Regarding the Cartoon Brew article..

A few days ago, an article was posted about this tumblr on www.cartoonbrew.com

You can find it here.

In regards to the recent Cartoon Brew article, and to clear any misconceptions; this tumblr is indeed, a parody site to spread awareness of great animators, but with a sense of humour. No disrespect, offense, or copyright infringement intended whatsoever.

I can see how, in some posts, people may have got confused at the ‘meaning’ behind it, but let me assure you, this blog is in no sense meant to be taken 'seriously’. It’s the people in the photo behind the text that count, not the text in front.

The Cartoon Brew article merely points out a change in social behaviour around animators without really explaining the meaning of my Tumblr, so that readers are taking the memes out of context and overreacting.

So, thanks I guess for the free publicity? But, really, these are internet memes, they’re jokes and parodies meant to be taken lightly.

They won’t please all, but hey, 'haters gonna hate’, right?