important things about takumi

  • he and sakura played with dolls when they were little
  • like he couldn’t sleep w/o a doll in his arms how sweet is that??
  • he loves his family and wants to protect them
  • he was a timid child and attached to mikoto
  • he’s?? so?? beautiful??? i mean have you seen him hot damn
  • he made friends with subaki in the halloween scramble dlc (their convo was really sweet btw)
  • he’s a huge nerd
  • he’s tiny compared to the rest of the characters
  • kiragi loves him so much
  • on his days off he ties his hair up in a bun
  • he stayed up late reading a book that leo gave to him (more proof that he’s a nerd)
  • he puts up a front but he’s really just insecure and sensitive. pls be kind to him

I made my Fatesona! How did I even get myself to do this??

Idk I was gonna draw more but I didn’t feel like it oops.

Well, my crits would prob be like:
-”Get ready to experience these hands”
-”Wait, I wasn’t paying attention, what’s going on”
-”Well, I guess it’s my turn to hit you”

And my S support quote would be like:
- Haha…that’s gay…Ok, but for real that’s so sweet…I’m really happy!

Also, if I ended up seeing too much gore I’d pass out and fall off my horse. I wouldn’t survive classic mode lol.