fye flowright

Brief explanation: dude is Fay D Fluorite from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I was so, SO obsessed with him. Second anime waifu (first was Yue from Cardcaptors; I was a huge CLAMP fan and still am). Rocks because “fluorite." 

This is the first time I’ve drawn him and Posted it, because when I was Young and Small I also sucked at drawing those beautiful flyaway locks and that crap-eating grin. Only now am I able to capture his likeness in a non-cringeworthy manner, so here it is.

“You did what you promised yourself you wouldn’t do, now whether you like it or not your involved.”-Kurogane

“Don’t you see, the people close to me tend to get hurt, that’s all I ever wanted to prevent.” - Fai

Got our first edit back from Katsucon aft our late Sunday night shoot, and so happy with how we were able to get some pics to recreate even just a few scenes from Tokyo Revelations, I really hope my Kuro-sama can return to visit again for katsucon!

Photographer: Hwangwin
Edits: Johanesbp(on FB)
Kurogane: @malabava
Fai: @lostdreamz82

Not really something TRC month related, but someone asked me to draw the dork family gaming soo… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯