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Toby is such a copycat with his gaming channel. He's NEVER the one to start playing a game. He always starts the same ones as Pewdiepie and Cry and he doesn't even play those games well like The Last of Us. EVERYONE is playing that at the moment. Hes so unoriginal and he needs to stop.


Did you know that video games are sold in stores and shops and online for absolutely anyone at all to buy? And do you realise that if we all lived by your complaint that only one person in the world would be able to play a single game at any time? Stupid right?!

No single youtuber has the monopoly on any game and you’d do well to remember that. 

(Some youtubers also get sent the game BEFORE it’s released for promotional purposes and are naturally going get content out before other users.)

And while this is appropriate, I’m going to try and stomp on all this Pewdie/Toby rivalry crap because it just doesn’t exist and a select few fans are making the rest of us look bad and it’s not okay. They are friends for God sake. It’s perfectly fine to prefer one over the other or enjoy them both equally without being a complete dick about it, so if you came here hoping that we’d start hating on Pewdiepie or Cry just because you attacked us, I’m sorry to disappoint you because I actually kind of like them both a lot now. 

As for The Last of Us, every person in the world and their dog is playing that game - including me (OMFG JOEL GET IN MY BED) so your argument there is sort of lacking too. 

I’m also going to give you a nice long list of other youtubers that are playing it too so you can go and abuse their fans:

  • Tobygames
  • Cryaotic
  • Pewdiepie
  • Day9
  • Theradbrad
  • Smoove7182954
  • Ghostrobo
  • Yogscast
  • Jackfrags
  • FrankieOnPCIn1080p
  • HeyChrissa
  • NerdCubed
  • PsiSyndicate 
(There are more, I promise) Here’s a gif of Toby and Pewds being awesome bros just to irritate you further:

(x) So please, for the love of youtubers everywhere, stop this.  It’s boring and I’m done.  AND I’M GOING TO TAG THIS SO WE CAN SPREAD THE PEWDIECRYBUSCUS LOVE. Please prove that youtuber audiences can get along! 


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im so glad you don't like pewdiepie

First of all… no. 

Second of all… no.

This happens every once in a while and I don’t get it. Where the hell did you get this information? I don’t think I’ve ever said that I dislike him. I am subscribed to him. I know for a fact Roxy has never said anything of the sort either.

Please take your crap elsewhere and understand that Toby and Felix are friends. There is no animosity between them and as an extension, there should be no animosity between their fandoms. 

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Do you consider there to be a tobuscus fandom? And if so where on earth can I find it because I feel like I am alone.

Of course there’s a Tobuscus fandom! You are certainly not alone anon and coming to us was definitely a starting point!

I know!

If you consider yourself part of the Tobuscus fandom, like this ask. 


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who gives a shit about this ugly dirtbag

You do apparently since you took the time to find this blog AND message us… multiple times. I’m not going to publish all of the messages you sent but those don’t seem like the actions of someone who doesn’t give a shit about him, good or bad. 

Sooo yeah… thanks for the spam, it kept my anxious mind occupied for five minutes. 

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I literally have no idea why your blog is so famous. Even your anons get more notes than my posts. Its really not fair.

Anons + Sassy Toby Gif = Comedy Gold

u know u love it

*challenge to get this post 45394293462543554792 notes accepted*

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This looks so dramatic, but its nothing to worry about Its just my opinion But your blog is really epic. :D

This blog looks dramatic
But I’m bad at ignoring anons
If you don’t use tumblr
This blog probably looks pretty good.

You’d probably think we’re blogging
‘Bout some pretty serious stuff
But in reality we’re blogging about
The lack of stuff we’re blogging ‘bout

This blog’s intense, and emotional!
As long as you like Toby Turner.
Your foreign grandma would love this blog
Please show it to her and she’ll probably

Tell her foreign friends about the blog
Her grandson or daughter showed her today.
This blog might tumblr famous in her country
If parts looked like Pewdiepieeeee.

If parts looked like Pewdiepieeeee.
Then I put some gif, gif, gifs in there
gif gif gif gif
but not of Pewdiepieeeee

Hopefully your foreign grandma
checks this blog everyday
and if she asks you what’s 
Going then here’s what you say:

A perfect explanation does not exist,
Well at least, not in your language.
But if you must know, well picture this:

Fifty billion fangirls and the sun is setting
And the moon is setting also and you’re there
In a youtube con, and then Tobes descends from heaven
and he gives you a hug.

Take that feeling, and put it into a blog
I could translate word by word
But that’d take too long.
And I’ve got stuff to do, Grandma

I don’t have time for this
You gotta trust me
You gotta trust me, Grandma
This freakin’ blog is brilliant.

Badadadadado foll-ow.


If you’re mad and want to reblog this for some reason here: fuckyeah-tobyturner.tumblr.com/post/51339350639

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don't get me wrong but how do england people know about toby turner?

Well, the Queen plugged in the internet just yesterday so… 

The first thing I did was look at some porn and then I then I sent some electronic mail all the way to Australia. I don’t know if it got there yet though. 

After that I went on youtube and clicked on a button and BAM - Toby.