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Forever Yours [1/4]

so i promised myself i’d be working on my cs big bang, but this sort of happened. i promise there’s gonna be more to come. already have it planned out, and it will be 4 chapters long, and should be out before the ouat premiere of 6b.

based on recent ouat spoilers, if you know what i mean.

ff. ao3.

Henry is the first person he speaks to about it, funnily enough, and it’s almost by accident when the lad brings it up himself.

It was after Regina had disappeared, after Emma, and he wished he was the one that had gone after, more than anything, but the queen didn’t give anyone much say in anything. She claimed that she could be the one to bring her back. Honestly, he just thinks that she wants to disappear for a while. And more than anything, he just wants Emma back. He wants to know that she’s okay, that she’s happy and safe.

He just wants her.

So, he takes to making sure Henry’s okay, even if the boy’s eyes seem to dull slightly every morning he realises his mother (or mothers, he supposed) were away. He makes sure the lad goes to school, despite Henry’s complaints.

“But, Killian-”

“No buts, lad. Do you think your mother would let you have the day off school?”

Henry’s lips press together as Killian’s head tips to the side, clearly not answering.

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Celebrating 900+ followers: Follower Friday!

Hello everyone!

I’ve finally reached over 900 followers, and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support <3 Truly I wouldn’t be taking art so seriously if I didn’t have you guys, and the fact I’m able to invest myself in something is so important to me, you have no idea.

I could do another give away, but I got a better idea; starting next week, I’ll be doing Follower Fridays!

Basically every Friday, I will post a drawing dedicated to a follower. It can be someone whose support means a lot to me, someone I appreciate, someone whose OC inspires me, or just a random person! It can be a sketch, a portrait, a bunch of doodles, or a finished piece! I just figured it was time to me to give back some of the love I’ve received and, well… this is what I figured out.

Hope you’re excited for this, and see you next Friday!

Love you <3

I’m doing this follow forever to thank all the ~6k+~ lovelies who are following me, my mutuals and non-mutuals for sharing/creating such wonderful, brilliant, entertaining, hilarious content. Honestly, this is all thanks to you. You guys are what make this blog look really nice and enjoyable. A blog that makes me happy just by looking at it ahaha🙈💗Thank you to those who stayed followed to me and to the new ones 😘 everyone, thank you for making my experience here a memorable one :’) I hope we will continue keeping up with Bangtan together for as long as we can! Love y'all xx

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Hello beautiful people! I have recently hit 800 followers! I’ve had this blog for about 5 months and I just wanna say thanks for following my shitty ass blog. It amazes me that people would actually wanna follow me cause I’m just a potato. 

So to celebrate, I thought I’d do my very first follow forever.

These are all the people I love seeing on my dash everyday!

I have the pleasure of knowing some of yall, but there are some of you who I’ve never spoken to, and I would REALLY love to get to know you better! So please never hesitate to say hi!

I have most likely forgotten someone, but I’ll make sure to include more the nest time I do this.



Tumblr was being a booty and wouldn’t let me differentiate between my fave blogs and my mutuals so……my bad! I love all of your blogs though! Mutuals you know who you are! 


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gothbloodnightmare  asked:

What's nath like in a relationship? Also how is he with first kisses?

How is he with first kisses?

Clumsy but endearingly enthusiastic. Most likely smiling too much to be able to kiss them back properly.

@shadow-arcanist how awkward is he?

On a scale of one to ten, probably eleven.

@istadris how does he react to the SO making the first step?

He’s absolutely delighted. Nath’s not very good at that kind of thing himself and has mistaken friendliness for romantic interest in the past more than once so he’s wary of making the same mistake again

@survivingcanberra does he air grievances in a healthy way or bottle up things until a fight happens.

When Nath falls for someone, he falls hard. He’s very forgiving of most transgressions and mistakes, to an almost unhealthy extent. If his partner did manage to do something that really bothered him, he’d very much struggle to bring it up. He’d most likely fling it them if in enough distress during an argument. But he’s also pretty hard to drag into a proper argument so most things would probably never get brought up.

-Anyone who looks at this tall, scarred, serious-faced merc and thinks they’ve found themselves a bad boy has made a huge mistake. Nath is like a happy, bouncy puppy when he’s in a relationship.

-The quickest way of working out he’s in a new relationship is to look out for the big dorky smile. He just can’t help it. Same with the happy humming and awful singing along to songs on the radio. He makes it so obvious.

-He becomes so much more lively, enthusiastic and engaged with the world. It’s like someone’s fed him the world’s strongest coffee and a whole bag of happy pills.

-Nath’s very physically affectionate. He takes every opportunity to be in contact with his SO in some way, even if it’s just knees touching under the table. He doesn’t go in for nasty displays of public affection but it’s always easy to spot who he’s dating among a crowd of people.

-Not so good with that four letter L word. It’s a scary one.

-He probably wouldn’t do very well with a sex-averse ace partner as he would struggle to understand the concept and would interpret it as meaning his SO wasn’t attracted to him/might not actually love him.

-Nath loves starting to talk dirty or getting intimate, only to blow a raspberry against his partner’s skin when they least expect it. Not that it’s quite as unexpected the twelfth time he does it in a row. He still thinks it’s as funny as the first time though.

-Nath likes play fighting, wrestling, tickling, etc. Stuff that’s just silly and fun and leads to a lot of laughter.

-He’s usually the big spoon.

-He’s not very good at picking up subtle hints or clues so if his SO has a problem, they need to come out and say it to him or the issue will never get addressed.

-Same with what his SO likes or dislikes in the bedroom. This guy just cannot take a hint. You gotta tell him.

-He’s not much of a romantic but he’ll try if his SO wants him to.

-But he will bring them shiny stones, bits of fossils, pretty autumn leaves and other little oddments he thinks are special because he thinks his SO is special too.

HEEEYYYYY! I didn’t expect to make another one of these within about 2 of the last one. I honestly can’t believe I just hit 1000 followers (currently at 1004)! Thanks to all of you for making this a great 5 months and thanks once again for following my shitty ass blog.

These are all the people I follow and my mutuals! I’m pretty sure I’ve most likely forgotten someone, but I’ll remember next time.



Ps. I promise I won’t do this again at least for a while.

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there’s a song titled Soldier whose lyrics I participated in writing so i have big affection hope you will listen to it thinking about lyrics
—  Taemin (via juju_home)

It’s finally time for a small give away! Sorry it took me so long but I’ve honestly been busy and unable to draw much lately.

First of all, thank you all for following, and I hope you still enjoy my silly drawings, my stupid XIV screenshots and all that jazz. Friendly reminder I also have a writing and a personal tumblrs just in case anyone would be interested (since I almost never mention them at all)

Anyway, here’s what you gotta do to enter the give away:

Simply be a follower and like this post! You can reblog to spread the word if you want, but only likes will be taken into account for the give away!

There will be three winners, I can’t tell you exactly what the prizes will be since I’m going through a lot of health issues, it can be hard to make elaborated pieces. It might be a portrait and two sketches, or three portraits depending on my energy and inspiration! But in any case, three winners!

Entries will be closed on Saturday the 5th some time during the night. I will then contact the three winners and give them 48 hours to respond. In case I get no answer, new winner(s) will be appointed.

Good luck to you all, I will reblog this here and there to ensure everyone gets to see this and try their luck, and thank you, thank you all so much for following me!