Aaron just posted this and I kinda love it

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"Fuck you" "You are shit to me" "You slag" = hateful. If I try to get anything through your skull, it's to watch what you say. You have no idea what kind of day people are having, you don't know how they live. The little things you said could have been what finally drove them to suicide. People who say those harsh things are sick. People who say those things are killing others. Watch your mouth.


you came to MY fucking ask dude, & don’t give me that “what if this was the last thing i read” crap. 

alright so im sick, i still don’t care, you’re beating a dead horse , shut the hell up now .

I’m in a lovely mood so I’m gonna list my favourites (which there is a lot, I can’t help it) hope you’re all well <3

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Don't give me immature, hateful responses. No, you didn't directly say something about our blog, but you did about my friend and I. You're not getting away with that. My bad for standing us for myself.

when did I give a hateful response? am I supposed to be all fucking happy that I am dealing with some stupid shit right now?

cool, you stood up for yourself, but could you like, be done now?

you’re starting to get on my nerves. 

fyeahghostadventures-deactivate  asked:

WOAH. We've got a really conceited chick on our hands! No. You wish it was just about you. There's a handful of people. Get over yourself. Stop bitching, get over it. This is the internet for fucks sake. There's more than one troll. Some people like shows, some people don't. Whoopty doo. Doesn't matter. Forget about it.

lmao, you really shouldn’t have fucking come to me about this bullshit sweetie.

I will be flat out & name, names. When I was reading your post & you were obviously talking shit you mentioned something along the lines of “*reblog* this isn’t funny at all ” or whatever & that is CLEARLY aimed at Becky, Madison or Taylor. 

so you wanna come be all fucking high & mighty, tryna seem all tough in my ask, well fuck you . cos I don’t give a shit . 


Oh my god Amy fyeahghostadventures