fx effect pedal


The first look at the now completed prototype Giant Leap: Command Module Double Delay Unit! Two separate (and different) modulated delay circuits run one after another, one with tap tempo… and many more features! After spending about 30 minutes with this thing last night… I can say the options are pretty much limitless. Very pleased with this thing!

If I were to need to whip up a board to go jam or gig right this second, it would probably look something like this. 

I haven’t velcro’d the Metro 16 yet, because I’m trying to decide if I want to throw hook or loop on it. 

My thoughts are that throwing hook on the board would benefit a bit more because the harder velcro doesn’t wear as easy. The softer stuff gets kind of shredded after a while. So I’m thinking about doing it that way. When I got my PT-1 it had hook on there and I actually haven’t even put loop on my pedals yet. Didn’t want to finalize it yet and my board has been shifty for a bit. Nothing has been solidified. I haven’t even put velcro on my Bastard Sword yet. lol

Anyways, the Metro 16 is a solid size for a grab and go board. I mean, this setup is hella giggable. 


I think I really want this…