160927 Chanyeol’s Instagram comments:

Chanyeol’s comment and Yesung’s reply on Chanyeol’s Instagram photo:

Chanyeol: @yesung1106 🙈🙈🙈🙈
Yesung: As expected my dongsaeng*

(t/n: dongsaeng is a term used to address someone younger/sibling)

On kasper0524′s photo:

“Don’t copy my hairstyle”

On kasper0524′s photo:

“Don’t copy the pants i wear”

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[News] 160927 INFINITE pitch team names at ‘Before School Club’

Boy band Infinite did a live V app broadcast before appearing as guests live on the “After School Club” show.

The members began the broadcast by revealing that they were doing the “Before School Club” broadcast, which usually takes place just before the live “After School Club” show.

Member Sungkyu revealed that they were being split into two teams, and they had to decide on a name for their respective teams.

After pitching a lot of ridiculous team names, such as “Sungkyu & his servants” and “Kimchi Stew,” they decided on “G-bang,” which means fat in Korean, and “Korea.”

After deciding their names, they ended the broadcast and urged fans to watch the live “After School Show.”

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real__pcy 160927 Instagram Update: 10월19일!! 예성이형의 일본솔로앨범이 발매됩니다!! 형 일본 프로모션 가실때 따라가도 되는건가요??? にほんご べんきょう がんばれます!🙈 #雨のち晴れの空の色 #letmekiss 💋 #20161019
19th October!! Yesung-ie hyung’s japanese solo album will be released on that day!! Hyung, when you go for your Japan promotions, is it possible for me to tag along??? Good luck on your japanese studies ! 🙈 #dropsofrain,the colour of the clear sky #letmekiss 💋 #20161019
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can we all just agree that Eoin is basically the Merlin fandom's version of Misha?

I mean


what even is this man


what the hell?

there are no words to describe how much I love this man

let’s not forget how smokin hot he is too

like hot damn son

this post has killed me ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon