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Oh damn. So like you guys are amazing and can I just say that I am so proud of you guys. Who would ever thought that I would get here. Anyways since 1.5k is like alot I’m gonna be tagging so of my “biggest fans” according to Tumblr because I seriously love all of you guys.

@taewin69 @9488ohkim @sayanora-hitori @imagineyourself @justthatrandomgirl11 @ovtvra @mashirokuma @ugly-lonely-doll @kingminhyung @secretlymadeoutofcups

Those are my biggest followers according to tumblr and I know there are a bunch more of you guys and I’ll try to add more sometimes soon. But thank you guys for all the love and support that you give me. Except for @kingminhyung because she’s a hoe. I’ve also decided to give you a list of all the people I follow and you should check the out too

My ‘tumblr crushes’ according to Tumblr

@17mounteens @fy-exo @nctinfo @nctreacting @unpopularkpop-opinions @exo–sexo @yonssi @iskpoptrash @fy-pjh

Other blogs I often visit alot

@chipsandwaffles @cremethorns @kpopmademyday @shinee-texts @texting-nct @ncttexts @textnct @kimichiis @koreankollection @remembeo @nctdaydreamer @cutiephon-texts @kingminhyung @got7-texts @imaginethesedorks @imagine-nct @chantenyongs @1kyuhyun @incorrect-nct-quotes @stormae @chokemewinwin @choco-seventeen @leaolivia @neoculturetexts @markleetrashh @squaresreact @monbebeswish @seokvie @nctscenariosxo @officialsmtown @suhsexual @monsta-texts @nctuscenarios @modernfrappe @moonbinny @squaresreact @tenlion @johnnyseo-ismylife @debuthansol @sebooty-lyfe @nct-the-type @yutoaf 

More people that I follow and love

@noweimywei @shesdreamingshesdreaming @fake-nctexts @caliboyjaeffrey @ikimchi94 @bumvie @yoosunny @luminescenct @smuttykpxp @ncttext @puppysmj @onlyhansol @scarletheartryeoscenarios @incorrectshineequotes @beautifully-hwarang @kdramatix @textsf9 @unofficial-kevin-wooo @dongwookoppa @dumbbelle @got7fakesubs @hwarangs-say-what @kdramacamper @maublogskdramas @jaesgirlfriend @incorrectday6 @knowingbroswithoutcontext @wasabi-duck @accurate-seventeen @kpopmemes77 @adorejoyri-jpg @ulzzangangels @dank-svt-memes @ssinsh @taeyongs-laugh @jaehyungparkiantrashcan @idol-scenarios @bangtan-spells @incorrect7teen @incorrectpentagonquotes @u-kiss-scenarios @ulzzcon @myetie @incorrectwinnerquotes @svtnctimagines @ijustyehethatlotto @shookpop @brianskangs @tabeakat @iconsulzzang @mysticmessengersmistake @wonfeels @bapnet @littlechangkyun @parqsungjin @incorrectexoquotes @k-pop-reactions @cloud17dreams @gyroxdrop @incorrectbapquotes @our-kpopreact @iamsf9strash @bubhwiyoung @textinggot7 @nctmaginesmut @chittxphcn @fy-kard @srxxbyx @voice-to-new-world @deisigseu @victon @kardgifs @officialday6 @crossgene-s @babykookson @jaehyungyas @astro-imagines @ftday6 @sungjinthebuilder @fy-briankang @yoonohsoatmealslut @kkollection @manyjamsmuchfun @incorrectgot7quotes @incorrectmonstaxquotes @fymonsta-x @trinitymhawk @whoopnct @s-tarlit @amberlpreston @southkfashion @-chiish @stylelogs @lolbtsaus @minful @smfreedjohnny @fy-johnny @write-this-way-please @vixx17andbtsimagines @official-got7mark @kpopscenariosandtrash @kpopangst @nvm-astro @official-zhangyixing @therealdaddyshownu @official-tenchittaphon @official-fantagio @hallyuscenarios @mingyoozi @fluffygotseven @sexinthelounge @real-kpop-imagines @officialjypnation @thesammtimes @soul-scenarios @kpopkryptoniteimagines @thebesthallyuscenarios @sexonextdoor @chaekaykay @reactions-for-you @basketcase789 @kpoponthemind @exobtsimagination @exoticdaydreams @exowolf-reactions

Today I finally hit 3,000 followers! Honestly this is crazy because I was freaking out when I had 100 followers and it’s crazy to say 3,034 of you decided to follow my blog.

I’ve had this blog for 2 months and 22 days and I wouldn’t change a thing about creating this blog, I was originally a BTS and BigBang (barely) blog and I’m so happy you guys still decided to follow me even when I posted EXO, 17, Monsta X, and so many other groups.

I don’t know man, I’m just incredibly grateful for each and every one of you and I’m not so good with words just know I appreciate and love all of you ♥

But holy hell I didn’t realized I followed so mant people

Bolded are mutuals

Italics are just blogs I love so so much.

(And because Tumblr is being so stupid right now I’m going to have to post this in sections because it said my original post is too long :’))) )


@fanficy-au @fkyeahsuga @floralseokjin @fluffyjunhui @foreverseoulbiased @foreversuho @forever-young-got7 @foryoongi @frickyeabangtan-ships @fyeahailee @fyeah-lalisa @fyeahluhan @fuckyeahohsehun @fuckyeahxiumin @fy960610 @fybaekhyun @fybaekyeol @fyeah-chanyeol @fyeahdean @fyeahthe8 @fy-blackpinklisa @fy-exo @fyhyung @fyjeonwonwoo @fyjihan @fy-junhui @fykimtae @fy-kyungsoo @fyjww @fy-lisa @fyperformanceunit @fyrapperline @fyseokmin @fy-taekook @fy-wenjunhui @fywoozi @fyxiubaek @gfjennie @glowinghobii @gukvory @gyuwonuu @halfpastkpop @hanwooz @haoseul @happypusheen @hmuyixing @holyfuckmark @holygodstilinski @hongsjisoo @hongjiswoon @honqjisoos @huinnun @hunbyun @hunisthesun @idolized-scenarios @ijustyehethatlotto @ilovejun @iluvmingyu @imaginethisbts @imindeantrbl @imsarabum @inktae @int-carats @ioshuahong @irideschen @itsfuckingjungkook @iwanthope


@jae-bummer @jamlessjisoo @jecnwonu @jengkook @jeninie @jeonbase @jeongahn @jeonghandata @jeonies @jeonify @jeonins @jeon-jpg @jeonsshi @jeung-han @jeylovestoblog @jichul @jiminsvwife @jiinkook @jinkook-network @jishooua @jisoostar @jisooosgf @jisoonyoung @jjks @jnhui @joshsua @joshuashong @joshuaslamejokes @joshuasnet @jshuahong @juditarazo @jungblue @jun-g-kookie @jungkookiedaily @jungkxook @junhan @junhoontrash @junhue @junhui @junhuidu @junhui-net @jun-iou @jun-kookie @kainks @kang-jooon @k-cappuccino @kdramabc @kiminguy @kingbyunny @kmjnumyeon @kittae @kittaerecs @kookieigwa @kookieinfirestae @kookiewithak @kookingtae @kookscript @kookvism @kpop-ask-box-stuff @kpop-clickanddrag @kpopinkentucky @kpop-shippers @kpopshippingandhandling @kpop-shippy-ships @kpopshipsdaily @kpopssships @kpoppantydrop @kpopwallpapersandmore @krisitup @krismehard @ksoosoo @k-suho @kwonsoupyoung @kwonu @kyungsohs @kyungsol @lalisadancequeen @lalisaes @lalisamaknae @lalisani @leeseokminn @letmesuga @lets-go-north @lilbeansehun @lisablackpinks @lisa-manobann @lisarambo @lisa-yg @littlebyuns @lisablackpink @livelovelunch @ljooheons @love-seok @lowkeyseunghyun @luhan-vevo @luhans-manliness

Follow Forever for 5.6k! ^_^

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((yes I didn’t make a banner because I can’t edit to save my life cx))

I was going to do this for 5000 followers, but I guess this became a 5.6k follower commemoration! ^_^

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers, for reading, commenting, and leaving such lovely asks, I really appreciate you all! ^_^

These are all blogs that I think you should go follow and show some love, because they’re all great people with great content! ^_^

Starting with mutuals…

@lee-sixx She is such a sweetheart, I remember from the days of her being Rap Anon, I consider her a friend now, she’s awesome to talk to, gives the best advice, her philosophical rants are always so interesting to listen to, like?? Thank you for everything hun, I hope we continue to talk often, please do rant away, it’s actually fascinating cx

@chloeisalion It’s been a little while since we’ve had a proper conversation, but she’s another really cool person on here, great to talk to, really friendly and generally easygoing, a sweetheart also ^_^

@jennilycrown Ah, this girl is such a hardcore Jin stan, but it’s great cx She’s eccentric, but she’s great fun to talk to, she’s also a sweetheart, aw <3 Really great person, she’s awesome to talk to ^_^ ((Psst, you still can’t make me choose between Taehyung and Jimin, I won’t allow it ;-;))

All my girls from the ‘boy group writers net’ specifically the ones on our group chat: @cloudsofsonder @writeiolite @wonhandsome @btsbiaslove @mochixjimin @yonggukssmolgf @suhotrashanon @sugamonstae @flowerpotfanfics @boymeetsfiction (I hope I didn’t miss anyone out, ah cx)

These girls are all really friendly, really awesome to talk to, and even though I haven’t been part of the network all that long, I already feel at ease talking to them normally, please do check their blogs out, they’re all writers themselves!

A special shoutout to @cloudsofsonder aka tiger, she’s truly a sweetheart, really did make me feel so welcome and she’s so friendly like?? <3

I actually don’t have all that many mutuals/people I regularly talk to on here, compared to some other blogs, please do talk to me guys! I’m always down for a conversation no matter what you want to talk about, drop into my inbox or my messages! ^_^

Now for some blogs I follow that make great content of all sorts, please follow them! ^_^




@army-author @astro-child @bang-tan @bangtan @bangtan-spells @bangtanhmu @bap-ftw @bapsubbers @berry-happy-tokki @booksandbts @boymeetsfiction @btexts @bts @bts-trans @btsabs @btsbiaslove @bysfansite @chokemejimin @cloudsofsonder 


@daebak-bts @dearmyjimin @exobtsimagination @fkyeahkpop @flowerpotfanfics @fluffilyangsty @fortheloveofbangtan @fuckyeah-got7imagines @fuckyeahchoiyoungjae @fy-exo @fy-kard @fymonsta-x @googlebts  @got7co 


@hallyuwriters @happy-meo @heosekki @hobibliophile @hellokpopoutfit @imsarabum @incomingbts @incorrect-bts-quotes @incorrectkard @inktae @jiminables @jiminscenarios @jin-oppa @jungk0oksthighs @justbangtanreactions @jungkxook 


@keepingupwithbts @kpoparmyreaction @kpopgroupsreact @lolbtsaus @mamamoo-trans @marys-artwork @midnightbts @minblush @mochixjimin @monstaxtrans @nightskyhoseok


@omgbigbangtanboys @our-kpopreact @perpetually-jungshook @pjxmin @roseok @senpai-sisters @seokline @seoulscapes @shyjimins @skin-of-potato @slaeytae @sugamonstae @sugas-kookies @suhotrashanon @swaglordyoongi @taechubs @taeguk @taetaetown @taexquila @textsandaus @the-writer-of-things @the95liner @themoodykwriter @those-bulletproof-boys 


@wangpuppo @wonhandsome @writeiolite @yonggukssmolgf @yoongimnida @youaretoopure @zephyoongist

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite blogs? Sorry if this is annoying I'm new to tumblr and need more people to follow. Thank you!

I’ll start with my bias’ and work my way down~ it’s going to be long cause I have a lot ASDFGHJKL

@kim-kaaa @jonginssoo @kaibility @kaiternity @royalnini @dazzlingkai @death-by-jongin @intokai @brbcrawlingtokorea @blondejongin @kaimint @kairamelo


@dreamybaeks @peachybbh @progamerbyun @mochibaeks @baehkkyun @baek-a-licious @baekhyuntella @baeks-thighs @bbhsthighs @bucheon-boy @littlebyuns @queenbyun @squeezemybyuns @whatthefuckbyunbaekhyun @lullabyun


@petityeols @untouchabyeolman @fyeahchanyeol @chanyeof @derp-yeoll @slayeol @92-pcy @shypcy

@chenbaekery @chen-ah @dayafterdae
@galaxychen @hrhkimjongdae @jongdae-andnight @jongdaes-milk @prince-jongdae @seizethejongdae @visual-jongdae

@minseokslilmochi @xiumins-buttcrack
@xiumin-paradise @minseoxual @902603 @luxiurism

@senfinity @sehunnified @sehunslubedcock @sehunsdickistoolongforyourdash @sehunniethirst @glamforus @smhsehun @exossehun @fluffyhunnie
@sehunjusthitthelotto @ooxehuns @94-hun @sebootypoppin @sehunbear

@funniestinexo @suhocean @thickdicksuho @bulba-suho-r

@kingkyungsoo @dokyungsoo @dyorable @holykyungsoo

@yixingsweetheart @xingmebaektosleep @promixing

Ex members
@milktaost @poo-han @fyifan @luedeer
@derphans @catching-the-galaxies


@mpci (Baekhyun biased)
@xwretchedanddevinex (Sehun biased)
@wngs (is Baekhyun biased but posts BTS)
@amorprohibidomp3 (Nona is the aesthetic of all aesthetics! Posts BTS and other artists!)

FY blogs
@fyeah-chanyeol @fy-kimkai @fybaekhyun @fuckyeahxiumin @fuckyeahjoonmyun @fychen @fydokyungsoo @fy-zyixing @sehunix

@exokmplanet @fy-exo

I hope that’s enough for you baby! These are all my faves!

Hello my lovelies! I currently hit 500 followers and I’m so shook. I never thought that I would even reach such a large number. I figured since I hit 500 followers, I should do my first official Follow Forever!(♥→o←♥)

I can’t believe i even hit such a large number. I remember getting 20 followers and cried because that was so much for me?? And now with 500 of you lovelies, I’m just so happy. I made this blog back on the 15th of March, 2015 with my shit posts and gifs. My first ever reblog was a VIXX meme (I’m saying this bc I’m literally staring at my archives). Words can’t explain how happy I am to hit 500+ followers! ʕ*ノᴥノʔ

I’m just going to be tagging the blogs I follow, my mutuals, and my fav blogs overall in this post (in alphabetical order of course~) under the “keep reading” because I don’t want to make this post as long as it is already, but like I said, I’m thankful for all of my followers, and it makes me so happy knowing I have your support! I’m sorry for those of you who I don’t follow back, but I still see you in my notifications and you guys make my heart so happy!

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