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Atlanta eats its young.

That might be a cold-blooded accusation to level at a town dripping with so much black cultural currency. But the hip-hop capital has gained more than it’s ever contributed to its greatest export.

Like music to capitalism’s ears, these are the signs of a sonic identity 20 years in the making. Meanwhile, the city continues to reinvent itself for the sake of outward appearances. Now it’s the Hollywood of the South. Next it’s the Silicon Valley of the South. But the one thing Atlanta has consistently been, the hip-hop pedigree that’s kept its international flame perennially lit, still gets the shaft on the low.

Why Can’t Atlanta Embrace Its Greatest Cultural Export? Hip-hop.

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images and (bottom) Guy D'Alema/FX

anonymous asked:

So I know you were talking about makeup earlier, and I was wondering if you/any of your followers had any suggestions for what concealer/method works best for covering dark circles? Especially for South Asian/brown girls?

For concealers I would suggest maybelline age rewind eraser/lumi touch (I use these the most), ysl touche eclat, nars creamy concealer, or cover fx cream concealer. I’d say that the first 3 I mentioned are more of brighteners if you want that look. The last 2 however are more neutralizing and are made to blend in with your skin tone. These concealers come in various shades as well.

I would apply them in a v shape or dot them along the lining of the dark parts & use a makeup sponge to blend them in. Ur fingers work too! “Baking” your under eyes by setting it with loose translucent powder seems to hide them as well. Skincare products are a great way to treat dark under eyes, they won’t necessarily go away since a lot of it is genes but they do give a nice lift and it’s always good to invest in them. My fav is the Mario Badescu eye cream. Anything with retinoid is good since it helps the skin look less transparent. If there’s a Korean or Japanese or Pan Asian grocery store near you, check to see if they have a beauty section because a lot of paper eye masks from there are meant to brighten the eyes and treat dark circles, plus they’re usually inexpensive. Putting chilled green tea bags under your eyes for about 10 mins also relieve dark circles.

I can’t say I’m an expert but if there’s any Brown/South Asian person reading this and would like to help anon out, please reply :)