Oh a fun Q + A game... X

RULES : once you’ve been tagged you’re supposed to answer the Questions then choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you .
tagged by - needlesthreadandbuttons 
your name ? It’s a secret !!!- 
meaning ? French; an exotic sinner who was saved a rare and precious stone… - 
age ? -an old soul who looks younger than she is
Last beverage : -boutique French champagne -
Last phone call : an old ‘friend’ who’s never been a lover but probably should have been… 
Last text message : tofu cooking instructions - 
Last song you listened to : Nick Cave, God is in the house -
Last time you cried : at a Richard Avedon exhibition (and inside on a daily basis)
Dated someone twice : ‘never step into the same river twice’ Chinese proverb —- 
Been cheated on : once only..,how dare they…such is life…- -
Lost someone special : I lost myself once… And never found all of me again that’s ok tho and haven’t we all list soneone?!/— 
Been depressed : hahahaha—— 
Kissed someone and regretted it : no regrets —-
Been drunk and threw up : 2010 stunning sand washed silk gown to many martinis :/ —- 
3 favorite colors : black, black, black, oh it’s not a colour you say… Well Tiffany’s blue and peach then…br/> —- IN 2014 HAVE YOU
Made a new friend :  many— 
Fallen out of love : alas yes, such is life —
Laughed until you cried : yes— 
Met someone who changed you : everyone we meet, even briefly changes us —-
Found out who your true friends are : hmmm…myself —- 
Found out someone who was talking about you : everyone talks about me lol —-
Kissed anyone on your Facebook friends list : ya
First best friend : Alison rip —- 
First sport joined : what is sport? —- 
First vacation : life is a vacation —-
First pair of trainers : ‘bobby dazzlers’ —- 
Drink : my mothers milk…—- 
I’m about to : sleep it off
—- Listening to : the sounds of the city at 2:52am from the rooftop
—- Waiting for: br/> an ephipany, direction, to make a move, myself, nothing, time to run out. —- YOUR FUTURE
Want kids : never. Only rescue animals —-
Get married : only in Valentino and it won’t last forever anyway
—- Career : make beautiful things, be fabulous etc
Lips or eyes : eyes—
Hugs or kisses : hugs—
Shorter or taller : taller —
Romantic or spontaneous : romantic—
Nice arms or stomach : just nice looks are nothing —
Older or younger: most definitely older.
Kissed a stranger : yes —
Drank hard liquor : these questions are lame 🍸—-
Lost glasses/contacts : prada’s on an aeroplane —-
Turned someone down : daily—-
Sex on first date : once:/ —-
Broke someone’s heart : a regular occurrence —-
Been arrested : no—-
Cried when someone died : yes but not when my mother died—-
Yourself : always, never, fleeting narcissism and constant self loathing
—— Miracles : destiny and karma
—- Love at first sight : love lust attraction et al, br/>—- Heaven : if we believe in something enough it becomes real to us
—- Kiss on the first date : yes
Angels : souls, spirits, energies, forces if the universe yes —- br/> (never done one of these before so don’t hate me for tagging you off the top of my head : Schaumann, fxcking4fructose, model-thin-thighss, potathinner, sbnysm, concrete-lake, modelmeth, insanity-and-vanity, citrine8, onehappyvegan, thehappycleanvegan, cocaineandsplenda, larastonesbitch, peaceloveandhustle, , v0gue-slut, Schumann, : )

fxcking4fructose replied to your post “So on Thursday I got the implant contraceptive in my arm.”

Ooh how was it? Painful?

fxcking4fructose Not too bad but I’m a baby when it comes to pain. The local anaesthetic was a bit prickly and then after the nurse put it in I felt it lol but all in all way better than I thought it was. Soreness is more or less gone now.

*I researched before hand and just about shat myself when I laid on the bed thingy.