W E N D Y [;]
↳ gender: feminine
    usage: english
    pronounced: WEN-dee 
    meaning & history: In the case of the character from J. M. Barrie’s
    play ‘Peter Pan’ (1904), it was created from the nickname fwendy 
    “friend”, given to the author by a young friend. However, the name
    was used prior to the play (rarely), in which case it could be
    related to the Welsh name GWENDOLEN and other names
    beginning with the element gwen meaning “white, fair, blessed”.

T-shirt design for boxer lee jaesung, who “wears thick black rimmed nerdy glasses (when not boxing).”  

Commissioned by L.G., who said, “People say he is the #1 hope of Korean boxing NOW.”

L asked for specific things. First, that I reincarnate Lee Jaesung as general Yi Sun-sin, of turtle boat (rendered above) fame. And second, that I attempt to make the style half Jack Kirby & half Powerpuff Girls.

No comment on the success (or lack thereof) of my attempts – but damn, his elbows look sharp. 

a mild & agreeable night

Summer bender. Days merging together. This was some time ago; the first Saturday in July. Mimi & I met in Hongdae for a meal & a meander. We spent a pleasantly decadent hour walking along the Walk You Want To Walk (겉고싶은 거리) & buying things. We also sat in a café and ate cake, another one of my favourite shamelessly self-indulgent activities. Unfortunately all the terrace seats were occupied by selfish chain smokers nursing their cups of ice. A disgrace! But we had a nice chat, Mimi & I. 

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