bjornofosaka  asked:

other il woo blogs i should follow?

ah! what a tricky question… since we run an Ilwoo tumblr, we’d like to be selfish and just have you follow ours!! :P

BUT we also know that there are other Ilwoo tumblrs that do such a good job in doing updates and such as well, so here they are, in no particular order:





yingjingy (for ilwoo pictures)

thesunandthemoon2012 (for Moon Embracing Sun)

dreamreed (for various Ilwoo drama gifs)

salagifs (our fave gif page - for various Ilwoo drama gifs)

lotus1461 (for pictures and witty captions!)

orange-empress (for Ilwoo pictures)

yoomin-highkick (for Unstoppable High Kick related pics)

hope this answers your questions!

-fy!iw webmiss