Watch! Matt and Kim - Lessons Learned

from FVMMO FILMS on Vimeo.

I never really bought into the whole Matt and Kim hype, but I do think this video is worth a mention.  Talk about gutsy!  Is it me or does Kim look like a dude?  Especially with the AA briefs!

Now that the weekend is nearly upon us and the weather is cooperating, I’m filling with an anxious energy.  Tomorrow is Making Time w/ Simian Mobile Disco @ Pure;  I can barley contain myself right now.  It’s going to be sick and ’m going to dance my ass off! I’m already predicting that this will be one of my top 5 shows of the year.
Watch! Kele - Everything You Wanted

Damn Kele!!! All’s I can say is… “I feel you man!” The one thing i’m struggling with understanding is why kele had to go solo to do this because this definitely feels like Bloc Party; maybe I’ll “get it” after i give his new album a listen. Anyhow, I’m loving the video… it’s just beautiful, so simple yet it captures the emotion of the song so well! Rumor has it that it was Directed by Taylor Cohen of Matt & Kim - Lessons Learned fame. If someone can confirm… that would be spiffy.