The new tagging system.

From a lot of folks liking the idea of tagging artwork with their depicted quadrants, I have decided to make it official. Whether I’m going to go through my entire blog and tagging everything is uncertain now, but here’s the system I shall use for future posts/reblogs.

  • Pale Gamkar (moirallegiance and auspitism)
  • Flushed Gamkar (matespritship and kismesitude)
  • Pale boyfriends (for works that are undistinguishable in exact quadrant and involve those middle-ground elements)
  • NSFW (you all know this one, for dirtier pictures)

General pictures depicting no quadrants ( eg. comics, portraits, just general neutrality) will not be tagged.

Any suggestions with this new system (and this blog's maintenance/features) are still (and always) welcome. I want to ensure that everyone can view this blog comfortably and efficiently! 

anonymous asked:

Thanks for taking over the gamkar blog that was really awesome of you! I thought every one would give up on the pairing after the up8 so I want to say thank you aging! And I wish you luck with it. :)

Ahhhhhhhhh thank you! there’s been several times that I thought everyone would give up on the pairing so why stop now. It gives me life

Sadstuck inquiries

In regards to my earlier note, would you guys appreciate the chance to tumblr Savior sadstuck posts from this blog?

While I know us fans love *abusing* our characters through some quality sadstuck, these times are really hard for us as gamkar shippers with these heart(diamond) breaking updates. If one only wants to see fluffy/romantic material on this blog without the sadstuck, this could be the chance!

This would happen if I were to start tagging every sadstuck post that I reblog on fyeahgamkar.

And on a note: should it be tagged as “gamakr sadstuck” specifically so that not all of the sadstuck post on your dash are saviored.

Any thoughts or suggestions can go in the ask box :o)