Di.na talaga ko natutuwa sa taong to. Pinalampas ko nalang yung ginawa niyang panggagamit sakin para pagtakpan sarili niya e pero sobra na. Ewan ko ba kung kaibigan ko ba talaga to o tropa lang pag oras ng katuwaan, kainan saka saya. Ni hindi ko nga makausap ng personalan saka di matanong kung may problema o mapayuhan. Close lang kapag kumpleto tropa. Nakakawalang gana na. Hays

What is sqult?

Sqult is a terrifying and powerful phenomenon created by the enigmatic duo, babyryanross and the-alchemist-exorcist, that has evolved into a dynamic, dramatic family led by Ryan Ross and his wife Shoes.


Vanessa ( babyryanross )

Sis/Alex ( the-alchemist-exorcist )

Ryan Ross ( no tumblr given bc hes ryan fuckin ross)

Cult ( ryanrosssinghallelujah ) {Peyton}

Shoes ( i-love-pete-and-pizza ) {Chloe}

Happy Ryan ( xethairius ) {Happy/Hap Hap}

Ryden ( rossryro ) {Kam}

Bambi ( itsnoregrets ) {Nhu}

Lee/Gerard ( frenchytoast ) {Lauryn}

Flowrs ( tylerssjoseph

Cheeks ( kiki4160 )

Bear ( maydaypanicc )

Frank ( ryden-fxcker )

Hair ( ringosmagicbeans69 )

Two face ( eavanpeters )

One Eye (i….dont know your tumblr. fuck)

Mirror ( linearvenue )

Grey ( dfabjoshdun )

Pink ( katiedaboss )

gERARD ( nearlysinners )

Stella ( antigxne )

baby ( pansexualryan )

bangs ( brendonuriehasruinedmylife )

Wing ( voodooway )

Santi ( ode-to-20dollarnosebleed )

*NOTE: there is a difference between gERARD and gerard. note the capitalization. 

Family History

It starts out simple enough. Two tumblr users get the bright idea to make a band, a many-personned band called The Suffer. They create a kik chat, and invite all who hope to be a part of this prosperous musical group. 

It quickly goes to shit, because heyo, Ryan Ross joins us. 

And damn.

He’s told us quite a lot, but these are secrets (like us, the squad cult is a secret, don’t tell dankeyes).

So then things progress, and we kind of get to a point where Ryan is naming people based on their icons. So we get Shoes, who marries him, and is now his wife, and it’s all very complicated but that’s how we ended up with names.

Now. The story so far:

Ryan and Shoes’ relationship is harmonious, usually, and Shoes would be considered third favorite member of the chat. They have one biological child, Ryden. The rest of us are adopted and therefore some of us have married among ourselves. Grey married Wario (thats a thing), Hair has a crush on Flowrs (flowrs is the first favorite), and Frank proposed to me. 

But there’s been some shake ups today. Namely, Shoes said she loves Dan (as in his music, but Ryan misinterpreted it), and they nearly divorced. We were going to have to split the children, it was A Mess. Now, Ryan is cuddling and eating candy and watching movies with Dan, and the divorce may be on the brink once more. 

eh, whatever. we’ll fix it with threats of taking away the kids.

Other Things Of Great Import:

Happy Ryan

Happy Ryan is the alter ego. They are the Ryan who never gave up all his joys and loves, the Ryan who married Beebo and lived happily ever after. Happy Ryan keeps the peace, an integral member of The Suffer’s infrastructure.

The Wario War

Now, on this, I’m not clear. I wasn’t present for the war, but apparently there were a lot of pictures of Wario of the Mario Bros. franchise, and now Grey is married to him. Someone else will make this clearer. 

The Aunts

aka Vanessa and Alex. Every now and then they pop in to see how the kids are doing (We always have a lot to say). They keep the calm, as well, and keep Ryan under control. 

when someone does multiple shitty things i’m always like am i nitpicking??? am i being a typical tumblr fxcker who denounces a person completely every time they do something small & bad 

Ang pangit lang talaga sa magtotropa na kapag yung isang tropa mo, inaway yung isa mong ka-tropa, di mo alam kakampihan mo kahit di mo naman talaga kailangan. Di mo kailangan kumampi sa kahit kanino sa kanila kasi pareho mo silang tropa pero wala ka talagang magagawa minsan e. Minsan naiipit ka sa sitwasyon nila at aminin man natin o hindi, lumalabas din pagka-plastik mo sa isa man sa kanila. Meron paring mas lamang yung pakikitungo mo at minsan makikichismis ka lang talaga sa nangyayari sa kanila. hay

Di ko parin matanggap yung pagsigaw na yun. Di ko inakalang magagawa mo yun. Ganyan ka pala talaga. Di naman ako nagulat pero ang sakit lang na nagawa mo sakin yun dahil sa galit mo. Sobrang sakit, chill muna ko or feeling ko ayoko na. Grabe lang talaga, di ko alam paano ko nakauwi kanina sa sobrang pag-iisip na nagawa mo sakin yun sa harap ng mga tropa natin tapos may ibang tao pa yatang nakarinig. Sobrang nakakasama lang talaga ng loob. Kahit may mga kaibigan akong nagagalit o naiinis sakin, ni minsan di nila nagawang ipahiya at sigawan ako ng ganun. Kahit nga magulang ko sa bahay lang ako sinisigawan ng ganun. Mangiyak ngiyak ako sa daan kanina, grabe. Di ko maisip na nagawa mo yun. Wala na eh, nagawa mo na talaga. Gnyan ka pala. Hays