What the fxxking hell is wrong with you guys? Chasing and stalking the boys IN THE FRICKING HOTEL? Asking them for autographs? Are you serious? I get it if you meet them on the street, I get it if you meet them by accident in the Mall or somewhere else, but going in the bloody hotel and most of all going to ask them for autographs???? That the hell is wrong with you? Behave and respect their privacy because this might be the last world tour we’ll have and it won’t be nice, not at all! 
I’m totally disappointed and I’m angry as hell… This is ridiculous… They were kind enough to give us the opportunity to meet them, they made the Meet and Greet thing!!! And you are still stupid enough to go to their hotel and invade their privacy…… Lovely… Just lovely………
I rarely get involve in this fandom stupid wars and behaviour, but this is getting out of control and it’s probably the stupid thing the fans have ever done…. 
What will happen if they decide to cancel the Meet and Greet because of this accident, huh? You’ll ruin everything for those who are going to see them after you…….. Behave, you idiots! 

パケットヒーロー (Packet Hero)
  • パケットヒーロー (Packet Hero)
  • MARETU-P feat. 初音ミク

Everyone who chases after this thing called “love”,
is intoxicated by this stinging pain.
Still people call out anyone and anyone,
searching for some kind of connection.

I’ve become hollow on that dream of mine,
though I guess I’ve grown up in the process.

How long do I want to keep crying…?
“You don’t understand anything!”

tbh one of the only bits of #voltron I’ve seen is pidge’s gender reveal and it made me immediately feel like I couldn’t watch the show

The feeling in the room of trans people hearing “were we supposed to believe pidge was a boy?” was too much. at least a couple of us were under the impression pidge was portrayed as a trans boy and hearing the reactions of the characters was way too much

I wanted to fxxking cry