“The opening number is a perfect example of that dichotomy, because on the face of it it’s a very exciting, happy song, but there’s a lot of melancholy in it as well,” [Justin Hurwitz] says. You’ll find that melancholy right there in the title: “Another Day of Sun.” It’s upbeat, but there’s something a little weary about it too.


So, after making something like 14 different gifs for this set and then having to cut it down to much less, I have realized how much heart mouthed Victor there actually is in this show. The answer is: too much for 1 gifset. I Hope you enjoy the selection that I chose for this one. Thanks for the fun ask @satanic-music! :)

… Okay, I can at least add a bonus since there’s so many options. Here’s one of my personal favourites (Vitya, you’re too cute):