Antitower Theme (Down the Up Staircase) Piano Cover
  • Antitower Theme (Down the Up Staircase) Piano Cover
  • Masayoshi Soken
  • Kmahna's covers

This piano cover won’t quite turn your world upside down but it may turn around your mood!… maybe?

Anyway, feedback is always welcome! Hope you enjoy <3

Secondary player if Tumblr breaks and download in link: http://picosong.com/a75C/

Sheet Music: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-WkFk0zutrdZFFnOWZqUVpoNE0

14 Days of Fears

day 9: aphenphosmphobia (the fear of touch or intimacy)

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The doctors diagnosed it as extreme obsessive compulsive disorder paired with a form of germiphobia. Whatever the case may be, her fear tormented her from childhood. She had always been insecure about it.

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i’d also like to introduce you to rosamunds son, linnaeus 👏👏👏👏

age: 23
sex: male
affiliation: corrins army
starting class: mercenary
personal skill: quiet gratitude (when linnaeus is healed by another unit, there is a chance of a +2 boost to a random stat for both him and the healer)

linnaeus is a tough young soldier. in battle, he is focused and intense, but outside of battle he has proven to be quite softspoken. he prefers to do chores that he can perform alone, since talking to his comrades is not one of his strong traits, and he will usually slip and say something either extremely weird or embarassing. he is a man of few words and even fewer facial expressions. like his mother, he is quite gullible and doesn’t understand sarcasm.

linnaeus actually stayed in his deeprealm for so long that he grew older than his mother. rosamund visited him often at his childhood home, and he grew up listening to stories of how her family pressured her to be a knight, but she became a medic instead. he studied the art of the sword intensely in his deeprealm, so that he could protect his mother and make her proud to have a strong son.

but rosamund would love him no matter what ❤️ she’s a very doting mother who does all she can to baby linnaeus (with the best of intentions). she even forged his headguard with a heart and a large ‘L.’ linnaeus appreciates his mother’s care, but thinks she can get a little embarassing at times. like, she’ll bring him juice and a snack after training. in front of everyone else. and its not a man-sized portion either. it’s a 2 year old size.

despite rosamunds coddling, their relationship is very positive. at the end of the day, rosamund is proud of her son, and linnaeus couldn’t have asked for a kinder mom ❤️💕💕❤️💕❤️💕
his best friends are dwyer, ignatius, and nina.

Hey my name is Shayn, im 14, and live is the US. I have no idea what kind of person I am, so I asked my friends to describe me:

“Nice but antisocial so he’s quiet and says almost everything ironically. Unless he’s being sad.”
“Funny and antisocial, runs an assthetic tumblr and their hair will probably fall out by the next time they dye it.”
“Kinda antisocial, enjoys memes and is addicted to dying their hair, loves dogs (borzois and greyhounds), embroiders occasionally, spooky af.”

Other interests not mentioned include gardening, pop punk, wicca stuff, and cryptids :) I’m also vegan af 

Anyways, I’m looking for a snail mail friend under 18 that doesn’t mind my awarkwardness. My perfect penpal would be someone who shares the same interests and views as me :) contact me by my tumblr-  http://ar1stxcrat.tumblr.com  if you think we might get along!