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Disgust or Distrust

A short introduction to my actual EstinienXFyris fanfic that will be coming out next!

While travelling with Alphinaud, Ysayle and the Warrior of Light, Estinien finds himself more and more interested in the woman that is pretty much the only person who accepts his point of view on what to do with Nidhogg, even though she has her own ideas on the matter. One night, he decides to try and get closer to her.

Please keep in mind I’m no native speaker, so mistakes might occur!
If you find Estinien to be OOC, that is also perfectly normal, as I have a lot of headcanons as to how he might behave with someone who
1. doesn’t care about him being angry or grumpy
2. someone who seems to understand him
3. someone who takes time to see his point of view

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Hello everyone! Who doesn’t like Haurchefant? And who wouldn’t get a hug from him?! Grab yourself a Haurchefant hug!

> All races/sizes/genders WELCOME
> Payment upfront through PayPal only
> Shoot me an email at fyriellecommissions @ gmail.com with all necessary references and details such as desired face expression
> Enjoy!

Followers & Friends Friday!

Welcome to our first Followers & Friends Friday! 

This week I picked @keelime-pies, not only because she’s always been kind and supportive to me, but also… I mean, seriously? That character aesthetic! I just love it! I hope I did this character justice!

Thank you for everything Kee <3

See you next week for our next F&F Friday!

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