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Oh damn. So like you guys are amazing and can I just say that I am so proud of you guys. Who would ever thought that I would get here. Anyways since 1.5k is like alot I’m gonna be tagging so of my “biggest fans” according to Tumblr because I seriously love all of you guys.

@taewin69 @9488ohkim @sayanora-hitori @imagineyourself @justthatrandomgirl11 @ovtvra @mashirokuma @ugly-lonely-doll @kingminhyung @secretlymadeoutofcups

Those are my biggest followers according to tumblr and I know there are a bunch more of you guys and I’ll try to add more sometimes soon. But thank you guys for all the love and support that you give me. Except for @kingminhyung because she’s a hoe. I’ve also decided to give you a list of all the people I follow and you should check the out too

My ‘tumblr crushes’ according to Tumblr

@17mounteens @fy-exo @nctinfo @nctreacting @unpopularkpop-opinions @exo–sexo @yonssi @iskpoptrash @fy-pjh

Other blogs I often visit alot

@chipsandwaffles @cremethorns @kpopmademyday @shinee-texts @texting-nct @ncttexts @textnct @kimichiis @koreankollection @remembeo @nctdaydreamer @cutiephon-texts @kingminhyung @got7-texts @imaginethesedorks @imagine-nct @chantenyongs @1kyuhyun @incorrect-nct-quotes @stormae @chokemewinwin @choco-seventeen @leaolivia @neoculturetexts @markleetrashh @squaresreact @monbebeswish @seokvie @nctscenariosxo @officialsmtown @suhsexual @monsta-texts @nctuscenarios @modernfrappe @moonbinny @squaresreact @tenlion @johnnyseo-ismylife @debuthansol @sebooty-lyfe @nct-the-type @yutoaf 

More people that I follow and love

@noweimywei @shesdreamingshesdreaming @fake-nctexts @caliboyjaeffrey @ikimchi94 @bumvie @yoosunny @luminescenct @smuttykpxp @ncttext @puppysmj @onlyhansol @scarletheartryeoscenarios @incorrectshineequotes @beautifully-hwarang @kdramatix @textsf9 @unofficial-kevin-wooo @dongwookoppa @dumbbelle @got7fakesubs @hwarangs-say-what @kdramacamper @maublogskdramas @jaesgirlfriend @incorrectday6 @knowingbroswithoutcontext @wasabi-duck @accurate-seventeen @kpopmemes77 @adorejoyri-jpg @ulzzangangels @dank-svt-memes @ssinsh @taeyongs-laugh @jaehyungparkiantrashcan @idol-scenarios @bangtan-spells @incorrect7teen @incorrectpentagonquotes @u-kiss-scenarios @ulzzcon @myetie @incorrectwinnerquotes @svtnctimagines @ijustyehethatlotto @shookpop @brianskangs @tabeakat @iconsulzzang @mysticmessengersmistake @wonfeels @bapnet @littlechangkyun @parqsungjin @incorrectexoquotes @k-pop-reactions @cloud17dreams @gyroxdrop @incorrectbapquotes @our-kpopreact @iamsf9strash @bubhwiyoung @textinggot7 @nctmaginesmut @chittxphcn @fy-kard @srxxbyx @voice-to-new-world @deisigseu @victon @kardgifs @officialday6 @crossgene-s @babykookson @jaehyungyas @astro-imagines @ftday6 @sungjinthebuilder @fy-briankang @yoonohsoatmealslut @kkollection @manyjamsmuchfun @incorrectgot7quotes @incorrectmonstaxquotes @fymonsta-x @trinitymhawk @whoopnct @s-tarlit @amberlpreston @southkfashion @-chiish @stylelogs @lolbtsaus @minful @smfreedjohnny @fy-johnny @write-this-way-please @vixx17andbtsimagines @official-got7mark @kpopscenariosandtrash @kpopangst @nvm-astro @official-zhangyixing @therealdaddyshownu @official-tenchittaphon @official-fantagio @hallyuscenarios @mingyoozi @fluffygotseven @sexinthelounge @real-kpop-imagines @officialjypnation @thesammtimes @soul-scenarios @kpopkryptoniteimagines @thebesthallyuscenarios @sexonextdoor @chaekaykay @reactions-for-you @basketcase789 @kpoponthemind @exobtsimagination @exoticdaydreams @exowolf-reactions


160506 baekhyunee_exo: 생일축하해줘서 고마워요! 에리들이 역시 짱이야아!!! 지금 실시간 사진이에요!! 나는 마땅히.. 줄선물이 없어서 사진을 드려요!! 히히 아참! 이따가 우리 오후7시30분에.. 몇몇분들은 큥일파티에 오시죠?? 이따가봐요!! #첫큥일파티 #실시간사진 #에리가다왔으면좋겠지만 #장소가작아서미안해에 #생일축하해줘서고마워요진짜감동 #사랑해에리 #내가방패가되어줄게에리들 / trans by:wildhoney_b

this year has really been full of ups and downs but you wonderful people were definitely one of the ups ⊂(≧▽≦)⊃ and of course to my beautiful followers, thank you so much for sticking around and i absolutely adore each one of you /bear hugs for everyone/

i thought i would take today to tell everyone thank you all + i love you all for making this fandom such a lovely place to be and for doing what you do, and i hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season ;u;

mutuals + friends

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