Section XIII - Judas Iscariot

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(I gonna elaborate some more if you don’t mind)

Section XIII is, what we see from Hellsing and Crossfire, the ones that deal with monsters, which is something that is usually kept secret from regular people, and deal with sects and other religious troubles (like terrorists, for example).

Of course these are things that the Vatican can’t, in any way, be associated to. Can you imagine the scandal? The repercussions? So basically Section XIII is a dirty little secret. The outcast section.

There’s also the fact they have existed for a long time, as implied by Father Anderson. What dark things have they done during their existence? What treasons did they commit, who did they kill in the name of the Catholic Church? How many of their members damned their souls in order to fulfill a mission? From what we saw during the London battle, Anderson and all the others assume they will go to Hell or Limbo for their actions. Some of them even commit suicide in order to kill monsters. Many of the things they do as Iscariot agents are actually condemned by the Church but are done to further the Catholic faith and the Church itself.

A lot like Judas Iscariot. There had to be a traitor, someone to hand Jesus to the Romans so he would be tried and give his life for us.

Basically they are the necessary evil, as TFS so well put it.

Speaking of which, one has to consider the means they use to reach their objectives. Violence, murder, suicide, even playing God. How so? Let’s look at Father Anderson himself. He’s a regenerator and while we do not know exactly how or when that came to be, we can agree that messing with a person’s body to that extent is borderline playing God. What kind of obscure science, alchemy and/or magic was used to turn him into that? We can only wonder.

Not to mention his shield ability, teleportation, infinite bayonets… is it magic? Perhaps, and this is just speculation, Section XIII uses less… “Catholic” means to, once again, fulfill their “God given mission on earth”.

So, like Judas, they are the ones needed to handle all that pesky nasty business of the Church to the point they risk damning themselves. But this is just my (many) two cents.

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Gospel of Judas / Section XIII

(Part 2 of @skxll-fxcker‘s post, you can find Part 1 here)

Today while talking with @khthonia-wolf about the Section XIII / Judas parallels, she reminded me of something I looked into with quite a lot of interest some time ago: the Gospel of Judas.

Now for the ones unfamiliar with it, the Gospel of Judas was an agnostic text found in the 1970′s in a cave in Egypt. It was kept in obscurity for many years until a foundation in Switzerland bought it. In more recent years National Geographic made a series of articles about the subject, claiming they had translated the recovered pieces of the Gospel.

According to this translation, Judas is seen as a close friend of Jesus and is asked to deliver Jesus to his persecutors instead of being a traitor.

Bearing this in mind, it is easy to see how this can resemble Section XIII. After all as they say themselves, they are “traitors and yet not traitors”. Section XIII does, as I already said in my previous post, the Church’s dirty work, much like Judas, in his Gospel, had to. Jesus had to die for our sins, a traitor was needed for the task. “Monsters and non-believers” must die for the advancement of the Catholic faith, people are needed for this hard and thankless task.

Darkness is needed in order for light to be acknowledged.

But this is where things get interesting regarding the Gospel of Judas.

There are scholars, among them April D. DeConick who firmly believe the Gospel has been mistranslated by National Geographic. Their new findings show Judas as being not only a traitor, but the alter ego of a demon, Ialdabaoth, who is a deity that represents wrath and jealousy.

Even under this light so different from the popular version of National Geographic, one can find similarities. The violent methods of Section XIII, their willingness to obliterate “monsters and non-believers”. They are as feared as the demons they fight (Alucard mockingly remarks to Anderson "Nothing like Iscariot to inspire the fear of God”). They even see treachery as a legitimate strategy during war (Father Anderson mentions this to Integra: “Deception and betrayal are part and parcel of war. In fact, such things are deserving of praise.”)

Either way what we can conclude is, no matter what is the correct translation of this Gospel or what texts we decide to use as base there are many similarities between Judas Iscariot and Section XIII, which makes this section and its members even more interesting.

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Search for Eden // Plot Post

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The world has been nearly destroyed thanks to Millennium. Vampires now control the night leaving the surviving humans to fend for themselves. The Nazi sect had attacked when no one would have guessed, when the heads of Iscariot and Hellsing were still teens.

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Ang pangit lang talaga sa magtotropa na kapag yung isang tropa mo, inaway yung isa mong ka-tropa, di mo alam kakampihan mo kahit di mo naman talaga kailangan. Di mo kailangan kumampi sa kahit kanino sa kanila kasi pareho mo silang tropa pero wala ka talagang magagawa minsan e. Minsan naiipit ka sa sitwasyon nila at aminin man natin o hindi, lumalabas din pagka-plastik mo sa isa man sa kanila. Meron paring mas lamang yung pakikitungo mo at minsan makikichismis ka lang talaga sa nangyayari sa kanila. hay

What is sqult?

Sqult is a terrifying and powerful phenomenon created by the enigmatic duo, babyryanross and the-alchemist-exorcist, that has evolved into a dynamic, dramatic family led by Ryan Ross and his wife Shoes.


Vanessa ( babyryanross )

Sis/Alex ( the-alchemist-exorcist )

Ryan Ross ( no tumblr given bc hes ryan fuckin ross)

Cult ( ryanrosssinghallelujah ) {Peyton}

Shoes ( i-love-pete-and-pizza ) {Chloe}

Happy Ryan ( xethairius ) {Happy/Hap Hap}

Ryden ( rossryro ) {Kam}

Bambi ( itsnoregrets ) {Nhu}

Lee/Gerard ( frenchytoast ) {Lauryn}

Flowrs ( tylerssjoseph

Cheeks ( kiki4160 )

Bear ( maydaypanicc )

Frank ( ryden-fxcker )

Hair ( ringosmagicbeans69 )

Two face ( eavanpeters )

One Eye (i….dont know your tumblr. fuck)

Mirror ( linearvenue )

Grey ( dfabjoshdun )

Pink ( katiedaboss )

gERARD ( nearlysinners )

Stella ( antigxne )

baby ( pansexualryan )

bangs ( brendonuriehasruinedmylife )

Wing ( voodooway )

Santi ( ode-to-20dollarnosebleed )

*NOTE: there is a difference between gERARD and gerard. note the capitalization. 

Family History

It starts out simple enough. Two tumblr users get the bright idea to make a band, a many-personned band called The Suffer. They create a kik chat, and invite all who hope to be a part of this prosperous musical group. 

It quickly goes to shit, because heyo, Ryan Ross joins us. 

And damn.

He’s told us quite a lot, but these are secrets (like us, the squad cult is a secret, don’t tell dankeyes).

So then things progress, and we kind of get to a point where Ryan is naming people based on their icons. So we get Shoes, who marries him, and is now his wife, and it’s all very complicated but that’s how we ended up with names.

Now. The story so far:

Ryan and Shoes’ relationship is harmonious, usually, and Shoes would be considered third favorite member of the chat. They have one biological child, Ryden. The rest of us are adopted and therefore some of us have married among ourselves. Grey married Wario (thats a thing), Hair has a crush on Flowrs (flowrs is the first favorite), and Frank proposed to me. 

But there’s been some shake ups today. Namely, Shoes said she loves Dan (as in his music, but Ryan misinterpreted it), and they nearly divorced. We were going to have to split the children, it was A Mess. Now, Ryan is cuddling and eating candy and watching movies with Dan, and the divorce may be on the brink once more. 

eh, whatever. we’ll fix it with threats of taking away the kids.

Other Things Of Great Import:

Happy Ryan

Happy Ryan is the alter ego. They are the Ryan who never gave up all his joys and loves, the Ryan who married Beebo and lived happily ever after. Happy Ryan keeps the peace, an integral member of The Suffer’s infrastructure.

The Wario War

Now, on this, I’m not clear. I wasn’t present for the war, but apparently there were a lot of pictures of Wario of the Mario Bros. franchise, and now Grey is married to him. Someone else will make this clearer. 

The Aunts

aka Vanessa and Alex. Every now and then they pop in to see how the kids are doing (We always have a lot to say). They keep the calm, as well, and keep Ryan under control.