outf0xed  asked:

There's a difference between talking about someone and bashing them, and tagging that person in it for fans to see. If you didn't tag her, you wouldn't get bashing, it's simple. Is she the best wrestler? No. Is she the worst? No. I also never implied what you said in your last part. I said people who HATE her, not about that caring enough to have an opinion crap. If you don't like Kelly, I couldn't care less, but don't go posting stuff in her tag when it does no good.

I made a statement that hating kelly the person and disliking her skill set as a wrestler are two different things. The majority of Kelly Kelly fans reacted to any criticism of her with “YOU JELLY OF HE FACE”. Disliking someone doesn’t meant you’re jealous of them - it can mean that - but the idea that the ONLY reason someone can hate Kelly is because they’re jealous is stupid.

I again, never started she was the worst wrestler to ever exist though she is one of the worst ones on the roster. That’s glaringly obvious in her match with Beth when she sorta stumbles around back into the ropes and looked like she had no idea what the hell she was doing.

As for the last part I’m gonna tag anything I feel like tagging, say for instance this post. As I have told many people and I will tell you now tags aren’t something that only positive things can be posted in and despite what some fandoms think the tag doesn’t actually belong to you. There is no rule on Tumblr that one most not tag anything negative and that only written blowjobs, pictures, and fangirling can be posted and tagged.

That Kelly post was for people to see because it’s a fact that people need to remember and if I whined and cried about your ask it would make sense for you to try and lecture me. However even with all your sarcasm, I didn’t.

Either way even if you were talking about people who HATE Kelly my point still stands because I know plenty of people who hate Kelly the wrestler but don’t give a fuck about Kelly the person. Just as I know people who hate Kelly’s personality and don’t give a shit about her wrestling.

Your post basically told people who dislike her to shut up, don’t watch, and your opinion is irrelevant because Kelly makes more money then you do. The last point being absolutely laughable.

If you can put that kinda jackassery in the tag[ I assume it was in the tag] I can tag a post that reminds people there is a difference and just because someone dislikes your idol doesn’t meant they’re jealous of them.