heads. Before he’d known what was happening, he’d already been thrown into Thor’s car as they made their way club-hopping.

As the pair entered the building, Loki could feel the bass vibrating through his skin. He shivered.

He preferred the library.

Thor apparently caught sight of his friends, for Loki once again found himself being pulled along, this time trying to squeeze through the masses of university co-eds drunkenly writhing on the dance floor. He lifted an eyebrow. And they call that dancing…?

“Volstagg! Hogun! Where’s Fandral?” Thor greeted his friends, yelling to be heard over the music. The two simply nodded their heads over to the bar, where the blond playboy was obviously working the crowd of ladies surrounding him. He noticed Thor and Loki, sent them a wink, then returned his attention to the redhead leaning on his shoulder.

Thor laughed before spying someone entering the room. “Sif! Over here!”

“Who?” Loki questioned. As obnoxious as they were, he knew all of his brother’s friends, whether he wanted to admit it or not; however, he’d never heard Thor mention a ‘Sif’ in any conversation.

“A friend from my kinesiology course, brother. Fun but serious… I’m sure you’ll get along!” He then turned to address this 'Sif’ who had managed to come up behind him. “I didn’t know you were coming out tonight! Sif, this is my brother, Loki… I’ve finally dragged him out of his books to act like a college student for a change!” He moved aside to introduce the two, and Loki felt his heart skip a beat.

It had nothing to do with the bass in the club.

A smirk lit up the woman’s face, her eyes dancing with a fierce intelligence. “Surely, Thor, you could spend a few more hours than you do hitting the books.” Her dark eyes locked with Loki’s light as she extended a hand. “Pleasure to meet you, Loki.”


He could stand to come out a bit more often, he supposed.

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I can’t believe I started this blog just a year ago, and that it grew to what it is now! I started it simply because I felt that the LokixSif (Lokif, Sifki, WarFrost, FrostGlaive, OR WHATEVER YOU CALL IT BECAUSE EVERYONE ONE OF YOU IS A UNIQUE YGGDRASIL STAR THAT CALLS IT SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND WE CAN’T DECIDE ON JUST ONE SHIP NAME) pairing wasn’t very prominently seen and that I wanted others to take notice of it.

Now, 12 months and over 300 of you lovely people later, it’s grown a following that I am proud to call myself a part of. Not only do you shippers persevere in the questioning of naysayers (oh, comic-canon. You truly put a stitch in our side), you do it in a classy, non-confrontational way that prevents the beginnings of shipwars. (Because, honestly, who likes those?!)

I am so truly grateful to be a part of this fandom and to have contributed in any of the ways I could in this last year.

Here’s to another year to come!

-Skye (creator and moderator of fyeahlokisif)

Happy Anniversary!

Yet another year has passed since I started this blog, and I am constantly and pleasantly surprised at how many of you out there continue to follow and support me! Here’s to another year of Sifki Shippers!

Those of you who have been asking after the 800 follower contest, I have made the decision to postpone until after Mischief and Mistletoe has concluded. I wouldn’t want the conflict to put any additional pressures on the fan writers and artists participating in one of the best exchanges of this year! I will be certain to post all the information after the New Year has begun.

Thank you all of you for your continued patronage, and I wish you all happy holidays!

Much love,