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y’all: *can accept the fact that trainees in the top three have to compete against thousands of other potential trainees just to be taken in as trainees and then compete again once they’re in the company to actually debut, sometimes waiting nearly a decade before they get the chance*

also y’all: *complain that groups in the big three don’t work hard enough because free promo is handed to them, with the ridiculous idea that automatically having fans somehow cancels out the awful things all trainees have to go through just to get on a stage*

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Top 5 Dan Stevens movies ;)

I must limit this to one’s I’ve seen of course…so this list is subject to change! And you asked movies…so no TV…. which takes out my very favorite thing he’s done ever (hint: not DA)


5. Summer in February: yes it has problems and i prefer the book but SiF has a special place in my heart and it’s a movie made from the heart by those involved.

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4 Criminal Activities: If you’ve not watched you need to–Noah Hawley obviously did in casting Dan in Legion. Noah (Dan’s character  CA) is not all he seems…and that’s as much as I’ll give away. Stick with it because the last 15 minutes is all.

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3. Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb: he’s  Sir Lancelot…  "stridently confident yet easily confused…“ And then there’s the hair….

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2. Hilde:  He speaks fluent German. Is a sex God in this…there’s not one moment of Hilde with Dan (last 40 min or so as he plays Hilde’s second husband) I don’t adore. Not to mention….

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1. The Guest: Badass to the bone. Go. Watch. The. Guest.

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Ok i went shallow…. He’s fantastic in all ways in these movies…. 😊💕💕