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Dotonbori by Night / 夜の道頓堀 by Jake Jung
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Ritsurin Park View / 栗林公園の眺め by Jake Jung


FX The Bridge - Lamia

Just finished watching the latest episode and I think it was the most heartbreaking one of the series.  Hearing Eleanor’s back story which explains why she works for Fausto Galvan and what’s in the cage made my jaw drop.  She’s still an extremely creepy and scary character but her story was just as heartbreaking as all the other painful events in the episode.

BTW, the way in which Marco was being subtly confronted with the morality of his actions reminded me of the Jennings in the other great FX series, The Americans.

FX's The Bridge and Real Life

*Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen S02E05 Eye of the Deep

The writers of the FX series, The Bridge, drew upon real life in season 1 with its story line of the missing young women of Juarez and how Mexican law enforcement is doing nothing to put a stop to it.  In season 2, the writers are again drawing upon real life for their story lines.

In episode 3 of this season, Sorrowsworn, Ray is intercepted by a gang of kids and robbed of his drug shipment.  Unfortunately, in real life, the Mexican drug cartels are recruiting kids to be couriers, look outs, and enforcers.  One boy of the age of 15 was indicted for carrying out several murders.


In episode 5, Eye of the Deep, the CIA warned the DEA to overlook the role of a particular company involved in laundering cartel money.  In the 1980’s, news reports came out about the CIA’s involvement with cocaine shipments to the U.S. to help raise money for the Contra rebels in Nicaragua.  The CIA inspector general stated that his investigation found no direct or indirect involvement with the drug trade.  Professional jealousy and a desire to curry favor with the government led the Washington Post and NY Times to back up this denial.  (This is very similar to the way in which major news outlet are trying to whitewash the Snowden leaks.)  When the details of the inspector general’s report was released, it was found that the CIA had been involved with groups which were smuggling drugs.