Day 9: Biking around SF

Today we got up a lot later than usual. We left for SF at around 10? We didn’t do much in the city….we were pretty tired.

We took BART to Embarcadero and just biked around…….first went to a bike shop cause Jeff needed knee warmers. After that we went to Ike’s Place to get some sandwiches. Jeff and I split the Kryptonite…..it’s like 20 bucks but is one monster of a sandwich…it has avocado, bacon, onion rings, corned beef, pepper jack, ham, mozzarella sticks, pastrami, pesto, roast beef, salami, stuffed jalapeno poppers, turkey, tomato and lettuce on it. it was pretty much two sandwiches…the two halves came wrapped up separately. Jeff’s future roommate Nick came to join us, so we all ate at Delores Park. 

After we ate, Nick took us to his house and we walked from there to Twin Peaks (it was only like a 5 minute walk!). Just saw the pretty views and hung out there for a bit before heading back to Nick’s house. 

Jeff and I left Nick’s house and biked through Golden Gate Park on our way to Purple Kow for some more boba. Then we stopped by American Cyclery and bike around more and just headed back to Berkeley. 

We went to Sliver (a vegetarian pizza place) with Quinton and Tiffany so it was nice seeing them. I swear that Jeff perpetually has the munchies or something. He ate soo much. After we had pizza, he went to this other place by the Asian Ghetto and got a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Then he went to Quinton’s apartment and had 2 bowls of ice cream and a bagel. HAHA

I guess I am not much better because I had boba (again) and a donut after pizza. And then I met up with my old floor mate Eric and got Cream (ice cream sandwiches). 

It felt really weird not biking for a day. It feels almost as if we were already done with our tour……but we aren’t even half way…

This past week has been really long……so much that I have experienced in such a short period of time. I guess what Jeff and I are doing is pretty crazy. I’m just starting to realize it now haha. 

Simple Travels

Ever since Europe last year, I’ve been struck with wanderlust. I can’t stop day dreaming about cobble stone streets, rainy days in London, or the view from the bell tower of Florence. I’m in love with cities in a way that I’ve never been in love before and I spend most of my free time writing little pieces about travel. So it goes without surprise that I am jealous my brother is bike touring up to Canada. Although I myself can’t last more than a mile on a bike (probably), reading about their days brings me both joy and envy.

I never really considered what biking across the state would be like, having only known travel by engines and machinery, but my brother’s trip is showing me that every time you simplify your mode of transportation, you experience a whole different layer of sights, sounds, and people. Travel is like the ocean in that the view changes drastically when you submerge past the twilight zone down to the deep trenches below and I realize now that I’ve been missing out on the ocean floor.

In some ways, biking across the country reminds me of why God doesn’t bring us to the destination without suffering and patience. We are always looking to reach a certain place immediately, whether it’s growing out of habitual sin, meeting your future spouse, or moving on to the next stage of life. Sometimes, our legs just get so tired of pedaling and our bodies are so sick of sweating. But as painful as the journey is, maybe it’s worth it in the end to be able to see the scenery, to watch the landscape and weather change slowly before your eyes, to enjoy the strangers you’ll meet and the stories you’ll exchange, to taste foods you’ve never tasted before..

And at the end of my life, I may never be able to bike more than ten miles but I’m reminded that there is value in simplifying, in patience and endurance, and I’ll even go so far as to say in living in the moment.

Day 2: UCLA to UCSB 108.9 miles

Hard day today.

Started off with me eating at UCLA’s dining hall and sneaking out 3 bananas, a carton of orange juice, Tater tots, 2 bagels and an apple for Jeff.

Once we set off, the first 35 or 40 miles were nice….I think I was going too fast…but it was really really nice going through Malibu and stuff. Beautiful coastal views, winds were not bad at all, and our legs were fresh.

After that, we started going through Oxnard and it was pretty boring…it was pretty much just farmland on both sides of the road…..kinda like Davis I guess but iono…..suckier somehow.
We stopped for lunch in Oxnard and when we started to ride after we finished eating, it got harder to ride. We took a wrong turn (which led us to where we ate) so when we were going back to the coast there was a really strong head wind.

Got a little lost in Ventura. Ended up going on the 101. When we went on it, it was the very end of the freeway and it turned into something more like a highway. However, it turned back into a freeway and we stayed on it because we weren’t exactly sure where to go…..this makes it the third time I rode my bike illegally on a freeway…..it was quite scary. But we eventually got off and there was a road that went basically right next to the 101. By then we were in Santa Barbara County, and it’s really bike friendly…..so many nice bike trails. It’s really awesome.

I loved the vibe of Downtown Santa Barbara…I wish I could’ve walked around more but we didn’t….I actually went there with Kathy before but looks a lot nicer in the day time. Bought Chamois Butt’r at a random bike shop. I hope it works because my ass is starting to chafe… :|

Got to Kevin Mai’s apartment and showered and ate at Freebirds. It was so good…Quesaritto was great. Maybe even better than chipotle.

Tomorrow we were supposed to go to Santa Maria, but things might change because we don’t know if we have anywhere to stay…..we’ll see tomorrow.


Day 35: At Helen Chan’s place again……LAST DAY IN CASCADIA

It’s the last day… it feels so weird.

It was a good day though. We woke up and ate and Helen’s friend Sean came over and we left at around 11 or something to go do stuff. 

We first went to the grocery store that we went to yesterday so I can return the Twin Brooks Creamery bottle…..got my 1.95 back! 

We then headed to Renton to eat some famous fried chicken at Ezell’s chicken. It was the place that Susan said Oprah likes to get chicken from……but Oprah needs to start going to the Screen Door in Portland cause I was pretty disappointed with this place……:( The skin was the worst part….not crunchy or crispy. Just didn’t taste very fresh. The meat inside was seasoned well and it was moist….but didn’t really appeal to me that much. The skin of the chicken kind of just ruined it…..I was wondering if the other locations would be any better hahaha. The roll was good though. It tasted like a Hawaiian bun and was warm and everything, but the mashed potatoes, gravy and potato salad were just whatevers. 

After we ate, we went to the Jimi Hendrix Memorial. It was really nice…We brought Helen’s guitar and I awkwardly tried to play Castles Made of Sand and a bit of Little Wing…..but mostly just looked at it and took pictures. It had lots of engravings around the memorial of his face and quotes and his song lyrics. The engravings of his face had a lot of kiss marks on it….I thought that was really cool.

Iono,it was really nice to go see the memorial. Jimi was a person I had such a strange obsession with……from what I read he seemed like such a sweet guy. His family members said he was always very polite as a kid and even during the rare occasions when his tour passes by Seattle and was able to visit home. I was so amazed by him because of how he was such the perfect like……underdog…. He grew up in a dirt poor, broken family and managed to rise up to the top. And he was an absolute genius…..I always wondered what he would’ve done if he lived longer. He was constantly expanding and breaking new ground…..I think at the time of his death, he had many planned project and collaborations. He was working on an album with Miles Davis and wanted to more big band type stuff (I think). I can go on and on and on hahahah But I’m glad I was able to pay my respects a little bit today…..I left my guitar picks there haha

After Jimi Hendrix’s grave, we went to Bruce Lee’s in a different cemetery. His son Brandon Lee is buried right next to him. That was also cool to see……there was a cool quote on Brandon Lee’s grave. It was kinda sucky to see other people not seem to respect the graves as much as they should have. There was a group of people who took a large piece of paper and put it over Bruce Lee’s tomb stone and use charcoal to get the imprint of the letterings onto the paper. It just felt as if they treated the grave site as just a tourist attraction and not someone’s grave site….but oh wells…

We went to Gas works park because Helen and Sean have never been there before! I saw someone with a Bianchi Axis from the same era as my Volpe! It had the Suntour Command shifters and everything…..I tried to talk to her about it…but it turned out to be really really awkward…hahaha 
Jeff, Sean and I rolled down the big hill there and that was pretty fun. 

Then we got boba from a place that Perry recommended called Mee Sum Pastries. It was actually really good according to Jeff and Helen….At first taste it didn’t taste suuper good….but after they said it was really good, it tasted better for me……HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

We went back and relaxed for a bit until Helen’s family took Jeff and me to an Asian buffet called Lucky Buffet. It wasn’t bad. Pretty typical Asian buffet stuff. 

Went home, finished taping our bike boxes up and fooled around and talked more and did other random stuff like webcam with random people and sing songs. 

I did that cover real quick while the other two were showering. Kinda sucks but we’re going home!!!

It’ll kinda suck being home……I feel like I’ll have nothing to do….but in reality I have a big list of things to do… hahaha Just can’t be lazy. 

Goodnight! see you in SoCal!


Day 24: Longview to Olympia

Today we woke up really early…at like 6….well more like 6:30 for me.. hahah
But we wanted to catch Jean before she left for work at 7:15. And, Dennis wanted to ride out with us before he left for work and it wouldn’t have been good to hold him up too much hahaha

I think we left the house by 8 AM which is the earliest for a while…hahaha it was actually pretty nice. 

Dennis rode to Castlerock with us and then had to head back to Longview to get to work. It was nice riding with him. He chose a really good route with pretty much no cars. 

It was pretty foggy in the morning and we got onto a road called Military Road. It had some nice views of the mountains in the background with the fog kinda hanging above it…that’s always the best in my opinion…

Hm…I think the other cool thing I can think about from today’s ride was that there was a house with a whole bunch of goats in front of it…and they were all screaming at each other so I thought that was pretty funny. 

We got to Olympia really early. At around 3! So we were able to go around their downtown a little bit and see their capitol building. The capitol was really pretty…I was really surprised. It had a huge stone dome on top of it and was all stone and had pillars and everything. Downtown was a cool little spot, but I wasn’t into the vibe of it as much though….

We were just standing on a sidewalk and this lady walked past and just asked us where we were heading. Her boyfriend owns a bike shop downtown called Olybikes. We asked her for some suggestions for places to go to in Olympia and she recommended a restaurant called Darby’s. 

We went around a bit and finally got to Darby’s. I just ordered a side of fries. I expected a little small container of food, but it was a full take out tray filled with these interesting thin curly fries….never had anything like it before, but it was really good. The guy working there was super nice too. Was extremely welcoming when I was looking at the menu and even gave Jeff and I free lemonade. He mentioned how Guy Fieri went to their restaurant and is kinda a douche HAHAHA Anyways, it was a cool place. I would go back. 

After that, we visited Olybikes and talked to the owner, Larry for a bit and headed to our host’s home. 

Our hosts are Pete and Beth….they have 3 young kids and they are so badass because they biked around the world from 1994-1997…And they biked across the country numerous times and go on hikes that last several weeks…..true outdoors people haha

They have guests over right now….I should probably be socializing right now….. :X

But the guests are named Nancy and Bill. They are really cool to talk to as well. They give good advice……they told us first to marry rich and don’t even worry about happiness because it’s overrated. And they just told us to not get old. hahahah Great advice, great advice..

Bill and Pete are telling us to take ferries across the islands here in Washington….they advised against biking inland. So now Jeff and I will take the ferry into Seattle tomorrow and maybe take ferries to head back to Seattle from Vancouver. It should be very interesting. They make it sound absolutely beautiful. 

We always have super good food with all our hosts………..and tonight was no different. Pete made some salmon and we had these little spinach balls and bread and salad and it was delicious…..Jeff and I both ate two plates hahaha

Everyone is socializing in the living room….and I’ll try to finish day 22’s post (I knocked out last night) real quick so I can join them…..Pete let me use their computer so it should be pretty fast.. haha

Day 21: Exploring Portland

I’m pretty tired, so I’ll just post a lot of pictures and try to write less……I haven’t been posting pictures because the tumblr app has been not letting me…but I’m trying to use tumblr in the browser today so hopefully it’ll work.

Today started off kinda meh. I wasn’t in a good mood to start off with and biking was sucky because I was sweating a lot…..it also didn’t help that I fell on a descent and broke my pedal….it was not that bad but was pretty annoying.

We got to the Portland Art Museum and there is currently a bike exhibit called Cyclepedia…it’s just a whole bunch of nice and interesting bikes to look at. My mood improved after looking at bikes haha

Once we got through with bikes, Jeff and I went to eat at a place down the street and went back to continue going through the museum.

The rest of the museum was nice….my favorite gallery was the post-1960s one. Lots of cool stuff there.

We left the museum at like 3 ish…..rest of the day we hit up Powell’s book store and just biked around more and ate more….

I’ll just go over some highlights so I can sleep……….

Powell’s book store was pretty incredible……just how many books there were….you can spend a week in there….or a month…maybe a year…..without getting bored. they had an original To Kill a Mocking Bird from 1960 in there for a grand haha

Jeff and I waited in line for voodoo donuts. It was pretty good. I think it’s just hyped up because of the interesting flavors (like cereal on top or bacon and other stuff). There was a group of homeless people playing bluegrass-ey type music in front of the line. They were good.

Hm…….I said good evening to a homeless guy while he was walking past me and he cussed me out because he thought I tried to take a picture of him haha that was kinda scary…

We went to food carts again and had a carne asada grilled cheese and that was super good….the guy even gave us the recipe for his dipping sauce.

Nothing else stands out too much. But it was a good day…tiring, but good. I’m glad we biked…it’s the best to bike around a city. You see everything at a good pace. In a car, you breeze past everything and miss it all, and if you walk, it’s too slow.

Oh! One more thing. Or two. It’s so cool how so many people commute by bike….it was like a paceline of commuters in the bike lane. Haha and the public transportation is nice here.

Kay I’m done. I’ll try to upload more pictures assuming this works…..

Day 15: Crescent City to Humbug Mountain State Park ~80 miles

Today was pretty hard……i think I got the mental part down but I was just so physically beat.

I’ll try to make it quick….I’m tired.

We started off the day with breakfast Amy made us….eggs and toast….I feel we shoulda asked for more because we got hungry really quick after that. Oh well…..Amy was really cool….maybe we’ll see her next summer on her tour if Jeff can host her.

We stopped to buy bananas and then rode twenty miles and got into Oregon. That was cool knowing that we made it to another state.

We continued riding and I physically felt pretty bad…..I felt a bit sick to the stomach and just felt like sleeping…
I stopped to pee and ate a banana and clifbar and a lollipop and that helped a bit with the sick to stomach feeling. But still felt so tired.

I was afraid I was getting sick….it is super cold in Oregon too.

We got to Gold Beach and stopped to buy some bread….after we started up again it was so cold that I had to put my hoodie on….

After riding more I kinda woke up a bithaha I hope I’m not actually getting sick……I think it’s just the cold mixed with not eating enough today mixed with lack of sleep.

Anyways, Oregon is really cool. We were told it’s super nice up here for bikers….I kinda felt that…..roads were smoother, drivers were in general nicer, the camp grounds have free showers….and this old man kinda stopped to encourage us a bit as he was crossing the street at a redlight. It was nice. Oh yeah, no sales tax here!!

Uhhhh I should sleep soon….at this camp site there is a guy biking from Anchorage Alaska to the tip of South America…people are crazy.
People are always so nice. Someone just gave us extra food…
anyways….goodnight…it’s early but I’m dead tired.

July 31, 2013 8:30PM


Day 8: Santa Cruz to SF

Yesterday I was so tired that I knocked out before I was able to post. At least I have a computer to do it on since I’m at Tong’s house! :)

I’ll make it pretty brief since we have to get going soon…but for me at least, it was a really awesome day yesterday. 

We woke up and got packed up and Rita was nice enough to prepare us breakfast. We had cinnamon raisin bagels with eggs and bacon inside…..sounds weird but was actually really good! Had to do some more stuff and finally rolled out at 9. 

Jeff and I both felt really good. I was pushing pretty hard (luckily my knee felt okay), because I for some reason just wanted to get to Berkeley…I was really excited to see Tong I guess. 

Right when we left, it was really foggy so if you look out, it was just white, but as the day went on it cleared up just a bit and there were some beautiful sites. Oh yeah! This is really random but we saw two people going the other way on Highway 1 and they were touring on Walmart bikes…the GMC Denali and the Thruster fixie..that’s so crazy! They were both pretty well loaded with bags and I could hear them squeaking from across the road. I wish I got a picture…..hahahaha

We were originally going to just go to Daly City and take BART to Berkeley, but when we were in Pacifica and saw the sign saying Daly City was in 8 miles, and decided to go all the way to SF. 

We biked to the Sunset District (took us a while….there was a BIG hill..) and got boba at Tpumps. After that, we were very tired and were pretty sad to find out that there was no BART station by where we were at….We noticed the MashSF store was close by one BART station so we decided to go check it out. 

I’m sooooooooooooo glad we did. So when we left on our trip, I started following this group on instagram that were biking from Seattle to SF in 9 days on track bikes. When we got to the store, they were all in there just hanging out cause they just arrived. Mike (the guy who started MashSF) even took a picture of us and put it up on their instagram and gave us stickers and stuff. 

That was definitely the highlight of my day……I always wanted to go to the store, and I did, but also got to meet a whole lot of other cool people and talk with them and whatnot. It was so awesome how nice everyone was. 

After we left, Jeff and I went to Berkeley and ate with Tong and his housemate. Korean fried chicken and Ici ice cream. Good stuff. Then we got to see Quinton after so long…was a really good day.

Since I have the computer now, I’ll post random pictures from all parts of the trip from the point and shoot.

Day 1: Fountain Valley to UCLA 57.3 miles

Today we left for our bike touring trip. Overall it wasn’t a bad day. We knew it was going to be a more chill day, so we weren’t in a rush to get going. We were able to visit Nikki and Peffers before we set off…it was really nice to see Peffers and he gave us some drink mix so that was cool.

In Long Beach, i went over a manhole and it was one of those really ghetto ones where it dips faar into the ground….so my left pannier fell off…i thought it might’ve taken out some spokes from the rear wheel but luckily it was alright….

Rest of ride was pretty chill. I was familiar with some of it and Jeff knew the route really well. I should’ve taken more pictures. But it’s okay I guess…I’ll take more as we get further from home.

At UCLA, we hung out with Jackie Pham and I got to eat at their dining hall! I also saw Julian, Sami and ran into Alice. It was nice taking to Jackie.

We are staying in Jeff’s roommates single. Time to sleep…..long day tomorrow.

Day 36: Home

We made it home! Helen drove us to the airport in the morning and her parents drive a separate car to take our bikes…..very nice of them.

Helen stayed with us a bit at the airport before we went through security.

When we did, everything went smoothly except they took our chamois creme away :( I totally forgot to put it in the check in box…

But our flight was smooth, landed at around 2:30. We got our bike boxes and built the bikes up real quick and left the boxes and started to head to the metro green line. Both the bike boxes were checked by the TSA….although they didn’t take anything…not even the dirt from Vancouver I got for Christine.

We took the metro to long beach and biked from there……I was going really fast…I was in a weird mood….didn’t really want to go home…it felt nice to be on the road. We were treated very well everywhere…..and I guess it was nice to have a schedule and something to always do.

We got to Jeff’s house and my parents were there. My dad actually did get a reporter lady from the Chinese newspaper…she interviewed us. It wasn’t that bad.

We ate…and I’m sleeping over here tonight haha

I’m tired…goodnight

Day 32: Vancouver to Bellingham

We woke up super late at 9:30. I guess it makes sense because Jeff slept at like 3 and I slept at 4.

Left Kevins place at around 11 and were on our way back to the good ol’ USA.

Ride was similar to before, except we cut out the crappy dirt trail that we took going to Vancouver.

We wanted to go to Tim Horton’s again to use up our last two Canadian dollars, but as we passed some of their stores along the way, we just said there would be more closer to the border…..we past more and more and then kept saying there would be more locations until the border finally came and we were left empty handed with no donuts :(

Crossing the border was surprisingly chill and went by quickly.

We got to Bellingham and went downtown to try a burger joint called Fiamma Burger. It was just okay…I should’ve ordered one of their more special burgers. Also tried their poutine….not as good as in Canada haha.

We got to Jenny’s (an old family friend) house and showered and she fed us and all that.

After we ate, she took us to her university that she studies at (she is going back to school!). It’s called western Washington university and it’s a pretty campus…trees are everywhere.

She then took us to an ice cream place called Mallards. Andrea from Mt. Vernon recommended it to us. It was good….good atmosphere, lots of interesting flavors. I felt our time there was rushed, but I got peppermint and was very pleased with it.

Jenny then took us to the beach by Fairhaven which is in the South side of Bellingham. Such a pretty view…..i wish i had a picture of the sunset….i only brought the point and shoot when we went out so no photos on my phone :( But we got drinks from a coffee shop that is right on the water and watched the sunset from their patio…absolutely gorgeous.

Then we pretty much went back and we are sleeping early because we have a long 90 ish mile day tomorrow! Last real day of biking!!

P.S. The past few days had incredibly pretty clouds…..I think because it’s kinda been drizzling on and off…but today I took that picture above right by Jenny’s house.

Day 26: Exploring Seattle

Today Jeff and I woke up and Susan cooked breakfast. Toast, eggs, and bacon.

I’ve noticed that at almost every host’s house, they had homemade jam. Susan made some that I’ve never seen before…..green tomato jam haha I tried a little tiny bit and it wasn’t bad. But when I go home, I want to make some jam at home.

We waited a bit for Brendan to wake up and for him to eat. When that all happened, we lounged around for a bit longer and left at like 11. Brendan tagged along too! I was pretty tired throughout the day but we still managed to do quite a lot I think.

We first went to pike place market again, except this time we locked up our bikes so we could actually walk around inside….and also outside I guess. There’s always so much going on! Multiple street performers, lots and lots of tourists, homeless people and their creative signs, sellers selling, etc etc. Super festive.

We walked by the original Starbucks but didn’t wait in the line to go in. We went to a Mexican grocery store right next door to it though and got tamales.

We waited in line at Daily Dozen Donuts for their mini donuts…..it was soooo good…..I already love donuts as is, but these were fresh, warm and delicious bite size pieces of goodness….. Jeff and I split a dozen and Brendan got his own. We finished eating and then left pretty much right after that.

We set off for the flagship REI store in Seattle. Brendan said he wanted to go and told me about the crazy stuff they have there…and that made me want to see it also. In the store, they have a rock wall, different trails for testing out bikes, shoes, and hiking gear and lots of other cool stuff. The place was huge…it must be like going to the Hollywood Guitar Center but for outdoors people instead of guitarists.

I was really impressed by some of REI’s brand of bikes. One of them had a steel frame with Sram apex and fenders and lots of braze ons for racks and stuff and it seemed perfect for an all purpose type of bike….

Anyways, after REI, Jeff and I left for pioneer square while Brendan had to go to a bike coop to work on his bike.

We got to pioneer square and there was nothing much there….we didn’t want to do the actual underground tour so we just left.

We stopped by a coffee shop called zeitgeist and I actually got something for once instead of just watching Jeff drink his latte haha I got a white chocolate mocha with double shots. It was quite good.

We were getting hungry again by then (we spent a lot of time at REI, so at this time it was almost 3) so we went to a burger place called Blue Moon burgers. I got what was called the hangover burger (I feel like I’ve had a burger called the hangover before….). It was like a burger version of a Fat Sal’s sandwich; it had a fried egg, fries, bacon, and cheese in it along with the patty. It wasn’t that great. It was good but something didn’t taste right about it…..I suspect it’s the fries. Oh well.

I think after eating, we headed to University of Washington’s university village to try to meet up with Helen Chan. But that didn’t work because I think she had stuff that came up last minute. But it’s okay, we’ll see her when we come back.

Because we were already in the area, we just decided to see the university’s campus. It was so pretty because the buildings are all really old looking. Perry suggested that I look at the library so I did. The reading room is such a gorgeous room.

I’m really tired so I’ll just hurry up and finish writing this…

After, we just biked around more through Gas works park and green lake and then headed back to Susan’s home.

As we were biking around green lake, we heard two girls singing and harmonizing by the trail and stopped to talk. They just liked to causally sing together (kinda like some of the girls from Troubs). I asked them to sing something for us, and they actually did! It was nice. Their names were Camille and Kara.

We also saw some public art thing…. it was a composition book hanging from a tree and you just write a piece of advice in there, so Jeff and I both wrote something.

We ate dinner with Susan and Brendan at an Italian new York pizza place. Ate a lot and good conversations. Then got cupcakes after. They were really good cupcakes.

Yup…I’ at…goodnight.

Day 18: Honeyman state park to Eugene.

Yesterday I didn’t write because I was too tired……and I guess i didn’t feel too great….-__-

So the last time I wrote I didn’t mention that I started to get diarrhea that day..might have been the Tai Dynasty….but uhhh I thought it would just pass like it normally does…but it didn’t.

But yesterday started pretty normal. Woke up thought I felt fine and everything (well, except for the diarrhea). We left the campground and headed to Florence which was just 3 miles north. Got groceries and pepto and ate breakfast and set off down the 126 to Eugene.

I felt really tired and realized I didn’t eat enough the night before -__- I’m so stupid.

I felt like I was about to bonk but luckily didn’t…

Hmmm when we were getting close to Eugene, we saw a Dairy Queen and couldn’t resist so stopped by there….it was good……

But when I left I tried to use the bathroom and nothing really came out. But then we started riding again and I felt really bloated…..and about 3 minutes later I found out this diarrhea should be something to worry about….I had to go so bad….stopped by the first gas station and did my business there….

Yeah…it really sucks..sorry for too much info.

Ahh gotta hurry..gotta go soon

We got to Eugene and met our host Alex and his girlfriend Sam. We Walked around the town with Alex and his friend Raul..they were getting ready for this big block party called the Witeaker block party.
Alex took us to get Mexican food. Took a long time..was alright…still prefer alertos.
Alex dropped us off at an ice cream place on his cargo bike. That was cool.
I didn’t get anything….didn’t think it was that great and didn’t feel good.

Went back to Alex’s place and basically knocked out.

Today, got breakfast with Alex at local coffee shop and went to the bike shop he works at. He let us ride his cargo bike which was super cool.

Eugene is awesome place. Wanna come back…he says their center for appropriate transportation has apprenticeships where you can build a cargo bike! Maybe someday…..

Morning of August 4

EDIT: just took a pre-ride dump and something somewhat solid came out! Whooo!

Day 14: Eureka to Crescent City 93 miles

Today was good! Long ride, but was pretty enjoyable.

Started off with us making breakfast at Chris’s place….he had to go to work early so he pretty much left right as we were getting up. We had toast and eggs and the leftover ham we bought last night.

We left at around 9 and first wanted to go to get groceries and other supplies. Nothing was open around Chris’s house so we went further up north and went to a target. Got food and a blanket for future camping days.

We left target and continued riding. Went up the 101 and got off in Arcata (where Humboldt state is at) and took a bike trail called the Hammond trail. Saw a cool bridge with all sorts of street art on it…stencils of aliens or dragons or Bruce Lee or Audrey Hepburn….also had a piece that said “ART NOT CRIME.” I thought it was cool.
Further down the trail there was this section of gravel…that was kinda fun.

We eventually took another road that was kinda like avenue of the giants with redwood trees all along the road. That was nice.

Anyways. I think most of the rest of the way was just 101…..the end had quite a bit of climbing. I felt so strong on the climbs today for some reason…didn’t have to go to the granny gear at all. Went faster than Jeff and he is usually always faster than me up the hills. Last descent into Crescent City was really nice.

Random but I saw a sticker that I think the guys who did Seattle to SF put up!

Anyways, today was good..I actually enjoyed myself. I feel Jeff and I got along better today than any other day…..or maybe it’s just me on my end…who knows…but it was nice…I guess it helped that my legs felt pretty good (although I like to think mental status and physical performance are correlated somehow).
But I think everyday should be like this :) we’ll see how it goes…I just gotta remember to enjoy.

Tonight our host’s name is Amy. She never toured before but always wanted to and plans to go next summer, so she is hosting people to hopefully get some advice from them as well as just help them out.
She is a younger lady who is getting her teaching credential at Humboldt state. Cool person. Her boyfriend Aaron taught us quite a lot about cheeses because he makes cheese for a living I think…..he gave us some 13 year old cheddar, pepper jack with habanero peppers and I think pepper jack with peppercorns. The habanero one was really good. Amy made us really good dinner……chicken and rice and beet salad. After dinner Jeff and I ate some leftover Mexican food that Aaron had…….and the rest of their ice cream……we eat a lot…haha

Today we broke 1000 miles and tomorrow we get to Oregon!

Day 6: Plaskett Creek Campground to Monterey ~65 miles

There is beautiful riding going out of the mountains. I guess into the mountains too, but I didn’t fully realize it until today. There were many times when I wished I had my road bike with no luggage on it haha.

It truly is beautiful though….the coastlines with all the cliffs and rocks are really pretty. When we rode through it was also pretty foggy so if you looked up at the mountain tops, it looks kinda like mount Fuji with the white fog surrounding the peak. It was also really cool riding up a hill and coming out of the fog to make it look like you rose into heaven or something.

Anyways, overall today was a pretty good day. Lots of climbing (over 7000 feet!), but muscles were okay for me. My right knee, however, was hurting the whole time….i hope it gets better and not worse…I got away with today by just spinning lower gears.

It was really really cold all day….I felt bad for Jeff because he had nothing to cover his legs.

We made it out of the mountains and saw two other cycling tourists! One was named Travis and he was coming from Vancouver! Doing pretty much the opposite of us.

Anyways, we got to Monterey pretty early. We went too cannery row where the aquarium is at and ate some chowder and just relaxed a bit. Also stopped by their Fisherman’s wharf. Pretty neat. Every restaurant had chowder samples in front and free calamari if you eat there…haha

Jeff and I bought more groceries at Trader Joe’s and also tried to stop at some bike shops to try to find Jeff some knee warmers. No shop had them for cheap enough……but at the last shop we went to, I noticed they were throwing out some crashed wheels with Shimano 600 hubs so i took them! I’ll probably leave them with Tong in Berkeley.

Tonight we are staying with a couchsurfing host named Chris. She is an older lady, but is super nice…..went to Davis also! She fed us pizza and [very delicious] cookies. She was also nice enough to let us do laundry which is good cause I’ve been using the same bibs for the past 4 days of riding…>___>

I’m able to stay with my old floormate Gemma on Friday so that’s super cool! And also get to see Tong and Quinton super soon too :)

Day 33: Bellingham to Lynnwood

Today was a long day of biking…..it was just over 100 miles today.

We left Jenny’s house at about 8:30…ate a pretty large breakfast…………….buuuut still we went to downtown Bellingham and got half a dozen donuts from a place called Rocket Donuts. The donuts were good, but I didn’t think they were that special or great…just like normal donuts haha

We biked through Deception Pass which is the picture above. It’s the bridge that passes through an island in the middle….I think it was alright. Didn’t think it was that special. 

I was pretty tired…….I thought it was just cause I was physically tired, but Jeff said it was probably just mental….I think it was…I was just over riding and was not happy at the thought of having 50 miles left. But I guess I somehow changed my mindset or something because after he told me that, I was able to enjoy myself more and brighten up a bit. 

We got to the Clinton Ferry Landing at around 4:30 and got the 5 o'clock ferry to Mukilteo. The ferry ride was very short. We had about 7 miles left after we got off the ferry…….and there was a long climb right as we left the ferry landing. Both Jeff and I were very tired……we had 95 miles in our legs at that point, so we split a Clif bar….that probably saved us…

We got to Helen Chan’s house and showered and they had BBQ for dinner which was so good……………I ate way too much……….It’s just because I think my stomach isn’t used to so much meat….it’s just used to carbs now hahaha…my stomach is still kinda feeling shitty :(

But I finally formally met Helen Chan! She is pretty cool. We’re going to Seattle again tomorrow!

We finished our last day of riding!!! Just a few more days until we’re home!

Day 19: Eugene to Salem

Day 19: Eugene to Salem

I apologize for yesterdays shitty post. (hehe)

But I didn’t write last night because I was once again just too tired and fell asleep.
We left Eugene super late yesterday….at around 11. Which isn’t good, but I’m glad we got to go around more in the morning…it’s just such a cool place. One interesting thing that Jeff and I learned from talking with Alex our host is that there is a difference between cyclists and bikers. If anyone asked me how the Wolfpack crit (the fixie crit I went to in June) was, I always mentioned that it was really awesome to be around everyone who is into bikes in the same way I was. I also always noted that it was different from hanging out with people, say, from my team. Now I know that difference was the difference between bikers and cyclists. (These are just my viewpoints) The biker is someone who uses the bike for everything (commuting, recreation, maybe even work) while for the cyclist it’s just more of a hobby that they are really dedicated to. The biker just rides while the cyclist may be worrying about what zone he is in and when the interval is over. The biker gets excited to get an old part to upgrade his/her bike, while the cyclist gets excited when shimano, campy or sram comes out with the next big thing. Etc etc
I’m sure viewpoints will shift and change eventually as they always do, but that kinda paints a picture of what I think now haha

Anyways, I still didn’t feel that great on the bike at the time we left so I was super cautious about going to the bathroom if I needed to. Wasn’t too bad, went at a dollar tree in a town about ten miles out and in Corvallis about 40 miles out. After Corvallis, I felt much better.

Other than that, ride was good. It was like riding in Davis for most of the time….random flat country roads sandwiched between endless fields. It was really windy, but Jeffrey was kind enough to pull the whole time.

Our hosts are an older couple named Dave and Sharon. It’s like going to grandma and grandpa’s house. Haha Like we got big hugs from Sharon right as we walked into their house.

She made us a huge delicious dinner of chicken legs, potatoes, broccoli, and salad. Of course there were cookies at the end. Haha it was so good….I ate too much…or is that possible on this trip?

Dave is super opinionated so it was very interesting to listen to all his views.

Today, I got up early (since I knocked out so early) so we are just about to eat breakfast. Dave is riding out with us and we are going to pass by downtown Salem so that’ll be nice….we didn’t get to see any of Salem yesterday.

And then……PORTLAND!!!
Get to see old friends and a cool hip city

Day 17: Coos Bay to Honeyman State Park ~40 miles

I woke up this morning feeling a lot better than I did yesterday so that was really good…actually had an appetite…..not tired and pissy…etc etc

Today we went to breakfast with our host Len at a place called Tai Dynasty. It is a Chinese place, but had no Asians there other than me and Jeff haha The menu said it was Chinese/American food…..so we both got a nice country skillet with toast…at a Chinese restaurant! I thought that was so weird! Haha I wonder how their actual Chinese food tastes..Len said he likes it. The breakfast was really good though……lots of delicious food for not a lot of money (although Len was nice enough to treat us…).

Len was a real cool dude. He knows a lot about a lot of stuff…..I think because he reads a lot. And he seems to get out a lot. He likes to look into things….like he read a lot about the Vietnam war and why things went down the way they did etc.

Anyways, so Len was super generous and treated us to breakfast. Tai Dynasty was in North Bend so that gave us a bit of a head start to our day.

It was a short day and I felt pretty good so I pushed pretty hard for a while. Really shouldn’t do that though haha there’s no point and it really doesn’t make the miles feel like they’re going by faster.

Route was nice…a lot of rivers and lakes and bridges that we crossed…it was a nice change to the constant stretches of trees along the highway.

We got to our campsite really early today…..a little bit before 2. It’s called Honeyman state park and it’s really cool. It’s huge! There is a sand dune and lake right on the camp grounds. Definitely would be cool to come back to actually camp for a bit here.

Jeff and I both can’t wait for Portland….two other people at the hiker/biker site are from Portland and gave us a whole bunch of suggestions of places to go.

I sent out my first couch surfing request today. I wonder how that will go haha

The people from Portland at the campsite made some pigs-in-a-blankets on the campfire….so good….gotta try that at a bonfire or something.

Picture is of this campground’s lake and dunes!

Day 12: Elk to Standish-Hickey state park

Today was much better than yesterday…Mentally I was able to take the riding better today haha yesterday was just weird.

The bed in the camper we slept in was really comfy…I was thinking we should tow one behind our bikes haha

We left Judy’s place pretty late…like 9:45? As we left and were saying our goodbyes, she said something that stuck with me. It was just “enjoy guys, because that’s what life is about.” Today we did that a lot better I think.

We went at a really slow pace….didn’t push it at all…it was nice. Whenever we do that the time just flies by and the miles add up real quick. Weird huh?

Anyways, when we left, we didn’t eat breakfast yet, so we planned on getting some at a market in a nearby town called Albian. Went to the market and ended up not buying anything but just eating our own food in front of it.

I think all the little towns that we pass through are so cute..the markets sometimes have old school gas pumps out front and the community bulletin boards are pretty interesting. People can post up anything so in Albian, there was a whole bunch of really political news articles…..liberal viewpoints, surprisingly.

Anyways.  We got to Fort Bragg and bought groceries. There was also black berries along the highway at some points…we gotta start picking them….haha

Hmm later on, there was a lot of climbing. But it wasn’t hot like yesterday. So it was manageable. But they were hard…….one of them felt like it never ended…..just kept going and going….there was a nice 4 mile descent though…

We got to a small town called Leggett and we asked where we could camp. We were led to Standish-Hickey state park so we went there. There was a market/restaurant across the street and Jeff and I split a hotdog. Was so good…

At the campsite, we met other cycling tourists. First was a guy named mark, who is on his own from Portland. Jeff thinks he is sketchy, but I just think he is fine…..he is really nice (like he gave us maps but wants us to mail it to him later) and might talk in a way that is kinda like he is up to something but he’s totally cool…he use to work at UC Davis and just retired 3 years ago haha

The other people are all in a big group coming from Portland and going to la. Their names are Ace, Omar, Dallas, Mario, and Mick. They knew Scott (the guy we randomly ran into in big sur)! It’s such a small world haha Ace makes all the videos for golden saddle cyclery (pretty well known shop in LA). It was cool taking to them.

Tomorrow we will try to get to Eugene so we can split up crescent city to bandon into two days….the guys we met told us about a crazy set of climbs called seven devils up in Oregon….I’m kinda scared for headwinds up there…..


July 28th, 2013 10:34PM

Right now I’m posting this in Garberville…..just wanted to add that i talked to mick after i finished writing last night and asked him how they found time off of work to go on a long trip. He said most of them quit their jobs and for him, he wanted a change anyways…i thought that was kinda cool.

Gonna eat and then like 70 more miles

Day 4: Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo ~38 miles

Today was good. Short route to SLO. On the way there we passed by Pismo Beach and saw this place with a whole bunch of people lining up for something…so Jeff and I stopped to see what was up. It turns out it was a cinnamon roll place called Old West Cinnamon Rolls. It was really really good.

We arrived a in SLO a little after 12, but had to wait until 3 to go to our host’s house.

Jeff and I biked around Cal Poly, the mission and went to a cool coffee shop called Kreuzberg that I went to during choir tour to kill time.

We eventually met with our host Nick and went to his house and met his girlfriend Claire. They are such a cute couple. Both such happy people. They are really colorful people…like they play middle eastern instruments! And their house is decorated with lots of homemade/handmade stuff. Or how they played percussion in the forth if July parade for belly dancers. Hmm…iono how to describe it XD I always say that couch surfing people (although we met them through warmshowers) are always a certain way…or give off a certain vibe and they definitely have that vibe…they are really cool and nice people.

There is a deli right by their house called the high street deli and Nick told us about their 4:20 happy hour where their sandwiches are only 4.20 each. It was so good….

Nick had some friends over for dinner and it was really interesting to meet everyone. There was this one lady named Kat who had a dog named Saint and the dog can surf and heal purple with Reiki. Kat seems like someone my oldest brother Greg would vibe with really well.

Kat took us to the beach after dinner because her friends were going to go there to twirl fire (like how Hawaiians do it). When we got there, no one was there, but after a while, there were sooo many people. I met many cool people, wish I met more but was kinda tired toward the end so didn’t talk as much…
But there was Patrick who was a bike messenger in Chicago while he attended university of Chicago. Or Tom who grew up less than a block from Jeffs house and went to Courreges, Fulton and FVHS. Lots of others but I need to sleep…but all in all, awesome first experience with a host. I felt like I was living the life of Greg or something……