choisullis’s 2nd Follow forever

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last follow forever and i decide to make another one. I created this blog in 2012 and since then i’ve met incredible people and friends that will stay in my heart forever. Thank you for following me,talking to me and making my days a lot better! I love you and i wish you the greatest year of your life! 

Feel free to talk or follow any of them because they’re all great people! 

(Italics are mutuals, bolded urls are friends.)

A - E

apink-panda, acio—luhan, antisulli, aliuser, acciomyungsoobeyuls, baekhyun-ahcheolyans, chanyeolismysexualfantasy, choissul, choileesdohdoro, domino-fxeteru

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foreverfany, femaleidols, fx1k, flowerhobi, favoun, fqzpocky, fourforyouchencocogots7, got7hyukson, hongprince, heartae, imgenieforyourwish, insanityiseasy, icepearls, immortae, ilhoon, idiotaejacksonwngs, jackseons, jacksonwings, jooongin, jaewany, jungkoook, jinriee, jaekyung, jonghyun-ah

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kuroi-pearl, krystal-jungs, kyungsol, kwibom, krystals, kaidashian, kai-tastrophe, kaileesis, keyramel, llionkings, limjaebeom, lay-me-kris, leojuseyo, lordhyos, la-rosa-del-sur, lordkey, littleshineemarktuan, markjestic, marktuat, markjin, my-soshistar, mintokkiesnoorashinee

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oneews, ohgotseven, obliviatae, oppakaipretty-in-key, parklunatic, pinkeupandas, pinklightstick, pilsuks, pohrororestarttheseoulsicabrows, seoulene, stoptaemin, sailorseo, sehu-ns, sexydae, sil-an, sekaixinq, sojins, sehontop, seouleu, shineebabo, shinwoos, shawollet, soehyun, seo-mate, smileyminho, sullis, soekjins

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my birthday is coming up soon and i just hit a milestone, so i figured i’d finally make my first follow forever!! over the past few months, i’ve gotten to know a lot of wonderful people on this site. even though times are tough at the moment, i just want you all to know that you’re amazing and i love you. from the bottom of my heart, thank you (◡‿◡✿) also please excuse the super crappy edit 

bolded = mutuals (i.e. my favorite blogs and people of all time)


-suelgi | aceoaace-of-angels | affxtionism | amazing-fxamberlius | andante-stepsathaenas | bigbaengchanyeolismysexualfantasy | charles-bingley | choisullidaisynous | destroyflowerboyselectri-xfantaesies | femaleidol | femaleidolsfraerie | fx1kfyeahkaistalgiyeukhyereu | hyericioushyolightshyyeris | idiotae | ikiterundatteireokefx | jessicajungsjinriee | jonghyunarjoohyun-s | jungprincesses| kittenluna |



keulzi | kidtaeyeonkrysjungkrystal-jungs | krystalskwnvuri | kwonyuri | lordkeyminholiccminoism | miss-a-ladiesmyung-stalsnamjooney | periwin5les | purelovefxqi-anrookies- |












 sooyoungss soshifried | stellasistar | stopsojinsulhuns | sulllisweeties-fx | taecutietaekai | taemisutaeuns | taeyeon | teyminthecaptainbeagle | victoriaskrystal | werelivinginthesmtownwu-fan |

HELLO! This is my first (mini) follow forever! Thanks to all the people i follow for making my dashboard such a great place to Be! i wish everyon to have a happy new year! 

PLEASE VISIT THIS BLOG. ( it’s my sister ) ->  (x)

bold ~ Blogs you MUST visit. 

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antisulli, antoxius, ambrosaur, affxtionism, affxtionate, ameliavu1234beast-attack, b2st-nes, chuu-xx, cvu1domino-fx

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electri-x, fx1k, fyeahsongqian, flawlesssfive, fuckyeahpinktape, fxstyle, heyhyuna

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justmyperfectgoddessjunaes, junqlijenlin21, jungliz, junbellsjinrieejoohyun-s, jonghyunar, kpopconskyungins, keyupidkrystalsluhanney, littleshinee

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meh-rongmerry-beastmasmiss-a-ladies, misssixtyb, ourelectric, pohroro

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qian-ah, ruby-sica, sulliquorsahllisehunsfwsantaesshineeshiningsoojng, sullissoojungahfx, soulli, smroonies, songqains, sunvoung, soojungdesutelepany, the-inheritorstheeffects, thisrunningman, tellsmeyourwishtoldyouseo

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wu-fan, xrunningmandontwalkxyeahluhanzuins

hello, so this is my first follow forever guys! ☆
- my fav are in bold !

-suelgi ; 92kgs ; amazitao ; amberlius ; ambrosaur ; antisulli ; anyja ; baerenes ; bae-irenes ; blondejongin ; boms-wings ; bigbaeng ; baekhyun-ah ; brokenraadio ; bubblctea ; bbyneymar ; cristianorrrronaldo ; cheolyans ; cristianoronldo ; daeum ; doresque ; domino-fx ; daenso ; exolutely ; eoxk

femaleidol ; femaleidolsnet ; fuckyeah-fx ; fyeah-redvelvet ; fluristic ; florensic ; fx1k ; gyokjung ; ga-ho ; hyoris ; itsphotoshop ; jongins ; jessicajungs ; jinriee ; krisinsanity ; krvstal ; krystalical ; kricetal ; krystals ; krystaliz ; kaibility

monoka ; madridistaforever ; nalizzy ; oshzt ; pinklightstick ; parklunacy ; petitekai ; pohroro ; pilsuks ; quietlim ; qi-an ; rookies- ; redvlvets , realmydrid

sehun88 ; sehduction ; soojng ; soojunqa ; soojungas ; sulliyaa ; suhotness​ ; sehuna ; taengisc ; taebody ; taeekwoon ; tallichet ; vvelvets ; wordsnquotes​ ; wooyoung ; xehunter ; xiumania ; yeahps ; zhngxngs ; zeloid

hi everyone~! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

i’ve always wanted to make a follow forever but there are /so/ many good blogs out there, how am I supposed to choose which ones to include ;~; anyway i finally managed to narrow down my list to the people that pretty much make my blog what it is so you better follow them! thank you so much to you all for being flawless~

and also thank you to all the awesome people who decided to follow my blog! it’s really crazy that so many of you follow my random rambling about f(x) and otps and stuff and i really cannot thank you enough ;~;

+a-jol +affxtionism +aliuser +amazing-fx babies-fx +choissul +dork-jung +domino-fx +electri-x +exober +f5x +freehobos +fuckyeah-fx +fx1k +fyeah-songqian +fyluna +goddesstoria +ireokefx +jinliette +jinriee +jungliz +junqli +kittenluna +krvstal +krystals +liucifer +myqian +purelovefx +qi-an +qian-ah +qianies +qiian +queensunyoung + sarangingabwa +smroonies +soojng +soojungdesu +soulli +ssulberries +ssulranghae +sunvoung +sulligif +sullinator +sullis +theffects +tia-ssi +victoriaskrystal +vitamn

special shout out to these cool people!

+arashinatic: for dealing with my ramblings even irl

+blackheresy: for making this ff’s banner and because we have to play cards against humanity together! lol

+eumenidi: because nekos (also check out her art blog +here!)

+koukaiaru: remember that time we thought fanfictions about people were gross… yeah… lol

and i wish you all a late happy 2014~!!!