If you are listening to this kind of music and are okay with it, this post is not for you. 

Actually, yes it is.

It may not feel that way, but you need to hear it. This guy, and the likes of him, are the musical equivalent of a mullet. If you listen to shit like this, then in my mind, you have a mullet. A hideous mullet. One you are probably proud of. Hell, maybe you even have a special wooden brush you carry in your back pocket to get that fat wave in the sides of it. Maybe you even named your mullet? Who knows? As a friend, it’s my civic duty to tell you to lose that mullet. It’s a bad look. You know who likes mullets? Other people with mullets. Same applies here y'all.

Anyway, substance. Mr. Bryan and his commercial cohorts lack substance. Maybe they donate their time and contribute to local organizations. In which case, I applaud them. Musically? No way. You can’t convince me otherwise. They have nothing of substance to their music. They are as deep as a skeeter’s peter in a whale’s vagina. These people are polluting our airwaves and are being force fed to you by a suit. A suit who only cares about selling cheese to a misinformed people. Misinformed? Yeah, a bit. How many of you are aware that there is real music with substance? With soul, hurt, anger, joy, storytelling power out there? I’d venture to say not many, if this guy, and the likes, are your “go-to” musicians.

To anyone who knows better, this does not apply to you. Also, I love you all for being able to seek out quality and not settle. 

When people are getting rich singing about cheese-dick-bubblegum-shit with no substance, enough already. You deserve better. Your mind deserves better. Your soul deserves better. Real musicians deserve better. This is not country music. This is pop music with a fiddle and steel guitar, maybe a banjo and mandolin. And it is barely music. It’s about as country, as Lil’ Wayne is to real hip-hop. Not at all. Lyricists with no lyrics. All fluff, no nut, plain and simple. 

Make 2014 the year this shit stops. Give yourself something better. Seek out places to get real music. Stop buying this shit because you think it’s the only thing there is. It isn’t. I promise you that. There are musicians who have voices that deserve to be heard out there. Musicians who write their own music. Who share real things that in turn make you feel real shit inside of you. If this hurts your feelings, it’s what I believe and I’m not sorry for saying it. It needs to be said. More people need to say it. Seek out good music. Don’t dig my blog? I’ll recommend some other great people who have blogs. But FYACB, they don’t play good music on my local station! Guess what? They don’t on mine either! There are great podcasts and internet radio streams out there. Send me a message, I’ll respond back and point you to them.

Let’s have meaning and not be hollow. And for the love of whatever you love, not another fucking truck song. Please.

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Because I have so much going on with DBN, work, freelance work, and full-time school, I just don’t have time to do FYACB justice. Please let me know if you want it. I’d hate to see it die, and while fan sites are time-consuming, they are lots of fun and very rewarding. <3


Jason Isbell’s Austin City Limits performance will premiere this weekend 1/11/14. Here is “Cover Me Up” from that show. One of the best we have making music nowadays.


Jason Isbell - Alabama Pines

“Well I moved into this room, if you could call it that, a week ago. I never do what I’m supposed to do. I hardly even know my name anymore. When no one calls it out it kind of vanishes away.”


I’m going old school today. Charley Pride - “Is Anybody Going To San Antone?”

“Wind whipping down the neck of shirt like I ain’t got nothing on. But I’d rather fight the wind and the rain, than what I’ve been fighting at home.”

Magic happens y'all. Seriously. I opened an email last week and had the new Drive By Truckers - English Oceans album attached to it. Magic. This is an awesome album. Right out of the gate with Mike Cooley and every bit of what makes him amazing on “Shit Shots Count”, which happens to be my favorite track on this now well played album. Patterson Hood is equally amazing in the way that only he can be. “Grand Canyon” and “Pauline Hawkins” are two of my favorite Patterson Hood tracks on the new album. The Truckers brought their A-game for “English Oceans”. Mike Cooley appears a lot on this album for fans of his. So does Patterson Hood. Which in my opinion is badass, I love both of them and their distinct and unique voices. 

Track Listing is:

  1. Shit Shots Count
  2. When He’s Gone
  3. Primer Coat
  4. Pauline Hawkins
  5. Made Up English Oceans
  6. The Part Of Him
  7. Hearing Jimmy Loud
  8. Til He’s Dead Or Rises
  9. Hanging On
  10. Natural Light
  11. When Walter Went Crazy
  12. First Air Of Autumn
  13. Grand Canyon

The band is as tight as they have ever been. A really great album that is sure to please fans of The Truckers, as well as, win over new converts. You can bank on it.“English Oceans” is a great listen, one that I can’t wait to own on vinyl, and yes, it is available for preorder now. The release date is set for March 4th, 2013. March 3rd for our friends in Europe. That being said go get your preorder on y'all!



Lucero - When I was Young

“In the lonesome of the night I wake, no names do I call/In the lonesome of the night I drink to all the loves I lost”


This isn’t the first time I’ve posted this video, bet it won’t be the last either. This is a great song. Period.

Lauderdale - “Drink To Sleep" 


Today marks the death of Townes Van Zandt. This is one of my favorite songs by him. Rest in peace. 

If anyone isn’t familiar with Townes Van Zandt a great album to start with is “Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas”. So is “Rear View Mirror”. 

Watch on emptybottlesandbrokensouls.tumblr.com

In case y'all missed the Jason Isbell/Neko Case Austin City Limits premiere on Saturday. Here you go and enjoy!


RIP Waylon Jennings, many have tried, but none have done it like you did.


Lucero - It Gets The Worst At Night

Divorce. Fuck it in it’s ass. All the feelings and shit that comes with it too. I’ll live, I know that. But goddamn the days ahead are dark feeling.

Thankfully, these dudes have gotten me through some other dark times. They will get me through this too. 

Here’s to 14 years.

FYACB’s Top Albums of 2013:

This isn’t necessarily in a particular order. Nor was this an easy choice. All things considered, this year has been kind to us with such a wide selection of really great albums. So, thank you to all of the artists out there who simply make music for the pure love of the art, or because demons need to be released, or because it’s just what comes out of you, I, and lots of other folks, truly appreciate it.

I’ve included links on the artists names. Please, go give what is there a listen. Share this with everyone you know. There are artists who deserve to be recognised for their extraordinary talents. Not by some corporate guy who decides what kind of mindless music to feed to you.


John Moreland - In The Throes

Two things need to be understood here first and foremost. Number one, if you haven’t listened to this album yet, Christ Almighty, go do it!!! Number two, if you haven’t seen him live yet, you need to. My words do not do this incredible fella justice. I’m not sure anyone’s words do. I do know some other things though, his PEERS (other musicians) have had nothing but great things to say about this album. That is one of the highest compliments you can pay a musician. John is an answered prayer to our genre. Bank on that shit.


Jason Isbell - Southeastern

This is a must own/listen to/turn your friends onto album. “Elephant” is one of the best songs off an album that is one of the best this year. He’s great live. I had the good fortune to hear him with John Moreland opening. To say that I was blessed enough to be under a roof they both played, is an understatement. This album is cemented as one of my favorites for life. Everything about it is amazing. Fucking amazing. 


Possessed By Paul James - There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely

Talent, talent, passion, talent and more passion. I am surprised Konrad Wert hasn’t exploded yet from how full of those things he is. This album is one of reflection, hope, love of life and “Songs We Used To Sing”. Own it and love it. Check out the video in the link.


Drag The River - Drag The River

I have waited for this album, as have many others, for a long time. This is another must own album. Wonderful. I have a lot to say about it. You can read it here. They are simply awesome. Don’t believe me? Click the link in their name.


Arliss Nancy - Wild American Runners

Wonderfully new and yet familiar. Arliss Nancy is a band of guys whose love of music is more than evident. They continue to grow with each release, and sound even better than the last. I love these dudes. You guys should check them out if you never have.


Austin Lucas - Stay Reckless

Phenomenal singer/songwriter. Austin Lucas has a voice that is as distinct as they come. Absolutely beautiful to hear sing. He is a definite favorite of mine. This album met & exceeded all expectations I had. Truly beautiful album. 


Doc Feldman & the LD50 - Sundowning at the Station

This album is just plain amazing. It truly is. I implore you to go listen to it. Mind blowingly great. Just wow, all the way across the board. 


JKutchma & The Five Fifths - Sundown, USA

You want to talk about another fella with a distinct voice and uncanny ability to write amazing music? JKutchma. This guy has an awesome album out. Doubt it? Then you haven’t ever listened to it.


Left Lane Cruiser - Rock Them Back To Hell

I used to have a playlist I worked out to. Now I just have LLC. They took over my playlist, then they became THE playlist. These cats know how to do big shit for two dudes. Huge sound. Love them.


Two Cow Garage - The Death Of The Self Preservation Society

TCG, Cow-punk at it’s finest dudes & lady-dudes. Great album.


Baskery - Little Wild Life

I love this group. These ladies are exceptionally talented. Beautiful voices. Phenomenal musicianship. This album is a must own/listen to. I can not wait until they are in my neck of the woods and I can see them play live.


East Cameron Folkcore - For Sale

I saw them play this year on February 15th. They were inside the Mohawk in Austin, TX. They were closing it down after the Lucero show. They are one of the most powerful bands I have ever seen perform. I had never heard of them until that night. I now own their music in it’s entirety. Amazing band. If they are ever within driving distance of you, it is a travesty to not see them. It’s equally insane to not own this album. While you’re at it, score “Sound & Fury” too. Trust me.


J. Roddy Walston & The Business - Essential Tremors

This album is just fucking sexy. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Sweat Shock”. You hear that? That is some shit that came from the 70’s to wake some people up. The album is awesome. Hands down. Not a bad song to be found.


Husky Burnette - Tales From East End Blvd.

Dirty nasty ass blues. Checkout “Highway 41” for a great example of it. The soul of a bluesman is in there. “That Liquor” is another great example. I dig the album tremendously.


White Trash Blues Revival - Now Honey, Now Baby, Now Listen

To kick it up another notch of nasty on the dirty ass blues train we are on, White Trash Blues Revival. In your airspace the minute you hit play, is some great tuneage. I dig this album a lot. It’s as raw as raw gets.


I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House - Mayberry

Righteous sounding music. First words that come to mind on this album. The title track is my favorite among an entire album of favorites. Scoop it up.


The Hooten Hallers - Chillicothe Fireball

Wow. Just wow. And dirty. So, so, dirty. Go buy this album and play it loud and drink. Drink whiskey, drink in the music, and enjoy every damn minute of it. It reminds me a bit of Tom Waits, which is never a bad thing.


Dexateens - Sunsphere

Rock n’ roll the way it was meant to be played. Loud and mind-blowingly awesome. 


Lindi Ortega - Tin Star

This album showcases just how wonderful Lindi Ortega is. She has a timeless voice, her band is insanely talented and she knows how to control a crowd live. I own every album she has. If you don’t, this as good as any place to start.


The White Buffalo - Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways

Every album they have is just a joy to listen to. This album is no different than the ones before it. “Shall We Go On” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. So is “The Whistler”. You are missing out if this album is missing from your library. 


 Jeremy Squires - When Will You Go…

And to close out this Top Album of 2013 List. I’m going to add this one. This is an album that makes you feel. Not necessarily happy feelings either. It is great though. Give it a listen.

Lots of great music out there still. This is all my opinion, but these are albums I have listened to and find myself coming back to. They are also albums that I don’t skip songs on. I believe that if you can love an album straight from start to finish, that some magic has occured. I believe that to be the case with all of these artists.

I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store… 


My good friend Michelle Evans, from Dear Ben Nichols, sent me the link for “The Revival Tour“ documentary. I’m blown away, which is a hard thing to do to me nowadays. It embodies the love of the craft that these people possess. It offers a true showing of the camaraderie and admiration these amazing singer/songwriters have for one another. It is a beautiful thing. Chuck Ragan is a master singer/songwriter, the creation of the Revival Tour by him shows the passion that extends beyond that. I believe the old adage, “as iron sharpens iron”, is a perfect manifestation here. I feel that in order to continue to grow in anything you have to surround yourself with what you’d like to see come to fruition. This is a great documentary. I’ve killed the clock at work watching it. I couldn’t turn it off. I will probably watch it again, several times actually. I hope that as fans of music you guys take the time to watch it as well.

Featured artists on the documentary are Chuck RaganCory BrananJay MalinowskiEmily Barker,Rocky VotolatoJoe GinsbergJon Gaunt, and The End Three.

The Revival Tour is a constantly changing cast. Stay up to date here.


Tim Barry - “Shed Song” from 40 Miler  


Pretty stoked for this Saturday. I get to go see Amanda Shires in Lubbock, Texas this Saturday. I am beyond stoked. Want to know why? Watch this video. The thing that fascinates me about singer/songwriters is their ability to express and convey the thought and feelings of their words. That is talent. Those are things which are real. To be able to open yourself up like that everytime you play that song is a gift. Talent y'all, pure talent.