For Your Entertainment: Celebrating My Love of Congolese Music with a New Track by Akro. Ak Mundele feat. Jesus de Tchango 

Ever since I spent 3 months living and working in Kin la Belle (Kinshasa), Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008, I fell in love with Congolese music. Every time I hear a track it takes me back to walking around the streets of Kinshasa or the amazing nightlife I was able to experience with my American, British, Italian, Congolese, etc. coworkers/friends. 

Enjoy this new video featuring Belgian MC Akro. According to Africa is a Country blog, the video “pretty much sums up his country’s imaginary relationship with the DRC: Tintin, King Leopold, King Baudouin, Mobutu and Soukous. Leopold’s 19th century Triumphal Arch (which he paid for with the money he leached off Congo) forms the background for guest singer “Jesus De Tchango”. Look out for the “Leopold Wants You” flyers.”

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It is the third single from the Bleu Electrique d'Akro (www.bleu-electrique.com
Clip réalisé par Akro, Ray Ishido & Julien Desmet pour S.W.A.G
Album & single disponibles sur ITunes.
Musique : DJ Mig One 
Basse : Remi “ Nightness ” Bassinta ( Staff des leaders )
Guitare : Ahby Solo ( Staff des leaders ) 
Percussions : Didier Labarre
Mix : L'Inconnu 
Merci à James Deano, Alexis, DJ Sonar, Joehess Montana pour leurs rôles historiques, merci à Kinzi pour le make up, à Stephane Bordignon, aux danseurs et figurants pour leur présence, à Sash Graffic. Big up à Ray Ishido et tous les métisses qui symbolisent l'avenir. Aux familles Lopaka, Kajé, Mutombo ( TMD ) Mundela, Kadima, Mpiutu


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Music Monday: Mulatu Astatke “Yegelle Tezeta” (1974)

Mulatu Astatke is arguably one of the most influential and legendary musicians from Ethiopia. During the 1960s, he studied music abroad in London, Boston, and New York. He then returned home to Ethiopia armed with a love for jazz and Latin music. There he blended Ethiopian traditional music with the Latin-jazz he was so fond of to create a unique hybrid he called Ethio-jazz.

Mulatu Astatke is first and foremost a composer but also a multi-instrumentalist, playing the vibraphone, keyboards and organs. He is further credited as having established congas and bongos, instruments normally central to Latin styles, in Ethiopian music. However, as Ethiopian songs traditionally focused on vocals his greatest contribution to the music of his country was introducing a new focus on instrumentation.

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Last month Kevin-Prince Boateng, the AC Milan midfielder and Ghana international, promised that if his team won Italy’s Serie A, he would perform a Michael Jackson dance routine in full costume in front of the club’s thousands of fans. This weekend the club did just that and post-match Boateng kept his promise. Then an Italian football pundit decided he’d challenge Boateng.

From Africa is a Country

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