Fiendly Prompts #1

Style Stealers

Find an artist you admire and try to emulate their style. 

Listed as Artist (Inspiration)


StereoFlier (Badzerg)

Geten (Holivi)

Cygaj (Witchlette)

jkonathan (Sofas&Quills)

elNachato (Cygaj)

Twitchy Kismet (Sofas&Quills)

Shelfpower (erijt)

DoeMay (Fx)

Fx (From topright clockwise - Geten, Sofas&Quills, DoeMay, Ponywise, Cygaj)

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ljrmr asked:

Can you post your sai brushes?

This is the brush I’ve used for a while, both for lines and colors. If I want to paint I up the blending and dilution depending on how soft of a brush I want, and for lines I keep it like this. For lettering I sometimes lower blending even more.

Renowned actor Yen “Tequila” Nguyen is a giant of the 21st-century stage and screen. He is best known for his portrayal of Mongkut, king of Siam, in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The King and I.[1] Nguyen’s performances draw heavily on literature, feminist theory, and his own extensive knowledge of Japanese culture.[2] 

A self-proclaimed “King of Anime,” Nguyen attributes his success to a diligent study of Japanese literature and film. Indeed, he has managed to bring the most powerful stylistic devices of manga and anime to his performances. In Neko Cowboy, he took on the role of Sheriff Mittens, a rough-and-tumble shorthair with eggshell fur and black paws. [citation needed] 

Nguyen has 5 lumbar vertebrae instead of the usual 6, and 17 pairs of ribs rather than 18.[3] He has both a relatively horizontal croup and a properly angled pelvis as well as good croup length and depth to the hip (determined by the length of the pelvis), that allows agility and impulsion.[4] 

Yen can be found on Second Life as KarkatKisser69.

ljrmr asked:

Do you ever find aspects of artistic culture and analysis to be pretentious, grandiose, or impractical? Have you in the past?

The art community being pretentious and grandiose has been a thing for a very long time, and reactions to it gave us a lot of really neat works and movements! I think artists and art history is pretty self-correcting when it comes down to it, because sooner or later someone will point at how dumb people are acting about some artifacts on display, and everyone will see that the emperor is naked.

Reaction to perceived pretentiousness, rejection of mainstream cultural ideals and language and the transformation of the community, that’s what art is all about in my eyes.

tl;dr: Yes, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.