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Forever Yours [1/4]

so i promised myself i’d be working on my cs big bang, but this sort of happened. i promise there’s gonna be more to come. already have it planned out, and it will be 4 chapters long, and should be out before the ouat premiere of 6b.

based on recent ouat spoilers, if you know what i mean.

ff. ao3.

Henry is the first person he speaks to about it, funnily enough, and it’s almost by accident when the lad brings it up himself.

It was after Regina had disappeared, after Emma, and he wished he was the one that had gone after, more than anything, but the queen didn’t give anyone much say in anything. She claimed that she could be the one to bring her back. Honestly, he just thinks that she wants to disappear for a while. And more than anything, he just wants Emma back. He wants to know that she’s okay, that she’s happy and safe.

He just wants her.

So, he takes to making sure Henry’s okay, even if the boy’s eyes seem to dull slightly every morning he realises his mother (or mothers, he supposed) were away. He makes sure the lad goes to school, despite Henry’s complaints.

“But, Killian-”

“No buts, lad. Do you think your mother would let you have the day off school?”

Henry’s lips press together as Killian’s head tips to the side, clearly not answering.

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Oh damn. So like you guys are amazing and can I just say that I am so proud of you guys. Who would ever thought that I would get here. Anyways since 1.5k is like alot I’m gonna be tagging so of my “biggest fans” according to Tumblr because I seriously love all of you guys.

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Those are my biggest followers according to tumblr and I know there are a bunch more of you guys and I’ll try to add more sometimes soon. But thank you guys for all the love and support that you give me. Except for @kingminhyung because she’s a hoe. I’ve also decided to give you a list of all the people I follow and you should check the out too

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are there required courses (like gen eds) besides First Year Seminar at smith?

Nope! Unlike most colleges, Smith doesn’t require students to take any gen eds! Even First Year Seminars aren’t technically required, it’s the writing intensive aspect of the courses offered that really matters, as all incoming first years are required to take at least one course classified as writing intensive.

You will likely have specific required courses for your major, once you choose it, but otherwise, you’re free to take what you want!

Smith’s open curriculum is really rare, and it’s definitely one of the things that drew me to the school. I mean, where else would I never have to take another math class? ;)

-Heather ‘21

Book design project

Shot out to all tumblr writers!!! Hi! I have a project I would (really) like your help with, so if you’re curious and can spare me a moment, please keep reading.

Couple days ago my teacher of “Producción Editorial” (editorial production in English) set us a task: we have to design a publication, either a magazine or a book of some sort. It has to be original in format if not content. Now, there are a lot of ways I could go about this assignment on my own and get a good mark regardless, but the truth is I don’t want that. Truth is, the world is a terrifying and deadly place to be nowadays for a lot of people. It makes me wanna grab my kendo equipment and bash some heads until it starts making sense again. I can’t do that unfortunately, because my weapon of choice is not the sword but, cliché as it seems, the pen. I tell stories. Or in this case, I help people tell their stories. That’s what I want to accomplish with this project.

Another thing before I go any further: I know how creators are with their creations (being one myself). They are our beautiful/ugly/weird babies and we’re fiercely protective of them. So I want to reassure you guys that this is a legit assignment (I can probably get my prof to write something to that effect). I’m not going to steal your intellectual property. Each story will be preceded by the name/pseudonym/internet handle you give me. My job here is to compile everything, edit the stories for grammar mistakes and design the book aesthetically (unless I write a story myself, then I’ll be included in the list of authors, like all of you).

And at the end of this road I hope to have a pdf or eBook or both versions of this book, that as collaborators you’ll receive, and that can be shared around freely and for free.

That said, let’s do a Q&A of some of the questions I’d ask if I wanted to join this:

So what, exactly, are you going to do?

As I said, I’m going to design a book as if it were to be printed. Which is the reason I have to use original stories and not, you know, fanfiction (much as I’d like that). I will also have to design the cover, any Notes or Warnings, Table of Contents, edit and organize the stories according to the rules and regulations of formatting we’ve been learning in class, etc.

Will it be printed? Will you make money out of it?

No and No.

I wouldn’t know where even to start with that mess. But more important, this idea began with a class assignment (and still is about that, I want to pass that class) and grew from there. I’m doing this because it’s a challenge and because I want to. I want to spread these stories. And I want them to be assessible to everyone. I want variety and diversity because I want so that everyone who opens this book can find at least a kernel of representation in them.

So yeah, this project is non profit.

What kind of stories will you include?

I have decided that the theme of this book will be Diversity. Understanding by diversity this: “the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation, etc”

Equally important: I want positive (nice or not is optional) and respectful (not optional) snippets or stories about this amazing, huge and diverse thing that is humanity. I won’t accept blatant bashing or phobias here. There is a difference between creating a well-rounded interesting villain (grey/sympathetic/evil doesn’t matter) and the more common moustache-twirling cackling caricature of a person we normally see as the enemy, that are usually there to demean a character and elevate another. That’s lazy writing.

Genre i’ll leave up to you. Could be realism, fantasy, sci-fy, humor, anything. Write about pirates, space explorers, elves and dragons, stay-at-home moms, superheroines, uni students, blue collar workers, thieves, assassins, superpowers, whatever, your choice.  

Is there a character limit? Other limits?

Yes! Each story should be in between 500-5000 words. Why so short? Because I want to include as much variety as possible and there is a lot to cover. An example list of the characters I’d like to include off the top of my head:

  • a gay character
  • a lesbian character
  • a bisexual character
  • a pansexual character
  • an asexual character
  • a straight character
  • a transgender character,
  • a genderfluid character
  • a nonbinary character.
  • a black character,
  • a Muslim character,
  • an Asian, Latino, African, etc, character.
  • also a blind character,
  • a deaf/hard-of-hearing character,
  • a paralyzed character,
  • a mute character,
  • an autistic character,
  • a character with depression
  • a character with anxiety
  • etc

I want to include one (max two) stories about each of the bolded categories in the example list, or any other topic I didn’t think of. Of course, you can write more than one character, but the focus should be on one of them or on a topic, idk, a protest in behalf of transgender people as a whole would go under the transgender character list.

The category I want to write about is not there.

Send me an ask and I’ll add it (if it’s relevant to the topic at hand: diversity). The examples are not absolutes, I probably missed a few, some maybe didn’t even occur to me. I don’t have everything planned out, I’m still sorting out a lot of details in my head, so if I missed something, tell me. This will work only if we collaborate.

Will you include mature themes?

As long as it’s not explicit I don’t see why not. By explicit I mean, for example, a really detailed sex scene, a torture scene with all the gritty details, a blow by blow account of an abuse scene. You can reference these things and make it tasteful (for a meaning of the word) without getting into it too much. Also, there is a word limit, not really enough space for that kind of thing.

How will you chose which story to include?

First come, first served. Yes, really. I’ll make a list of whoever signs up and when.

IMPORTANT: there will be a time limit though. Because I’m not pressed for time just yet, I’ll give each person up to a week (7 days) to send me a draft of the story. Once that time is past, and unless you give me a really good reason, I’ll liberate that spot and the person in question won’t participate anymore.  

How do I sign up?

Send me an ask telling me which category/focus you want and I’ll add you to the list.

Can I sign up Anon?

Sorry, but no. If this works I’ll probably have to share my email with those that participate in the project, which I accept; that, however, is not the same as sharing my info with the entirety of the Tumblr jungle.


Why did you write “Producción Editorial” in Spanish?

Because physically I live in a Spanish speaking country (Hola!). Most of the time I live on the internet though. Also, the English language is a filthy thief that (after a decade of study, now 15yrs) managed to steal into my brain and rewrote it so now my internal monologue is always in English. Lucky for me my professor says he doesn’t mind the language so that’s another reason I decided to branch out with this.

I think I covered the basics at least. I’ll anwer any questions and edit this as necessary. I hope some of you will want to help me on this. Even if you don’t want to or can’t maybe you can share this with someone who will. So Thanks!!

And now, Tag time!

@blackkatmagic, @redhothollyberries, @hiruma-musouka, @araceil, @esamastation, @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon, @roachpatrol, @definitelynotaminion, @tratserenoyreve, @loverofpiggies, @inukagome15

I tagged all of you because you’re some of the writers/creators I follow and know best out of everyone around here. I’m not asking you to participate (although I’d be delighted if you wanted to, not gonna lie x3), but I thought that maybe you could share this or spread the word a bit if it’s not too much of a bother.

Thanks everyone who reached this far! :D

WIP of @fy-soukoku‘s PNTJ AU

I’m trying a new coloring method so this is taking me a long time (」><)」hopefully it’ll be done soon

but for real tho, this AU is making me so happy, it makes my bad day so much better just to log on and see it all. i love that so many people have come together to create this and i CANT WAIT for fy-soukoku to write it!

sorry for only posting a WIP, but I’m actually really liking how this is turning out

I have a sickening tendency to hope.
I will stand on one end of the bridge you’re burning, fire hose ready, while you’re on the other end adding more gasoline.
I will inhale the smoke and cough up your broken promises, trying to make you remember how we were before to no avail.
And after running away before my lungs aren’t the only thing burning, I will watch from a safe distance as you walk away in the wake of the flames.
I won’t say a word as I douse them, but I will build a new bridge out of my memories after putting out the remaining embers and wait to see if you ever cross it.
—  maxwelldpoetry, “Burning Bridges”
Fy nraig goch

please teach me how to talk in your mother-tongue:
i’m new here. in borrowed lands
filled with borrowed words i don’t recognise.
let this be the raw beginning: dechrau. correct me
if i’m wrong. we’re both trying to talk in languages
that are new to us; so i’ll make you a deal
i’ll teach you how to talk colour, how to feel the
world under your palms, and see the sunset fall
at someone’s feet. and you can teach me where
your words grew from, earthy roots planted
to mountains i’ve yet to visit.
in medieval tradition, she sits around the fire;
ready to begin her tale:
“is there a battle going on inside your head?
fy nraig goch bows its head with hesitant fear; don’t let it lose.
newness is stifling but true bravery is risk-taking.
when fy nraig goch exposes its pelt in bleeding passion,
making itself vulnerable – that’s when the flames rise.”
(she laughs with irony in her northern english accent)
“i don’t lay claim to the welsh dragon;
i just breathe fire each time i admit
i think you’re cool.”
(back to the story)
“and then the white dragon. defeat it. white dragon
wears cowardice like a skin that’s yet to shed; curling
awkwardly at the edges. white dragon doesn’t take
chances, plays the cards safe. white dragon is neither of us.
and i know which dragon i’ll ride into the sunset.”
(the sun is setting
from the green plains of her eyes,
the red dragon rises up into the smoke
around her head like a halo)
“fy nraig goch,” (this time she addresses you
to rise up to the flag draped around your shoulders
in patriotic pleas of; ‘i wish i could speak welsh
around those who understood me’)
let’s set the world on fire.

anonymous asked:

Who is this Nath y'all speak of

Nathaniel ‘Nath’ Mundy, my Sniper OC and the protagonist of my fan fic, Foe Yay.

He’s a very unlucky guy. Unfortunate events led to him trapped working for RED and things have generally not improved for him from there on out.

He’s a sweetheart (for an assassin), albeit a very socially awkward one.

Has lots of problems with the BLU Spy and deserves none of it.

Isn’t it beautifully silly that when we choose to love someone, we are happily choosing to suffer?
We push around all of the clutter in our heads and save a space specifically for this person who ironically could turn us into the hugest mess of all.
We try to silence the storms that the rest of the world has caused to thunder inside of us just long enough to hear about their life.
And we know that there will be arguments.
We know that there will be bad days when looking at them is like looking at a lottery ticket one number away from the jackpot.
We know that they are human just like us, and because of that, their moods may just be the greatest earthquakes we’ve ever faced.
Yet the simple fact that they are who they are keeps us there and manages to warm us up even when the world seems more like Ice Age.
I think that’s beautiful.