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I’m sorry I’m not the type of person that can be someone’s “fwb” or “thing” or be in a open relationship. I grow attachments and I develop feelings. My heart just wants one person who wants me just as much and no body else. Is that so complicated?

in this house on the corner

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For some reason she hadn’t actually considered the fact that moving in meant seeing Bellamy every day . Early in the morning over coffee before he went into work, on lazy weekends when they both slept until 11:30 before stumbling into the kitchen to find something to quiet growling stomachs, when he would stumble back home from late shifts or nights out at the bar with Miller.

Every day.

With bags under his eyes and freshly showered and messy hair. Stretched out on the couch or reading a book at the kitchen table.

There was a slight possibility she hadn’t thought it all the way through.

Just moving in with an old friend, she’d told herself, over and over and over again. It made sense. He didn’t want to sell the house and she needed a place to live. And she didn’t want him to sell the house either.

But her stomach felt like lead and she knew, no matter how much she could never admit it, no matter how much she tried to ignore it and deny it and pretend the worry was all for nothing, she knew it was probably a bad idea. It wasn’t just moving in with an old friend. They were never friends. That’s not ever what they were and they certainly weren’t anything close to friends anymore.

She wondered exactly what she’d gotten the two of them into now.

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for tokyoluke and hemmoful‘s fwb!5sos blurb night !!

wow but can you imagine being best friends with benefits with luke? you two wouldn’t have wanted to lose your virginity to some random one night stand, so one night he would’ve snuck over to your house and you would do the do with your parents in the next room. one hookup turned into two which turned into many more when the two of you couldn’t stop your hormones from acting up. 

it was okay, since luke was your best friend, you two having known each other since you could barely talk. but somehow, that boy hit puberty about 5 times (pretty sure we all lost count) and the thought of luke underneath you in your bed sheets was enough to make your wetness pool in between your thighs. 

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bat-lucario  asked:

could you do the friends with benefits with taehyung if you havent already?

cool cool cool cool cool

  • you two were friends during your trainee days, but you reconnected when your groups were sat at adjacent tables at an award show and you and Taehyung got drunk shwasted together
  • late into the evening, he kept disappearing for a while, and bts was worried. where was Tae? well the first time, he was on his knees under your table with his head between your thighs, and the second time, you two are fucking the wheelchair stall of the men’s bathroom
  • somehow he ends up with your number in his phone, which is impressive bc u don’t remember giving it out, but you know it’s him, bc who else would send you a picture of their dick wear a pair of glasses 
  • (they were jimin’s glasses. he still doesn’t know about it)
  • Taehyung’s reputation for being weird and kinda mysterious comes in handy for the two of you keeping it on the DL, because no one ever really asks why he’s leaving the dorm at 11 pm with a can of whipped cream in his backpack and no explanation
  • sometimes he’ll just text you an address and a time, and you think he’s gonna take you out on a date or something, but know, you just end up making out in some random stairwell GOD
  • when he sings in the shower, he puts your name into songs
  • whenever he comes over to your place, you have to lock the pantry, or he’ll eat like 2 months worth of groceries
  • you once got annoyed that he blew you off to hang out with Jungkook, but Tae pointed out that JK is the love of his life and the two of you are just fucking and you’re too busy laughing to get mad
  • he steals your panties for wank material when he’s gone, and you steal his sweaters to sleep in
  • its weird how well you sleep when he stays over, bc he’s so frenetic while awake, but even when he steals the covers, somehow it’s the best sleep of your life
  • he sends you snaps of things that make him laugh and you feel like ur in on the joke about 46% of the time, but whatever
  • he always has a new playlist for you to listen to while making out, and they’re all fantastic
  • it’s a lot of fun hooking up with Taehyung, but also there’s a decent chance that’ll he’s gonna get you in so much trouble one day.