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Yoochun’s Piano Scene Ep 9 (Miss Ripley)

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I am honestly confused as to why Myung Wol isn't #1 on mysoju.

I’m sorry if this offends certain viewers, but Heartstrings & Protect the Boss simply don’t compare.

Personal Opinion: The overall plot line and chemistry between the characters is very weak in Heartstrings. Plus, their kiss was more of a physical lip touching rather than passionate/emotional moment. And the only thing that I like in Protect the Boss is Jaejoong.

Myung Wol the Spy, on the other hand, has substance. The way they end up falling for each other is so subtle that you can’t pinpoint one particular part where it all began. It just happened naturally. In addition, it uses humor effectively and is always keeping you on your toes.

Mad respect for all non-Asian drama watchers.

I don’t know but one of the things that draws me most to dramawatching is my Asian-ness, if you will. I love my American sitcoms every now and then too (24, Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, Modern Family - anyone?), but there’s something so cozy and almost “family like” about Asian dramas that is so lacking in American programs. I try and watch their comedies but their cheesy acting is so over the top and.. ridiculous. I see cheesy acting all the time in Asian dramas but somehow Asians do it right I suppose (only sometimes though. Asian dramas can be too cheesy T__T). Also, I just feel warm afterwards. It’s as if I can understand the characters better because we are both Asian. I know this sounds so cultural, but I guess it’s how I think of it as. I’m not Korean, but when I hear a really sad Korean ballad in the OST of some drama during a really heartfelt scene.. the emotion I feel from the music is so compelling that I feel so in sync with the drama even if I’m just relying on subtitles to watch it. I honestly don’t think I’d be able to appreciate Asian dramas as much if I wasn’t Asian.