fxxk u mv

Triple H

Honestly disappointed in cube for doing what they did for Triple H’s MV. I understand the argument alot of people are saying, that it’s good to see a kpop MV that’s willing to get real and use art to portray real youth culture problems (suicide, crime, drugs, drinking), but that MV glorified all of those things. with the upbeat funk song (which is a great song by itself) and lighthearted mood set with the lighting of the MV, rather than using these topics to give viewers something to relate to, it was glorifying all these things. What’s the point of being scandalous if the only reason behind it is to create hype and noise around it. 

A perfect example of a song and MV that highlights a very real, taboo topic but in an artistic yet appropriate way is Ga-In’s fxxk U. The MV is graphic, detailed, gory, and very much rated and scandalous. But the dark, hard lighting and the song choice to go with this serious MV really solidifies the severity of sexual abuse and abusive relationships. And Ga-In’s bloom! It’s scandalous yet artistic and it portrays feelings of joy for a woman when she has sex with someone she loves.

My point is I think it would be really cool to see kpop have more real MVs for people to deal with taboo topics. But at the same time, using these topics for the sake of sensationalizing and glorification is upsetting. Not to mention, 365 fresh only had a 15+ rating, are you fucking kidding me???

Edit: Just saying as someone who’s personally gone through some of the issues brought up in the triple h mv and i have friends currently going through or facing problems with suicide and substance abuse that’s why it’s so upsetting to see. People are trying to excuse the suicide and crime and substance abuse as being relatable unlike typical kpop videos. But this video made me feel disgusted, because things like suicide and heavy drinking and crime are being portrayed as innocent and a happy way of escape for the 3 protagonists. And that is simply the wrong message and more importantly does not properly portray the severity of these problems.

Suicide, drinking, sex and crime was sensationalized for the sake of clickbait the least cube could have done was restrict it to 19+.

It’s sad to see how fans of it are just shutting up those who have issues with said mv as being overly sensitive or being too into the filtered kpop stuff. And you guys aren’t being aware of real people who have dealt with these things and are feeling off about it. So instead of brushing us off as joy kills why don’t you actually consider what we’re saying here.

Can we just take a moment to look at the deep story in Gain’s MV FxxK You?

She tells the story that no girl or guy depending on the situation, should be forced into sex.

Gain did a good job of pushing away, after all the flashbacks and memories of their past.

I know that it is 19+, but it really shouldn’t be taken like “Gain was totally asking for that” or “look what she was wearing she was asking for it.”

I support Gain and her MV.