I was tagged on Instagram to do the Company vs Crew tag, so here it is! I only have three dolls, so this will be my only entry. Here are the links to the original sales pages:

I actually bough Cookie when Withdoll released a basic version during 2013 Xmas version, with a 40% discount. However, Donny was the only tiny released as a basic, and after a while, they removed the basic version and now tinies are only released on limited editions.

Pisces & Scorpio
  • Scorpio, smoking as they scroll through their phone:
  • Scorpio, looks up to see Pisces staring at them from the corner of their eyes, smirks:You know, a picture lasts longer
  • Pisces, comes and sits next to Scorpio, unlocks their phone & shows them a folder dedicated to Scorpio's face:
  • Pisces:There is never enough photos that can replace the real you
  • Scorpio, pulls a creep-ed out face:
  • Pisces, smiles creepily:I love you

I can’t even. Freya is 100% my favorite thing right now. Made her a cute sundress after spending too much time at Lake Michigan catching Pokémon. I have tons of cute cotton prints. Like….tons, so I’m wondering how interested the bjd community would be in buying sundresses like this if I made more c: In the mean time, I’m going to try to make Freya some sandals.