[FANCAFE] 150701 N - ‘I’m a happy person!’

이미 하루가 지났으니, 어제도 언제나처럼 변함없이 많은 축하를 보내준 고마운 별빛! 항상 고맙고 고맙습니다!!
그동안 보내주신 편지랑 소포들 잘 받았어요!
우리 조금 이따가 엔케이팝에서 만나요^^

A day has already passed, like yesterday and whenever I’m always thankful for Starlights sending their congratulations! Thank you and thank you always!!
I received all the letters and packages well!
See you in a bit at N Kpop^^

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx


NEW VIDEO! ♡ Getting intimate in a changing room trying on beautiful clothes from Queen of Darkness!

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Fan: (I took a baby’s breath out of the top pocket of my blue jacket) Oppa, ask me what kind of flower this is.

Soonyoung: What kind of flower is that?

Fan: This is a baby’s breath. My wish is to give the person I like the most the thing that I like the most! So I came to give it.

Soonyoung: (thinks for a short while) That person is me?

Fan: Yes! It’s oppa.

Soonyoung: (touched) Ah.. really, thank you, really… (put it in his top pocket like I did)

Fan: Can you keep it on until this day ends?

Soonyoung: Yes, yes! I will!

He said he would but I heard the staff asking him to take it off. *gibberish* Soonyoung-oppa must’ve been really touched. I could feel it from his expression. *cries*

trans: jyeoshin @ fyeah-soonyoung, fyeah-jihoon, fyeah-leechan & what17says

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나는 로빅이다. 오픈 스튜디오 현장에서 많은 별빛요원들에게 특별한 생일 축하를 받은 #엔 요원의 모습이다. 항상 #빅스 요원들 옆을 지켜주는 별빛요원들 고맙습니다! #HAPPYNDAY

I am ROVIX. This is Agent N receiving special birthday wishes from many Starlight Agents at the one studio. Thank you Starlight Agents for always protecting the VIXX Agents at their side! #HAPPYNDAY

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx


Since it’s my 18th bday today (150626), I decided to list 18 blog/bloggers who are important to me and 18 reasons why I love my 17-year-old self, basically to appreciate all the good things that happened.

I have a message for the owners of these 18 blogs, so hover on the ღ to read it. ^^

♡♡♡ special bbs: xingyeon  || toomanyfeelsexogdi || teaguks  || jungkickme​ 

♡others: rxxbinc  | abseoklutely  || ohsebooty || @chaeehyeongwon  || therealjunmyeon || happytoilets  || nzfw  || uijinsgf || exogivesyoumoonskin || vseoks 

♡♡fyeahs: fyeah-chanyeol || fykai  || fyeah-leechan  || fy-jintaekook   ||(not on the gifset but they’re in my heart anyway: fyeah-jihoon & what17says)

Thank you for everything, everyone! *sends hearts*

(Dear 17-year-old Yeoshin, you did well! ;D *whispers* If anyone asks my age, I’ll still respond with 17 until I’m ready to say 18. Hahaha. ;))


#빅스엔케이팝 청취자 여러분- 우리,이따 새벽 2시에 만나는 거 알고 있죠! (오늘 생방이잖아요 훗) 문자, 고릴라 메세지 많이많이 보내주세요, 그럼 기다릴게요- ♡

Listeners of VixxNKpop- you know we’re meeting at 2am right! (Its a live show today hoot) please send a lot of texts and gorealra messages, I’ll wait for them - ♡

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

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Fan: Oppa, I really like you

Seungcheol: How many times have you said that to anyone

Fan: No~ *laughs* I really like you!!

Seungcheol: I like you too. (serious)

Fan: Oppa too, how many times have you said that?

Seungcheol: No, no, I really like you. *laughs* But you don’t avoid my eyes?

Fan: Eh? Other people avoid your eyes?

Seungcheol: Others won’t match eyes.

Fan: Then should I not match eyes too~~~?

Seungcheol: No. Look at my eyes. (eye contact while holding hands for 30 seconds)

Fan: Mm… *laughs* (avoids)

Seungcheol: Look at that, look at that.

Fan: Heung.

trans: jyeoshin @ fyeah-soonyoung, fyeah-jihoon, fyeah-leechan & what17says

please take out only with credits. thank you.


나는 로빅이다. #빅스 요원들의 150630 #엔 요원 스물여섯번째 생일 축하 현장 모습이다. 그들의 #빈틈 없는 우정이 부러운 로빅이다. #HAPPYNDAY 엔요원의 생일을 로빅도 축하한다!

I am ROVIX. This is the scene of the VIXX Agents celebrating Agent N’s 26th birthday. ROVIX is jealous of their friendship without #Gaps. #HAPPYNDAY ROVIX also wishes Agent N a happy birthday!

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx