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I usually get INFJ on tests, but I definitely feel like a more logical person and I think the only​ xxFx part about me is because I have BPD. Thoughts?

‘Kill the stereotype that Feelers are illogical’.

Basically that. I see the main difference between feelers and thinkers in their decision making process, but acting on your feelings to a certain degree does not make you an illogical person per se. It’s also important to differentiate between MBTI type, intelligence and rationality. All types can be intelligent (or not) and rational (or not).

Thinkers are not necessarily more objectively rational; picture an xxTx who acts on what they think, which happens to be illogical and rather dumb and they are still convinced they are right vs. an xxFx for whom their feelings serve as an important behavioural compass and have a very solid and rational inner logic.

Keep in mind that we are no experts whatsoever in mental divergences but since you asked for our opinion, I’m not sure BPD impulses are related to a high use of Fx functions.

If someone knows more on this topic or wants to add anything, feel free to submit.


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Your thoughts on a female INTJ and male ENFP relationship?

I know most quality MBTI blogs out there don’t give much attention to these asks anymore because they’re wise, but I’ll entertain them because I’m a fool and they keep my head in the game.

Foreword: Every combo can work,  MBTI don’t mean shit  about how well  you  manage your relationships.  You decide how to do that.  If it’d be useful to some, I’ll probably write up a post on relationship management.

Notes on concepts of western gender roles from my American perspective (if this doesn’t apply to you I’m sorry):

  • Women are taught to be soft and expected to act in a more cushy squishy almost Fe way and so whatever their stack, they’ll probably not be as forceful about it as their more masculine counterparts.  
  • Men, if Feeler types, will probably not express their Fx function very freely due to the emotional suppression of men in western society.  It may come out unhealthy, underdeveloped, or immature.
  • Genderqueer types have free reign to do whatever the hell they want since most places don’t accept more than two genders.  Lots of leeway, lots of struggle.

A collection of various thoughts on this pairing:

  • ENFP seems like they’d be good for the INTJ in terms of loosening up and finding direction.  Dom Ni is so serious, moody, prone to lots of existential crises 
  • Both of these types lead with an intuitive function, but their -version is reversed.  They share the same judging functions, Fi and Te, but they’re in swapped positions.  What does this mean?  Potential conflict.  Also good times, because differences make for a lot of fun. 
  • Dom Ne can really run Te and Fe up a wall with just how scattered it is, and dom Ni will probably be consistently baffled by everything that comes out of the ENFP’s mouth
  • I really love the dynamic that can arise between an introvert and extrovert, the push and pull of different thinking processes – this pairing is no exception
  • Dom Ne also frequently comes off like a wacky child, and everyone knows that INTJs secretly like childlike companions (I’m being slightly sarcastic but also not, novelty is something so fun for INTJs).

Techblr, take my hand. Do you trust me? Of course you do. Listen.

So I’ve had an iPad for awhile and have been wanting to integrate it into my SM work, but have never had the right opportunity, or my PSMs or advisors were not really for it. Which is understandable and fine.

Anyways, I’m solo ASMing this really small show. Like 4 actors small. Like no intermission small. Like 4 chairs and a coffin small. SMALL. So I thought this would be a good show to try using an iPad to make my run paperwork. Now please bear in mind the following screenshots are from today’s 10/12 so they’re not prettied up and perfect yet.

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Since SM is having trouble with fandom names for F(X), here are a few they can choose from:
  • Af(fx)tionet 
  • Chromosomes 
  • Flowers
  • Llamas 
  • Majestic 
  • Math
  • Variables
  • Constant
  • Parabola 
  • Pi 2 Squared 
  • y= fx 
  • Function 2.0 
  • Function the real deal 
  • Lost in SM’s thought of forgetfulness 
  • Find the square root of that SM 

(Add on if needed)