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arlum asked: Noel or Ignis
“Five hundred years ago, I committed the ultimate sin. One more death on my conscience won’t do anything to me.”

intothewaterfall  asked:

Hi, I saw you mentioning you like ffxiii so I was wondering: What's your favourite game of the ffxiii trilogy and who's your favourite character? 😊

Hmmm I really liked XIII & FXIII-2 the most. Lightning returns was enjoyable but I didn’t really liked the timer and such, despite having ways to delay time of course. Its just something that gives me a feeling of rushing and I don’t like that. So, I like FFXIII-2 the most of the three, for some more exploration, and it has  interesting new characters but….. time travel and paradoxes is also something I am not a big fan of, it makes me feel flabbergasted and sooo confused sometimes, and it makes it hard for me to follow the story and what not. So, even though FXIII was perhaps somewhat linear (which I didn’t really mind) I loved its story and its characters, which we all got a piece from and experience their growth. I really like Lightning but also Sazh Katzroy. He is like this funny older man of the group, but i really liked him the way he saw things, spitting out the truth towards others of the team. He was the more rational thinker and trying to stay optimistic and then he get’s that big blow in the face himself. It made him very likeable and interesting to me in the first game. 

I hope I answered your question a bit with this. Imao I know its my experience in a nutshell haha. And thanks for your question!