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they need help (i need sleep)


Before there was Feud, there was Wha’ Ha’ Happened to Baby JJ?

Drag queens around the country will be celebrating the premiere of FX’s new miniseries Feud through advanced screenings and performances! See what events are going on in your area: http://logo.to/2kJuCcc


Aron Kwak (@nuestaron) of Nu’est - Best instagram posts!

I miss you Duckie! I miss your Maknae-Hyung ridiculous antics. I miss your beautiful voice. I miss your pranks on Ren and Minhyun lol. I miss your stupid facial expressions. I miss your flirting with Ren. I miss your childish personality. I miss your pretty face.

Most of all I miss seeing you with the rest of Nu’est. 

Whatever you are going through right now, please stay strong and know how much we love you. I’m praying for the day we can see Nu’est as OT5 once again <3


“Taboo final episode skirmish prep with Minions”“We shot that battle scene from the arrival of Pilgrims and gunpowder to the exfil on ship in 3 days ~ Anders Engstrom’s first week on set ~ we still hadn’t decided who we would shoot and who would survive. At the time”**poster’s note :“In military tactics,extraction(also exfiltration or exfil ) is the process of removing personnel when it is considered imperative that they be immediately relocated out of a hostile environment and taken to a secure area.”


Macy Toronjo fx 2-20-17 (1080p)

Her First NCAA routine scored a 9.9


“The idea was to hold back the first on scene King’s soldiers for as long as possible and it get  drawn into a major battle with limited weapons and specifically placed charges to cause as much disruption as possible.Whilst the L.O.D could load the ship so we chose the tunnel blast as the main dynamic to create a choke point and a funnel of confusion.”

Poster’s note: In lieu of more episodes :( and while we wait (fingers crossed for an official announcement soon)for season 2, here is a video from the making of episode 8