“Right now the Senate is making important decisions on the FY2012 US International Affairs Budget, including funding for life saving international development programs.  The House has proposed cuts to these effective international programs for the 2012 fiscal year, and the Senate is about to act, so we must take action now to stop the cuts and save lives.

The situation is urgent. Please take a few minutes to call your Senator today to urge them to protect critical life-saving programs for the world’s poorest people.  Immediate action is needed as votes on the State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill could happen as soon as Wednesday, November 2nd. 

Please take a few moments to make these important calls to both of your Senators… You can contact [them] directly or through the Senate Switchboard (202-224-3121).

Remember to tell them:

  • Your name and where you live, including address;
  • you’re calling as a member of The ONE Campaign. (Or not, that’s great, too!)
  • Ask the Senator to vote ‘No’ on ANY amendments that would CUT the State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill. 

Additional Information: 

  • Less than 1% of the total US budget goes to life-saving programs for the world’s poor. But this 1% saves lives, fights poverty and preventable disease.  It also promotes democracy, good governance and global peace and stability for generations to come.
  • The State and foreign operations appropriations bill protects critical life-saving programs that fight HIV/AIDS and malaria, and helps farmers grow crops to feed their families and entire communities.
  • The current Senate proposal protects these vital programs and must not take any cuts.
an open letter to Congress: Feed the Future!

Dear members of Congress,

I am a constituent of Indiana’s ninth district. Midwesterners, we know what drought and extreme weather, market prices and subsidies can do to a community. That is why I believe it is our duty to support programs that provide food and agricultural development aid to foreign nations.

Allow me to share several statistics with you, courtesy of the World Food Program, that I believe demonstrate how supporting food aid supports the American economy as well:

  • The return on a dollar spent improving child’s nutrition is 39:1.
  • Hunger costs developing nations $450 billion each year.

Imagine the reduction in aid needs if we provide aid now and continue fighting child hunger. As economies and foreign markets are able to develop, because their hunger costs go down, our trade relations could grow.

These issues are important to me for many reasons, not least of which are these: I come from a farming family that, after several bad seasons, was forced to leave their farm; I would never ask a family to go through this. Now, how many of your constituents could say the same?

When it is time to vote on the 2012 fiscal year’s budget, please do not vote for cuts in food and agricultural development aid. Continue to support Feed the Future and similar programs. Thank you. 



Megan Betz

P.S. Readers, please take the time to write letters to your own members of Congress. Get them in the mail before Nov. 18!