“When You Decided To Leave” - Ben Nichols & Rick Steff.

Life y'all it happens to the best of us.

“When you decided to leave / I was so young and so bold / The man you decided to leave / Is now tired and old”


American Aquarium - “Lonely Ain’t Easy”, but shit, sometimes it’s better. Y'all have a good one.


Possessed By Paul James - “There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely”. Amazing song and performance. Music and performances don’t get purer than this.


Jason Isbell - Alabama Pines

“Well I moved into this room, if you could call it that, a week ago. I never do what I’m supposed to do. I hardly even know my name anymore. When no one calls it out it kind of vanishes away.”


Jason Isbell - “Songs She Sang In The Shower” 


Remember that new American Aquarium they did for the Gondola Sessions last week? Pretty badass right? This is their other new one, “Wichita Falls”. If these are true previews of the new songs, this new album is going to be pretty righteous.

Go catch these fellas out on the road!


I just got turned on to RayLand Baxter. Dude……You guys seriously have to check him out. This is a great place to start at, “Olivia”.

If you are listening to this kind of music and are okay with it, this post is not for you. 

Actually, yes it is.

It may not feel that way, but you need to hear it. This guy, and the likes of him, are the musical equivalent of a mullet. If you listen to shit like this, then in my mind, you have a mullet. A hideous mullet. One you are probably proud of. Hell, maybe you even have a special wooden brush you carry in your back pocket to get that fat wave in the sides of it. Maybe you even named your mullet? Who knows? As a friend, it’s my civic duty to tell you to lose that mullet. It’s a bad look. You know who likes mullets? Other people with mullets. Same applies here y'all.

Anyway, substance. Mr. Bryan and his commercial cohorts lack substance. Maybe they donate their time and contribute to local organizations. In which case, I applaud them. Musically? No way. You can’t convince me otherwise. They have nothing of substance to their music. They are as deep as a skeeter’s peter in a whale’s vagina. These people are polluting our airwaves and are being force fed to you by a suit. A suit who only cares about selling cheese to a misinformed people. Misinformed? Yeah, a bit. How many of you are aware that there is real music with substance? With soul, hurt, anger, joy, storytelling power out there? I’d venture to say not many, if this guy, and the likes, are your “go-to” musicians.

To anyone who knows better, this does not apply to you. Also, I love you all for being able to seek out quality and not settle. 

When people are getting rich singing about cheese-dick-bubblegum-shit with no substance, enough already. You deserve better. Your mind deserves better. Your soul deserves better. Real musicians deserve better. This is not country music. This is pop music with a fiddle and steel guitar, maybe a banjo and mandolin. And it is barely music. It’s about as country, as Lil’ Wayne is to real hip-hop. Not at all. Lyricists with no lyrics. All fluff, no nut, plain and simple. 

Make 2014 the year this shit stops. Give yourself something better. Seek out places to get real music. Stop buying this shit because you think it’s the only thing there is. It isn’t. I promise you that. There are musicians who have voices that deserve to be heard out there. Musicians who write their own music. Who share real things that in turn make you feel real shit inside of you. If this hurts your feelings, it’s what I believe and I’m not sorry for saying it. It needs to be said. More people need to say it. Seek out good music. Don’t dig my blog? I’ll recommend some other great people who have blogs. But FYACB, they don’t play good music on my local station! Guess what? They don’t on mine either! There are great podcasts and internet radio streams out there. Send me a message, I’ll respond back and point you to them.

Let’s have meaning and not be hollow. And for the love of whatever you love, not another fucking truck song. Please.

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Jason Isbell’s Austin City Limits performance will premiere this weekend 1/11/14. Here is “Cover Me Up” from that show. One of the best we have making music nowadays.


I’m going old school today. Charley Pride - “Is Anybody Going To San Antone?”

“Wind whipping down the neck of shirt like I ain’t got nothing on. But I’d rather fight the wind and the rain, than what I’ve been fighting at home.”


Lucero - When I was Young

“In the lonesome of the night I wake, no names do I call/In the lonesome of the night I drink to all the loves I lost”


This isn’t the first time I’ve posted this video, bet it won’t be the last either. This is a great song. Period.

Lauderdale - “Drink To Sleep" 


Today marks the death of Townes Van Zandt. This is one of my favorite songs by him. Rest in peace. 

If anyone isn’t familiar with Townes Van Zandt a great album to start with is “Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas”. So is “Rear View Mirror”. 

Watch on emptybottlesandbrokensouls.tumblr.com

In case y'all missed the Jason Isbell/Neko Case Austin City Limits premiere on Saturday. Here you go and enjoy!


RIP Waylon Jennings, many have tried, but none have done it like you did.


Lucero - It Gets The Worst At Night

Divorce. Fuck it in it’s ass. All the feelings and shit that comes with it too. I’ll live, I know that. But goddamn the days ahead are dark feeling.

Thankfully, these dudes have gotten me through some other dark times. They will get me through this too. 

Here’s to 14 years.


Tim Barry - “Shed Song” from 40 Miler  


Shakey Graves - “Dusty Lion”. Live & Breathing at Pickathon Pumphouse Sessions, Portland OR.

This guy is becoming a fast favorite. Super talented. Dig it.


Pretty stoked for this Saturday. I get to go see Amanda Shires in Lubbock, Texas this Saturday. I am beyond stoked. Want to know why? Watch this video. The thing that fascinates me about singer/songwriters is their ability to express and convey the thought and feelings of their words. That is talent. Those are things which are real. To be able to open yourself up like that everytime you play that song is a gift. Talent y'all, pure talent.