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hooray it’s the kidsAU firewater/grits friendship masterpost

I had like my difficulties with just coming up with kidGrits, there’s the distrust for white folks which is in, weed smoking is out and what was left was basically his package with that nice suit on it, so Grits owns expensive clothes, which means, as a nice opposite to the spiritual, nature loving KidFirewater: GRITS IS RICH !!

He’s the son of a succesful soul singer which never is at home and decided it would be better for his kids to grow up in the countryside (So Grits is usually alone with his mother and maybe a sister of some sort, but it’s important that he’s like the only man in the family).

He’s also really superficial, brags about his expensive clothes or just all the stuff he owns and makes fun of the things Firewater wears.

And Firewater and he are best friends, since they’re 4 years old or something, so they usually fight about things but still love each other

Oh and Firewater is BOSSY