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I am so excited for this Taako cosplay, ya’ll. My elf ears and umbrella finally came in and I can’t wait until my fabric arrives so I can finally make my hat and cape. 

In case you’re wondering, I got the ears from Madhouse Studio FX on Etsy. They fit over my ears really well and I don’t think I’ll need to use adhesive except to tack down a place on the edge where they stick up a bit. 


We literally just got the go-ahead to say this like five minutes ago:

I’m proud to be working on season 2 of Pickle & Peanut with Copernicus Studios and Disney!

Of course, I can’t talk in detail about the show, but golly it feels good to finally get that off my chest.  Y’all have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to say it.

Anyhoot!  Carry on!


 My newest FX child is out of this world! Introducing Cosmic Sol!

 As some of you may remember I have done 1 Sol skin in the past, Soulless Machine! This was quite a shake up from having data fx’s! The color scheme for her was Teal-Blue-Violet. So setting up her colors to shift through that spectrum was the main thing I had to do with most of her FX’s. I also worked in stars everywhere I could because they just seemed like the best fit for what she could be throwing and what she would turn into. I think my favorite thing I made was her number 2 shockwave pulsing out stars and pulling them back in on the return. I also really liked how her intro turned out!. Hope all my Sol fans are happy with this skin and are keeping up with their season ticket so they can get her!


 Today my 6th and newest god, Ganesha, entered the battlefield!

 Where do I even begin with Ganesha? I was very excited to get to work on such an iconic God but it also put a lot of pressure on me to make sure the stuff I made not only looked good but also was Hindu appropriate for him. Working out a color scheme was a little tricky as well because of how many colors he had on him. Ultimately the colors orange and blue worked best and were a scheme we rarely used on other gods.

 His abilities were in flux for a fair amount of his development but luckily I didn’t make much that I didn’t find a use for. Honestly the biggest obstacle I found was setting up a convincing border for his ultimate. I tried fire but it just wasn’t working very well so I decided to do a “word of warning” inscribed on the ground. With the help of a Indian Hi-Rez coworker, I was able to get the sentence “know the risk, then cross” to write in Hindi for the borders. Once I viewed it as kind of a boundary spell it really helped me figure out how to finish the effect. His number 1 uses the Power Chakra symbol which is tied to Willpower. That’s in part why the buff he gives his allies in mystic fire. I like to view it as Ganesha bringing out your inner fire by using his willpower. I also really loved the lotus outline artwork for his number 2. It really helped make his ground aura/buff he gives his allies a unique look that can easily be tied back to Ganesha.

 I got to spend 6 weeks on Ganesha and I definitely needed them. I am very pleased with how he turned out and he is also my very first “God of something” all my other children have various titles but none are referred to as God of “X”. Ganesha also keeps the theme of all my children not being human. So far I have: a squirrel, a centaur, a bird teenager, a dwarf/dragon, a zombie, and now an elephant!