I was just scanning some computer stuff and my family’s kitty Ms.Pansy was like “hold me” and she jsut climbed my body like a short stubby tree

I tried taking some pictures, but as I was trying to take them she got squirmy :<

But seriously she was adorable <3

  • Mom:Jade, what's the password to your computer?
  • Jade (my sister):Er....
  • Tez (my brother):I bet it's "DaveisSexy101"~
  • Jade:No it isn't, gosh!
  • Mom:Wouldn't the be "DaveisSexy010" though
  • Tez and Jade:Huh why
  • Mom:Because "010" looks like penis and balls
  • Tez and Jade:omg

Did I ever tell you guys about my sister

Because she’s literally like an IRL version of Jade Harley (excluding the habit of falling asleep)

She likes gardening, animals, cute things, she wants to learn the flute, she’s always happy and sweet and bouncy and silly, she can handle a gun pretty well (a BB rifle to be exact, but still)

She’s short and lean and has long, kinda messy black hair and green eyes and usually wears jeans and T-shirts with a jacket and has glasses

And literally her name is Jade

You can’t make this stuff up

You jelly or what

  • Listen

Hetalia Axis Powers: Name Pronounciation Meme

I’ve always wondered how people pronounce the countries’ human names, especially the ones that are foreign, since they’re quite difficult to learn how to say them properly (well, for some). So, here’s a challenge for you guys, pronouncing the human names! RULES:

1) No cheating (i.e. going on Hetalia Shoutwiki to check up the names)

2) No using Google Translate’s narrator (it works, trust me, I’ve tried it before)

3) Do not listen to others attempt at saying their names. It won’t be fair. ????????????????????????-

Feliciano Vargas

Lovino Vargas

Ludwig Beilschmidt

Gilbert Beilschmidt

Kiku Honda

Alfred F. Jones

Arthur Kirkland

Peter Kirkland

Francis Bonnefoy

Ivan Braginski

Yao Wang

Matthew Williams

Roderich Edelstein

Elizabeta Héderváry

Toris Lorinaitis

Eduard Von Bock

Raivis Galante

Feliks Lukasiewicz

Natalia Arlovskaya

Berwald Oxensteirna

Tino Väinämöinen

Gupta Muhammad Hassan

Heracles Karpusi

Sadiq Adnan

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Vash Zwingli


Tried doing the voice meme. This is actually a pretty good example of how I talk, believe it or not. Stuttering, drifting off, ect

Did I ever tell you guys about a dream I had with the IAMP provinces?

So like

The world was made of books

And there was an ocean of books that were white

Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nunavut, and New Brunswick were stranded in the sea of books

Quebec and Ontario were fighting as usual, but they were fighting about which Disney movies were best. Everyone was getting annoyed, and they were trying to think of ways to get back out of the sea

Most of the dream was them thinking of ways to get back, until Nunavut was like “you know, I have a homing button in my shoe, if it’s okay to use that”. Everyone was like “YES” and so Nunny sent it off

A short while later, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador all came on a giant (like humongous) bull being led by Alberta

The ending looked really action-anime-y in the most awesome sense you could think of.

  • *whole family worked our butts off*
  • *decision to rest*
  • *brother and sister lightsaber battling and kicking balls into walls*
  • Me:Guys, we've been active the whole day, can't you guys just be blobs of goo for like three minutes