fyeahilwoo is on hiatus :(

it is with a heavy heart that that we announce that fy!iw has to go on a forced hiatus until further notice.

this has been an incredibly busy season and we have not been able to regularly maintain the site due to heavy real life schedules. as many of you know, we pride ourselves on providing up-to-date information and translations (where necessary) on Ilwoo and his activities. it has been increasingly challenging to manage the site on a daily basis, though, and we feel terrible that we have not been able to meet our followers’ expectations.

we are thankful for the other fansites that are more consistent (and have already been) filling in the gaps, so do support them on Tumblr and on Twitter:

Twitter: @ilwoostory , @ilwoostoryjapan , @JungilwooCom , @JIW_CNFansworld , @jdcilwoo , @jungilwooID and of course @actorjungilwoo!

Tumblr: /werqjungilwoo , /jfrog , (and quite a few more that don’t come to mind right now - but we love you guys too!)

a shout out to our Indonesian friends as well - they are amazing with their updates! find them at http://jungilwooindonesia.wordpress.com/ :)

we are keen to consider admins to keep the site going, do email us at fyeahilwoo at gmail dot com if you are interested and tell us abt yourself, your experience with websites/fansites, your level of Korean understanding (v. important - esp for translation work!), and your commitment (e.g if you’re able to post every day).

thank you again for all the support and love you have shown Ilwoo, and to us at fy!iw over these past two years (our anniversary is in two weeks…). we hope to come back better in the future.

with love and gratitude,
fy!iw webmiss

anonymous asked:

I really need to follow more Dino blogs but there are????? So few????? Im sad my son deserves better than this. Do you know of any that I could follow?

seriously our maknae needs some more love :( he is too precious, and he deserves many more blogs, i just realized i dont follow many myself, so if anyone would like to add to this list please PLEASE do!

@fyeah-leechan @dailydoseofdino [nothing but dino these two aha] @channosaurus-rex @dinomondlife @dinoisbae @leechanson @dino-sir and thats about all i can think of off the top of my head…diNO FANS WHERE YOU @ ?! i hope i helped at least a bit :)

bjornofosaka asked:

other il woo blogs i should follow?

ah! what a tricky question… since we run an Ilwoo tumblr, we’d like to be selfish and just have you follow ours!! :P

BUT we also know that there are other Ilwoo tumblrs that do such a good job in doing updates and such as well, so here they are, in no particular order:





yingjingy (for ilwoo pictures)

thesunandthemoon2012 (for Moon Embracing Sun)

dreamreed (for various Ilwoo drama gifs)

salagifs (our fave gif page - for various Ilwoo drama gifs)

lotus1461 (for pictures and witty captions!)

orange-empress (for Ilwoo pictures)

yoomin-highkick (for Unstoppable High Kick related pics)

hope this answers your questions!

-fy!iw webmiss

This is in the about section too...

THIS BLOG IS OFFICIALLY ON SEMI-HIATUS ; I know i’ve been more inactive than usual these past months , my old computer broke and  still waiting to get the hard drive fixed/ files transferred to my new one because I’d rather not start all over again trying to collect pictures/music i once had . In the meantime, if anyone wants to submit they’re more than welcome to do so! ^^ Ill check here every couple of days just in case and maybe re-blog a post or two.

Until i get my files back and sorted out, You can find me on my personal blog: jrockmama .   I hope you understand ^ ^ Please don’t think im gone forever or just forgot about this blog~