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Hi, so I think I'm in a toxic friend group right now and part of me feels like I should leave because of how the group is and part of me wants to stay because I feel like I won't find friends like that again. The friend group tears me down but I've known them for a while. I feel like I'm not being true to myself and i don't know how to deal with the situation. How would I make the decision of leaving or not???

You’re torn. Growth involves tearing, breaking free and reorganization. Think about a cell dividing, it literally tears its self in two and reorganizes itself. And then two new cells are made. This is growth. Growth is not easy, but truly necessary and growth will eventually come when the pain of not growing is too much to stand. And in the end: growth wins.

You have friends that don’t suit you and you are resisting the natural change that is presented to you. The pull to change is a natural one and the same forces that push a cell to divide are the ones that pull the desire to move on from those friends out of you. Try to see that growth is only called for, when it can be supported. You desire what is supported, even if you cannot see it. Your growth through this is supported, even if you don’t see it or realize it. All growth happens from the support that is there waiting. The support pulls the growth to it. The cell wont divide unless there is enough resources to support it and a group of friends will leave when there are other friends waiting to take there place. You don’t know them yet, but they are moving toward you. That support of new friends is on a collision course with you, this is how it works. We simply have to take the leap.

Moving on will create the space for these new friends, you’ll simply have time to meet new friends. Do what brings you happiness and joy. This is a good time to purpose other things and find out what truly makes you happy, you’ll meet people doing this and they will be more inline with what you truly want to do with your life.

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Among all of the many things that may be going on in your life, you must remember to make time for yourself. Nourish yourself. Make sure that you are well taken care of. How would you be able to live your beautiful life to its fullest if you yourself are not taken care of?
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin