fx finals


Okay dear anons, now I know I have talked about the episodes prior to the USA Tuesday airing before…  BUT – I will not give any spoilers at all away regarding the finale.   That’s just not cool.   Thus, I won’t post any spoilery images either. 

All I can say for now, is I liked it.  Of course.  I think it’s quite smart… but I also think that will depend on what you were expecting to get out of it.   On what elements of the drama you were concentrating on.   It felt rather epic.   James is a master strategist, and thus he cannot be that crazy of mind.  And that’s all I will say about it for now.

Was everything tied up in a neat little bow?  Nope.   But then if it was.. why would you come back for Season 2.   Savvy?

So I will get to any questions later next week.  If you cannot wait, you’ll have to PM me.  :)


Voilà! Our FX animation exercise is finally online! 

Made with my darlings @cecileguillard, @valentine-zhang, @mathildejr and @sashakrechman <3 <3 <3  


“How can you trust that guy? […] What happens when he gets everything that he needs from this book? You’re splitting rent and utilities with a muncher on steroids! What happens if you wake up one morning with his stinger in your neck?” .- Vasiliy Fet, 03x01 “New York Strong” (The Strain FX)

Redwood Bleeds [playlist]
…for all the bruised hearts, bullet wounds and lost brothers.

1. Make It Rain - Ed Sheeran 2. Take Me To Church - Hozier 3. Don’t Fear The Reaper - Gus Black 4. Long Road To Ruin - Foo Fighters 5. House Of The Rising Sun -Battleme & The Forest Rangers Feat. Katey Sagal 6. Ride - Lana Del Rey 7. Jesus Christ - Brand New 8. Body In A Box - City and Colour 9. Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Death Cab For A Cutie 10. Don’t Think Twice - Dolly Parton 11. Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley 12. This Life - Curtis Stigers and The Forest Rangers



Found this little area outside of Old Lestallum that gave me crazy nostalgia for all the times one of my best friends and I used to hang out and take photos around St. Louis before he moved… so of course I had to take some photos here. Apparently so did Prompto, and Gentiana even showed up for his one picture, haha. Good times all around! Also the first time a video game ever made me miss something that happened to me in real life, I guess.

And finally, my last last research. With the faces that my group liked the most (also with a lot of compromises, group work is tough : p !), I approach as close as I could the final design of our main character. Then, we decided that Pierre was more likely to handle the last design with model sheets and all that stuff! And we were right \o/ ! Check out his awesome work and discover the final design here ! http://pierrerougemont.tumblr.com/

Taboo 1x06 - Zilpha

Soo I’ve never liked Zilpha cause she’s literally had the same fucking face expression and emotion: sad/confused/horny through the entired show so far.
But holy shit episode 6 is finally the episode when she stops acting like a fucking robot and shows some real human emotions. AND she finally kills her husband omg about damn time!

I still don’t really like her tho lol because of the incest thing lol. James I’m dissapointed in you too. They just had to fuck didn’t they…