mildlyintoxicatedtrophywife  asked:

I'm sorry, but where did I say I don't support Obama because of his mom's first name??

on your list of 1001 Reasons to Vote Against Obama

reason 829: The name of Mitt Romney’s mom is Lenore. The name of Barack Obama’s mom is Stanley.

you also gave President Obama’s middle name as a reason not to vote for him (reason 828)

and his hair? (reason 818)

if you want to be taken seriously, those aren’t good sticking points

mildlyintoxicatedtrophywife  asked:

Also, you do know some of the ones (like that) are meant to be jokes, right? Like the bowling one, and the yacht one. What about the magic underwear vs shirtless thing. If you seriously can't take a joke like that you need help.

if you’re going to have a sarcastic list

make a sarcastic list

if you’re going to have a serious list

have a serious list

it’s misleading and contradictory on your part

but thank you for using my sense of humor as a test for my mental health

I’ll make sure to tell my therapist about the Republican on the Internet that recommended that I talk to him